4 Inspiring and Empowering Speakers Perfect for Your Corporate Event

Written by Tim Grable

April 5, 2017

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Inspiring and Empowering Speakers can make a corporate event into a huge success. After a powerful speech, people relate better to each other.

An experienced speaker will also boost your staff’s morale. This is all you need to get everyone on the right track.

With the right presenter, your corporate event will be memorable. Here are four inspiring speakers you might want to book:

1. Dr. Gregg Steinberg – A Trustworthy Professional

Gregg Steinberg is an engaging motivational speaker and one of the best-known experts in human performance. Dr. Steinberg is also the author of numerous books on psychology and performance aspects.

He attends events all around the world, and his words have inspired many organizations. He can connect to grown-ups and youngsters alike. His unique speech reveals personal and life-changing experiences.

Gregg’s motivational lessons are highly effective. He provides useful tips and techniques that anyone can apply. These experiences can change your life for the better, and overall increase work productivity.

You get a compelling and easy-to-follow act. After all, Gregg coached many top personalities ranging from sports professionals to corporate executives. His charming and likable personality recommend him for any corporate event.

2. Darryl Strawberry – A Passionate Storyteller

Darryl Strawberry has gone through a lot of tough experiences during his life. He is a devout Christian speaker who is willing to share both the good and the bad experiences in his life with the world.

Strawberry found his peace of mind in this rewarding career. His powerful speech gives the audience hope. This speaker promotes moral values and praises the power of redemption.

Darryl is dedicated to making the world a better place. He has influenced the lives of many people. He is also involved in numerous social endeavors.

The will to motivate made him famous around the world.

4 Inspiring and Empowering Speakers Perfect for Your Corporate Event

3. Allison Massari – A Great Motivational Speaker

Allison is one of the most prominent inspiring and empowering speakers. Her name was listed by Meetings and Convention Magazine among the top 10 speakers in the US.

She has extensive experience when it comes to coaching and motivational speaking. Allison traveled all around the world, attending events and conferences. She had made several TV appearances as well on ABC, NBC, and FOX.

She is fully devoted to her aim: Helping others overcome difficulties. Her speech is sincere and down to Earth.

Allison’s life philosophy helped her recover and heal after experiencing two traumatic incidents. Now, she shares her knowledge with the world.

Her passionate stories inspired many people from chief executives to teenagers and children. She is active in social initiatives and organizes training and awareness programs.

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4. John Townsend – One of the best inspiring and empowering speakers

Dr. John Townsend is an experienced and versatile motivational speaker. He is also a New York Times best-selling author, consultant, and psychologist. He focuses on the corporate niche.

Dr. Townsend has been providing coaching and counseling to top executives for over 20 years.  Not only is Townsend one of the best corporate consultants on the market, he also trains people and give speeches worldwide.

He offers both individual and team-oriented courses.   As a keynote speaker, he focuses on daily interpersonal issues using witty phrases and funny stories.  Townsend’s life-long lessons are based on 35 years experience in an executive position, so you know you are getting quality advice.

In case you would like to have any of these inspiring and empowering speakers at your next event, be sure to get in touch with us.

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