Here Are The Benefits Of Hiring These Amazing Keynote Speakers in 2020

Jason Hewlett

Written by Tim Grable

June 19, 2019

Hiring the best keynote speakers for your event is perhaps one of the most important tasks. That’s because your event will be significantly influenced by whom you’ll hire.

In such a situation, our advice is you should hire speakers who have a proven track record of successful events and many positive credentials under their belt.

When you organize an event, whether it’s a conference or a dinner party, it’s essential to make the most of your budget. Also, everything you do needs to revolve around your audience so you can offer them an unforgettable experience.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Keynote Speakers for Your Event

Hiring speakers for your event is key to providing relevant content to your audience and generating excitement.

Are you still hesitant about their importance for your event? Here are the top 3 reasons why you should book a keynote speaker.

1. They Boost Event Promotion

Most professional speakers have years of experience attending different types of events, and so they managed to form their audience. Whenever they attend a new event, the speakers will want to showcase this on their website and social media profiles.

This means you can reach more people through the network already established by the speaker, which could potentially lead to an increase in registration numbers.

2. They Add Credibility

When you hire a keynote speaker with plenty of experience and knowledge in a particular industry, your event will instantly get a boost of credibility.

Including at least one professional speaker in your event’s line up can take it from basic to the next level.

If your audience trusts the people who are going to be on stage, then they will put faith in your event, as well.

3. They Increase Audience Engagement

Professional speakers know how to capture the audience’s interest through storytelling. They manage to deliver their message entertainingly – they know exactly what and how to say because they will tailor their presentation according to the profile of the attendees.

Looking for a couple of keynote speaker suggestions? Here are a couple of options you can consider.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Keynote Speakers for Your Event

Amazing Keynote Speakers Who Are Ahead of the Game

For an event organizer, one of the main goals is to offer guests a unique experience that can inspire and present them with innovative new ideas.

This can easily be achieved by hiring the right professional for the event. And in the following article, we have listed a set of top corporate speakers who are one step ahead in terms of skills and experience. Your audience won’t get enough of them!

1. Rod McKinnis

Workplace anxiety is a pervasive issue in the corporate world. Its effects can be felt in the U.S. economy, which accounts for costs of up $450B per year. With so many odds at stake, workplace anxiety can be a costly issue a business owner can go up against.

Rod McKinnis, Here Are The Benefits Of Hiring These Amazing Keynote Speakers in 2019

It is proven that highly motivated employees have a lower chance of being affected by anxiety.  Also, motivated employees are more prone to perform better at work.

Inspirational speaker, Rod McKinnis has all the know-how any business needs to keep its employees highly motivated.

His presentations are rich in content and very engaging, allowing him to develop a strong connection with the audience.

A keynote presentation from Rod will do wonders for your team, and it will help them develop an attitude geared towards success. And, in turn, this will have remarkable effects on the business’ bottom line.

2. David Glickman

David has been a professional speaker for more than 20 years. His expertise? Motivation, entertainment, and comedy.

He can customize his keynote speech, so it’s all about your audience and industry.

If your goal is to organize a memorable event, then David can help you by providing an opening speech which is both valuable and entertaining.

A few years ago, David received his Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, which is the highest earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association. This proves he indeed is a must-have keynote speaker if you’re looking for customized business humor material and engaging your audience to the maximum.

3. Martin Latz

There is no hard science behind a successful negotiation. However, there are ways to guarantee you will always come out with a pretty good deal.

Martin Latz is a best-selling negotiation author, who has served as a negotiator for The White House Advance Teams. Nowadays, he is among the top keynote speakers who consult business leaders from all over the world, teaching them how to negotiate effectively.

Martin Latz

His knowledge can help any business to tilt the balance of a deal in their favor. And his presentations are carefully tailored to help his audience get into the thick of the art of negotiating.

From just one of his keynotes, leaders can learn essential negotiating skills. They can learn how to get past a “No,” how to get past an emotionally charged negotiation and why it’s necessary to make an offer first.

4. Lyndy Phillips

Lyndy guarantees for every one of his clients that he delivers clean entertainment and inspiration. He’s a multitalented speaker – he performs magic, makes people laugh, entertains and motivates them through his programs.

For the last 20 years since he has been a professional speaker, Lyndy has been keeping his promise.

Whether you need a keynote speaker for a dinner or a conference, he can help by customizing his program according to your needs.

From storytelling to comedy and audience interaction, Lyndy is a talented keynote speaker who knows how to make participants love him.

5. David Hyner

David Hyner is one of the best keynote speakers on the topic of how imperative it is for entrepreneurs to have something to aspire to. In his view, having a goal in your career is essential, and its importance should never be downplayed.

David is an incredible performer and a well-versed speaker, having been commended by all his clients, including multiple publications and media outlets such as Specsavers, Barclaycard, and Hakim Group – who have lauded his skill and professionalism.

David Hyner

He has spoken to thousands of people from all over the world and has taught numerous business leaders on how to stand out and set themselves up for success.

He believes great feats can be attained by cultivating powerful goals and aspirations. Any entrepreneur shouldn’t settle for measly objectives and, instead, have a massive goal towards they can work towards.

6. “Marvelless Mark” Kamp

Prepare for a rocking performance because Marvelless Mark is going to turn your event into a full-fledged concert. He is a motivational speaker who adopts a rock star attitude, both on stage and in real life, and he urges his listeners to do it, as well.

Here Are The Benefits Of Hiring These Amazing Keynote Speakers

The business world is very eclectic, and he believes a rock star attitude is precisely what people need to perform to their highest abilities.

His shows are energizing, bombastic, very educational, and filled to the brim with good music.

Here are some of the prime benefits of hiring Mark as one of your keynote speakers for your event:

  • He is an established showman, with the ability to keep your guests invested in the entire performance.
  • His show is very entertaining and easy to get into.
  • His keynotes are very informative and are filled with actionable tips.

7. Jason Hewlett

Jason Hewlett is a motivational speaker who promises to help your guests to discover their inner potential. Through his presentations, he focuses on teaching people how to become legendary leaders in their respective fields.

Jason Hewlett

Jason’s act is a combination of stand-up comedy and motivational speaking. This creates quite a varied and refreshing performance, which is both entertaining and exciting to watch.

He gives his all with each show, and your guests will be thrilled to watch him perform so much that they’ll surely be asking for more!

Here’s why you should consider hiring Jason as one of your keynote speakers:

  • His show is rife with life-affirming and interesting material, from start to finish.
  • His knowledge and wisdom are essential for anyone who wants to do big business.

8. Lynn Rose

Lynn Rose is a corporate speaker and trainer that has launched the careers of many aspiring entrepreneurs and business people.

She is well-known for her appearances on many entertainment and mass media stations, such as CBS, ABC, Disney, and Warner Brothers.

Lynn Rose

Lynn fuses motivational speaking with singing, a fact which has earned her the nickname of “The Voice of Transformation.”

Also, due to the success of her fantastic show, she has managed to tour around the world, performing for audiences from all walks of life, from churches to corporations.

Here are the benefits of hiring Lynn to perform at your show:

  • Her abilities as a singer allow her to entertain the guests through music.

9. Vinh Giang

Vinh Giang is the founder and CEO of a very successful online business known as 52kards.

His business focuses on teaching students from all over the world how to perform card tricks. Also, his online platform has earned over 800.000 users and continues to grow to this day.

He is also a touring keynote speaker and magician, mainly performing entertaining shows at business conventions. In his view, magic and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, since both aim to sell an experience to the audiences.

Here’s why you should choose Vinh:

  • His background as an entrepreneur allows him to share beneficial ideas and information.
  • He is very entertaining to watch, and his skills as a magician will offer your guests an unforgettable experience.

Ready to Book a Keynote Speaker for Your Event?

An event is not going to have the same level of positive energy and excitement as one where a keynote speaker is doing the opening.

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your attendees and make them excited about an upcoming event, then the secret is to book a professional speaker.

Each of these speakers brings something new your audience will surely enjoy. The knowledge and commanding stage presence make these corporate speakers the perfect choice for your event!

The speakers featured in this article will have a significant impact on your corporate event. Their keynotes have years of research behind them and will prove to be a transformative experience for your audience.

This is why, if you want to work with them for an upcoming event, be sure to call 615 283 0039, and we will help you with all the necessary booking procedures.

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