3 Inspiring Female Speakers Who Are Killing it Right Now

Rabia Siddique

Written by Tim Grable

August 26, 2019

The best corporate speakers out there are confident, empathetic, and always know exactly how to command attention. Plus, they are creative, good storytellers, and able to connect with an audience.

Luckily, the number of inspiring speakers who possess these qualities is growing, and women are making their mark.

Here are three inspiring female speakers who are ready to crush it on stage at your next corporate event and get your audience fired up.

1. Rabia Siddique

Rabia is a retired British Army officer, International humanitarian, hostage survivor, former terrorism and war crimes prosecutor.  She is also one of the top speakers you can book for your events.

She was nominated for the Professional Speakers Association of Australia (PSA) Keynote Speaker of the Year Award and was chosen to headline the 2016 PSA National Congress.

3 Inspiring Female Speakers Who Are Killing it Right Now

As a speaker, Rabia empowers audiences to find their voices and realize the extraordinary power they have to create the change they want to see in the world.

Through her compelling presentations, she also teaches leaders from all over the world how to practice resilience under pressure, keep moving forward and lead their teams to triumph, despite inevitable obstacles and drawbacks.

You can learn more about her available programs here.

2. Mary Kelly

With an economics Ph.D., 11 best-selling leadership and business books, and 20 years of active military service, Marry Kelly is one of the most inspiring female speakers who will add tremendous value to your event.

Marry Kelly

Marry focuses on helping business leaders gain a better grasp of the current and future economic issues so they can make smart decisions moving forward.

She also provides actionable takeaways her audience can employ to improve productivity, increases profitability, and boost employee engagement.

Check out her available programs now to find the perfect one for your next event.

3. Kim Seeling Smith

From remote working and cloud computing to automation and artificial intelligence, how people work, and how they interact with their teams and clients is changing.

However, despite these challenging and confusing times, organizations can thrive and successfully adapt to the changing needs of our workforce.

How? By understanding the new paradigms which are necessary to build and retain a high performing workforce, not only now, but also in the future.

Also, this is where Kim Seeling Smith, one of the most inspiring female speakers, can step in and play a crucial role.

Kim Seeling Smith

Kim is an expert on the evolving needs of our workforce and how this constant change is disrupting centuries-old organizational structures and leadership paradigms.

Through her powerful presentations and content, Kim gives audiences the tools they need to help them win the war for talent and successfully navigate the accelerating workforce changes.

See reviews from past audiences here.

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