3 Reasons Growth Speakers Will Unleash the Power of Your Team

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Written by Tim Grable

April 30, 2018

Great leaders who want to guide their companies to reaching new peaks are perfectly aware they need help from the outside.

This is why employing growth speakers to inspire corporate audiences is such an extended practice.

The truth is, managing an organization is anything but simple, with so many variables you have to take into account. Motivation, fulfillment or personal growth are just a few of the values people strive to achieve. Meeting these values should be a priority for companies since this is what ultimately drives business growth.

So, hiring keynote speakers who specialize in this aspect represents one of the best investments a company board can make. In this article, you will read about 3 ways these speakers benefit your growth and about an experienced speaker as an illustration for each case.

1. They Will Speak about Proficient Customer Service

Happy customers and partners are the best business card a company can present. They are the ultimate proof there’s a genuine preoccupation with delivering flawless services, as well as impeccable support for them.

3 Reasons Growth Speakers Will Unleash the Power of Your Team

So growth speakers are here to help since the majority of them are specialized in developing customer care skills.

One of them is Mike Mack, and his talk focuses on bettering the customer care processes by:

  1. accurate assessment of the current customer service standards
  2. changes and behaviors which can be implemented to improve the team’s alignment with the company objectives
  3. conveying values which ensure ongoing improvement (e.g., Speed, Responsiveness or Competence).

With growth speakers like Mike, a team leader can rest assured their team is equipped to develop the valuable soft skills above and channel them towards a productive workflow.

2. They Have a Track Record in Building Stronger Companies

The proficient business development speakers have reached their current status by steadily building a reputation. They are usually recommended by the long streak of businesses they have helped to grow throughout the years.

These people have also proved themselves in both consultancy and building corporate cultures. Thus, a growth speaker like Martin O’Neill can be the missing piece in the puzzle of your business performance; and here’s how:

  • presenting insights on what steps are necessary for the process of achieving a business vision
  • unveiling key aspects of leadership development
  • teaching ways of implementing learning models
  • formulating suggestions for cultivating employee accountability.

learning, eduction, words

3. They Are Experts at Inspiring Goal Reaching Best Practices

Last but not least, growth speakers can improve the way employees see and approach goal reaching. 

This is an essential aspect of a business because it entails a suite of soft skills which, when cumulated, create a dynamic environment where the leader can cultivate creative initiatives. Among these skills, we can count: the capacity for commitment, the ability to create clarity of purpose, confidence building or growing coping mechanisms within competitive environments.

Acquiring and developing this kind of skillset is exactly what Vince Poscente specializes in.

With more than two decades of keynote speaking experience under his belt, Vince is a best-selling author who started out as an Olympic athlete. So naturally, he speaks about resilience and goal-setting from the perspective of someone who has practiced what they preach.

Why you need to Hire Business Growth Experts for Your Event

The business environment is extremely competitive nowadays, which is why companies need to find new ways to evolve, innovate, and stay relevant.

Ultimately, growth is the definition of success, and if a company is not growing, then it is most certainly declining.

To differentiate yourself in today’s business ecosystem, you can organize workshops for employees so that they can learn new tricks from business growth experts.

 Business Growth Experts You Need To Hire for An Event

Whether it’s pursuing a different strategy, targeting a new market, or exploring untapped potential, these business experts can help you figure out how to propel your business forward.

Let’s find out more about their experience and what they can teach your organization.

The Best Speakers for Business Growth You Can Book Right Now

At Grable Group, we have extensive experience in working with speakers of all kinds.

What we noticed is speakers for business growth have come to represent an extremely in-demand category.

Unsurprisingly maybe, they are remarkably accomplished individuals, often in several domains. They also possess excellent charisma.

So we thought of showcasing the best ones in this article.

Vince Poscente

Having an Olympian come to speak at your event is one of the best decisions you could make if your goal is to inspire any attendees. They are the perfect embodiment of how excellent work ethic can bring anyone tangible results.

As an Olympian himself (in Speed Skiing at the 1992 Winter Olympic Games), Vince Poscente knows how to talk about goal reaching and have people take his insight into consideration. After all, he qualified for the Olympics having had only 4 years of experience in professional skiing.

This is proven by his two principal works on life mastery, The Age of Speed and the Ant and the Elephant – Leadership for the Self. Plus, he owns a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management, so his life experience in aiming for high goals is strengthened by thorough knowledge in the corporate environment.

Vince Poscente, The Best Speakers for Business Growth You Can Book Right Now With 24 years’ worth of experience in corporate keynote speaking, Vince has come to garner widespread recognition among the speakers for business growth. His expertise covers topics like:

  • acquiring leadership skills
  • sales peak performance
  • thriving in competitive environments
  • clarity of purpose
  • improving commitment.

Nicole Greer

Nicole is among the most esteemed speakers for business growth, and you can see why just by taking into account her purpose of “providing strategies, systems and smarts which help individuals and teams wake up, smell the coffee and be their best selves”.

Nicole Greer

These words appear concerning Nicole’s concept of vibrant coaching, which she developed as a result of years of expertise in diverse fields like:

  • marketing executive level
  • sales training
  • life coaching
  • podcast production
  • blogging.

These are the ingredients which contributed to her acquiring a unique charisma which makes people both resonate with her words and obtain valuable teamwork and personal growth notions.

What helps Nicole distinguish herself from other speakers for business growth is her innate capacity of blending a natural on-stage enthusiasm with a lightweight approach to topics like:

  • self-coaching
  • constant acquisition of adaptive skills
  • the culture of collaboration
  • innovative proactivity
  • proficient time management.

Thom Singer

Many companies face the challenge of closing the gap between potential and results.

Thom Singer is that speaker who has the necessary expertise to help them leverage potential and turn it into tangible business achievements.

It may help that he has 19 years of experience in speaking, which also explains why his program, The Conference Catalyst, is so in-demand.

Thom Singer

The areas covered by Thom’s expertise are:

  • calibrating performance according to a company’s potential
  • interpersonal relationships on Social Media
  • growth was driven by facilitating cooperative skills.

The fact he is one of the best speakers for business growth can be proven with a quick glance at the event record in 2017: no less than 60 speeches.

Mike Mack

Mike Mack is the business growth expert you need if your organization needs help when it comes to creating remarkable service and achieving sales success.

He wrote a book called “How to Keep Your Doors Open,” which became an Amazon bestseller.

His presentations are highly-engaging and interactive and help him motivate audiences and inspire them to take action.

Here’s what Mike Mack can teach the participants at your event:

  • How to provide remarkable customer service;
  • How to improve customer service standards and assess the current ones;
  • How to identify barriers that are affecting the customer service standards;
  • How to turn soft skills into hard assets.

Whether you want to organize an event for senior management, sales managers, or employees in general, Mike Mack has a program dedicated to each category.

Meridith Elliott Powell

Currency Fair, a currency exchange marketplace, named Meridith Elliott Powell one of the top 15 business growth experts to watch. LinkedIn also called her one of the top sales experts to follow.

Aside from having a background in corporate leadership and sales, Meridith is also a Master Certified Strategist, Executive Coach, and Certified Speaking Professional.

Her programs revolve around cutting-edge messages, real-life examples, and knowledge.

Most importantly, Meridith is highly-energetic and has interactive presentations that help leaders and business owners understand how today’s economy has changed, how customers relate to businesses nowadays, and how all of this impacts your business.

Her keynote sessions are focused on teaching people how to retain more business, recruit top talent, and implement real-life strategies.

Stan Phelps

Stan Phelps is a speaker who likes to challenge business leaders to think differently about their customers and employees.

His keynote speeches and workshops are truly inspirational and informative. The central aspect he focuses on is making brands understand that they need to become remarkable if they want to stand out and drive loyalty among their customers.

Customer service, employee engagement, and the use of technology are, in Stan’s opinion, the three pillars of every business.

If you need a highly engaging speaker who delivers actionable ideas and holds everyone’s attention until the end of the presentation or workshop, then you need to consider Stan Phelps.

Your Turn: Choose the Growth Speakers You Need

The reason why we recommended these business growth experts is that each one will provide at least one actionable idea that you can start implementing the next day.

So, if you want to help your company develop a growth strategy that works, you should consider hiring one of these speakers for a conference or workshop.

If you are ready to invest in getting the best out of your team, you have to act fast.

Browse the list here (tip: use the keywords ‘business growth’ and ‘teamwork/teambuilding’ in the expertise/topic search bar). Then head over to the contact form, fill it in and let us know which of the available speakers you need to book.

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