Why Should You Hire a Professional Speaker For Your Next Company Event?

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Written by Tim Grable

August 28, 2022

A company event is an excellent opportunity to present new projects, communicate ideas and help people learn new things.

To ensure that all the information is presented in a professional and detailed manner, you should always consider the services of a corporate speaker – a highly trained and charismatic executive that can effectively communicate with the audience.

Maybe you’ve entertained this idea in the past but were not fully committed to it. Because of this, we’ll present you with 3 reasons why you should hire a professional speaker.

Highly Experienced

A corporate event can serve many purposes, but more often than not, it serves the purpose of educating people and exposing them to new ideas.

For example, if your next event is educational or tackles technical topics, it’s best to leave them in the hands of a professional. It’s doubtful that anyone within your company has comprehensive knowledge of a topic, but a corporate speaker certainly will.

If your company event is centered around entrepreneurship, who better to share their knowledge than an expert in business management? Take Richard Hadden, a keynote speaker with a thorough background in economics. He has worked in banking and witnessed how capital operates in modern markets.

His excellent oratorical skills will keep the audience attentive at all times. And because of his highly informative presentations, your guests will have a lot to learn from him.

Best Audience Interaction

People value information; they also appreciate a good presentation. A speaker tediously presenting some facts will have difficulty reaching the audience. Because of this reason, we recommend you hire a professional speaker that also engages with the audience.

Engagement can come in many forms, and it’s up to the speaker to read out to the audience and find an effective way to ignite their interest.

One speaker we believe is up to the task is Michelle Cederberg. She is an expert on productivity, changes, and empowerment. Michelle’s material focuses heavily on personal development, helping people escape the trappings of day-to-day life.

During her presentations, she asks people questions right from the get-go and goes the extra mile to get people involved in the conversation. Her ultimate goal is to turn people into go-getters even after the presentation has ended.

Great Entertainers for Your Company Event

By design, presentations are expected to be a bit soberer. However, this doesn’t mean that speakers shouldn’t go outside the norm and exercise a bit of fun.

We believe that people are more receptive to entertainment, thus making them more prone to understanding what’s being discussed.

One performer that successfully applies this concept is Ed Tate. He is a motivational speaker that tackles topics about sales and investments. What sets Ed apart is his inclusion of humor in his presentations.

On stage, his goal is to educate, energize and entertain. He is very successful in his endeavor since he’s getting stellar reviews. And each time, people point to his elaborate sense of humor.

Do You Want to Hire a Professional Speaker?

The reality is that speakers have a wide array of qualities that can benefit your event. And it’s up to you, the event organizer, to decide which qualities align with your company event.

To help you find the right professional, call us at 615-283-003, and we can put you in contact with some of the best speakers the industry has to offer!

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