3 Inspirational Speakers with Impressive Life Stories You Should Know More About

focus, never give up

Written by Tim Grable

February 4, 2018

The idea there are so many people in this world willing to share their inspirational life stories with thousands of people they do not personally know is simply incredible.

Inspirational speakers can move people in a way they would not even have imagined it.

So if you want to uplift your guests at the next event, keep on reading to discover the impressive stories of three talented, inspirational speakers.

1. Matt Manzari

At the age of 15, Matt Manzari thought his career was established. He was wakeskating, Nike was sponsoring him, and he was traveling the world doing what he loved.

However, life had different plans for him. Matt started thinking about ministry. He believed if God gave him a sign this was his true calling, he would drop everything and pursue ministry.

Strangely enough, he received the confirmation from a friend who called him all of a sudden and told him he always believed he should work in ministry.

Matt was excited this was happening to him, but yet again, life decided to take another path.

Right before starting working in ministry, he suffered a severe accident during a wakeskating pro tour. He had a slow, but full recovery over the course of eight months.

One year after he got better, he suffered another accident which caused him 4th and 5th-degree burns. Even though now he still struggles to recover fully, his faith is stronger than ever.

Matt Manzari plans to share his story with the rest of the world by emphasizing the fact we cannot always control the circumstances, but we can control how we are responding to what we are going through and also our faith.

3 Inspirational Speakers with Impressive Life Stories You Should Know More About

2. Leah Darrow

Leah Darrow started her career in the world of modeling. Thanks to the fact she was a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, her career boomed in 2004.

A few years later though, she decided to leave the modeling industry and dedicated herself to becoming one of the best inspirational speakers in the world. The reason why she took this decision is that her profession placed Leah in situations where she would not feel comfortable.

She devoted herself entirely to speaking about Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping people find their love, acceptance and by encouraging them to find happiness beyond possessions, beauty, and money.

Her talks are appropriate for men’s and women’s conferences, galas, fundraisers, nonprofit and pro-life events.

Leah Darrow appeared on various radio and television programs to discuss topics such as culture and faith. She transformed her life stories into lessons which now she loves sharing with other people, as well.

3. Kechi Okwuchi

Kechi Okwuchi was a finalist of season 12 on America’s Got Talent. She is not only an incredibly talented singer but also one the two survivors of a plane crash.

Thanks to the support she received from her family, she managed to finish high school and enter a good university on her merits.

Kechi overcame any physical, mental and emotional obstacles and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of St. Thomas.

AGT opened new paths for Kechi, and now her goal is to inspire other people as well by talking about how important it is for us to know ourselves and what motivates us to push further.

focus, never give up

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