Important Tips You Need to Know Before Booking a Celebrity Speaker

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Written by Tim Grable

March 25, 2018


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There are many ways you can use to improve the attendance at your event and create as much buzz around it as possible.

Booking a celebrity speaker is one of the most popular choices for event planners as it can make people extremely excited about their speech and the tickets are usually sold out days before the event.

Even though a celebrity can spice up your event, there are specific steps you need to go through before picking the right one.

Some celebrities can be controversial, which is why we recommend keeping in mind these tips before booking them for your next event.

 Important Tips You Need to Know Before Booking a Celebrity Speaker

Start Your Research Very Early

Celebrities have a very busy schedule, and their schedule is established months in advance. Whether they are an actor, singer or dancer, they are incredibly active in their industry. Sometimes they may be busy filming, producing and other times they may need to attend certain events.

You may find yourself in the situation of finding the perfect celebrity speaker, but due to the fact you started the research too late, they already have something planned for the day of your event.

That is why you need to start the research at least six months in advance so you can increase your chances of finding a suitable celebrity who is available on a specific date.

Look at Their Speaking Experience

Not all celebrities are speakers, which is when you do your research you need to look for someone who has experience as a speaker.

Even though all celebrities attend events and some of them get up on a stage to say a few words during an event, that does not necessarily make them qualified as a speaker.

Experience is required because someone who has not spoken in front of a large audience before won’t be able to engage the guests and transmit a powerful message.

Make the Connection with the Event’s Topic

The purpose of hiring the celebrity speaker is not just to boost awareness about your event, but to also reinforce the message you want to send to your audience.

Because of this, you need to make sure the speaker can connect their content to the event’s goals. Not all the celebrities you admire and want at your event have the right speaking material, so you need to make sure they do before booking them.

If you choose someone who will hold a speech which is not connected to the event’s topic, then the attendees will be confused, and their talk will have the opposite effect.

Define Your Budget

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Booking a celebrity speaker can sometimes be more costly than booking a regular speaker, which is why the budget can affect your decision and make you reconsider your options.

You may want to consider stretching your budget a little bit if you think a certain celebrity will help you exceed your event’s goals. After all, it represents an investment and a one-time chance to stand out.

Booking a Celebrity Speaker Is Now Easier than Ever

How come, you ask? It is because we excel at managing entertainment and speakers engagements which target a broad range of audiences for different types of events.

This means we provide a large database of celebrity speakers you can choose from so you can find the right one for your event.

Contact us at (615) 283-0039 if you want to request more details about the booking process.

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