How to Boost Your Team’s Creativity (as Shown by the Experts)

De'Anna Nunez

Written by Tim Grable

May 11, 2019

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The corporate world is a competitive environment, and a lot of creative effort is needed to come out on top. This is easier said than done because creativity isn’t something that comes with the snap of a finger.

Thankfully, some experts know the secrets of unleashing the creative force that exists in all of us.

If you are organizing an event and want to use it as an opportunity to boost your team’s creativity, then this article is for you. In it, we showcase 3 incredible corporate speakers who can teach your guests how to adopt a creative mindset.

Julie Austin: Be Deliberate in Your Effort to Discover New Ideas

Julie Austin is an inventor, innovator and motivational speaker to help people discover their inner creativity.

Many people know the story of penicillin, and how it was discovered by accident. Julie knows this story very well – yet, she doesn’t fully agree with how that story is shaped.

How to Boost Your Team's Creativity (as Shown by the Experts)

She believes that innovation isn’t a mere accident. Instead, she believes that, with proper training and the right state of mind, anyone can tap into it. It’s all a matter of being intentional.

If you want to increase your team’s creativity, it’s essential to create a working environment where ideas are welcomed and where people have the space to express themselves freely.

What Can Julie Austin Bring to Your Event:

  • Creativity. She will highlight a few essential concepts that will help boost your team’s creativity.
  • Motivation. Deliver a heartfelt and encouraging speech about how to adapt to the hardships of the corporate world.
  • New ideas. Will discuss in-length about how to innovate and be ahead of the curve through groundbreaking new ideas.

Richard Hight: Creativity Starts with Confidence

Richard Hight is an A-list presenter and a premiere entertainer, ready to help your guests unleash their true potential and creative power.

His keynote speeches are incredibly motivational and deal with issues such as finding hope during moments of intense struggle, whether this happens in our personal or professional lives.

Richard Hight

During his presentations, he shares his empowering life story – about how he, growing up as a shy and dyslexic boy, managed to overcome his shortcomings and achieve what he thought was impossible.

What Will Your Team Learn from Richard Hight:

  • How to discover themselves.
  • How to achieve personal fulfillment in what they’re doing.
  • How to be confident in their abilities so that they can allow their creative power to surface.

De’Anna Nunez: Help Your Team Better Envision Their Goals

De’Anna Nunez is a very skilled performer, as she combines entertainment with motivational speaking to create very impactful presentations.

Through her highly interactive and educational keynotes, she aims to help people gain a clear vision for achieving their goals.

Also, she shows people how to cultivate healthy habits that’ll help them spot creative opportunities which bring them closer to their objectives.

De'Anna Nunez

She believes that our subconsciousness plays a significant role in determining how much we achieve. If you want to boost your team’s creativity, this is a concept that can help you out.

It’s worth mentioning that her presentations are renowned for a reason – she uses exciting methods to get her points across effectively.

For example, one of her best-known methods is hypnosis. That’s why, during her show, it’s not uncommon to see her call people to volunteer for a session of hypnotism.

What Will De’Anna Nunez Bring to Your Event:

  • A vision for success. She will teach your audience how to create clear goals for themselves, without distractions.
  • A winning mindset. Your guests will learn how to overcome every situation they’re confronted with by finding creative solutions to any problem.

Ready to Boost Your Team’s Creativity?

It takes much effort to develop a creative mindset. However, with the input of top experts in this field, it all becomes manageable.

If you want to fully benefit from the tremendous insight that these speakers can provide, then why not book them for one of your events?

If you’re interested in doing so, then do not hesitate to call us at (615) 283-0039 now! We’re always happy to hear from you.

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