3 Ways to Improve Productivity at the Workplace

Brian Moran

Written by Tim Grable

July 23, 2018

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Reduced productivity in the workplace has unwanted consequences which can lead to significant losses in business revenue. However, there are proven ways to improve productivity and ensure that employee efficiency is kept to a maximum.

Our speakers who specialize in workplace productivity are experts in this field and can provide valuable insights and advice so that your staff will work to the best of their abilities.

The following article goes into detail about how their expertise will be of great help to your organization. So keep on reading.

1. Motivate through Acknowledgement

Everyone appreciates when the merits of their hard work are being recognized. Often, this type of acknowledgment translates into increased employee morale which can improve productivity.

Randy Anderson teaches this valuable lesson during his keynote speeches. His presentations focus on empowering each employee to find their inner drive – that certain something that makes them give 100% in the work they perform.

Randy usually compels the audience to reflect on what makes them push forward and remain passionate.

3 Ways to Improve Productivity at the Workplace

He believes that a company’s administration plays a prominent role in how the employee develops. Therefore, he inspires leaders to find and implement strategies which build up the confidence of employees.

Randy is not a comedian, but he is an entertaining speaker that audiences will enjoy watching!

2. Have a Well-Defined Goal

Long periods of work may leave your team without a clear sense of direction, and they may even end up losing interest in the work they do. More often than not, this happens due to a lack of a clear goal.

Brian Moran has the solution to this problem, and his methods will guarantee to get your team back on track towards reaching their targets.

For starters, defining a goal is imperative for anyone looking to improve productivity. This is a point Brian emphasizes on during his presentations. He says that every employee should focus on achieving something monumental, but that this mission should be tackled in small parts.

Brian Moran

His keynotes are focused on getting employees to establish short-term objectives to which they can look forward to and that are easier and faster to complete.

He highlights all of these ideas during his signature keynote “The 12 Week Year” that teaches the audience how to undertake a task which would be otherwise completed in one year and effectively break it down into 12 weeks of work.

3. Cut Down on Distractions

Many companies are losing significant resources due to time-wasting distractions which could easily be avoided. Helene Segura says that this often happens because employees tend to procrastinate and end up losing two hours of work time per day, on average.

Helene believes that most distractions are rooted in a chaotic working schedule, as not having the tasks adequately laid out will lead to employees feeling that there isn’t a sense of urgency to get work done.

Helene Segura  

Her solution to this problem is to reconsider the entire working paradigm. The management and the employee should work together to implement dynamic work plans.

Need More Advice on How to Improve Productivity?

Productivity is not something to be ignored, as the lack thereof will lead to essential losses of company resources. The good news is that productivity is a practice that can be learned and implemented within organizations of all sizes.

A great way to start is by leveraging the knowledge of experts in this field.

So, if you are interested in booking the productivity speakers mentioned in this article for a corporate event or a meeting, call (615) 283-0039, and we’ll be delighted to assist.

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