6 Inspiring Speakers You Need to Hire for an Event

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Written by Tim Grable

November 25, 2017

When you plan to hire a speaker, you don’t just want someone who enters the stage, presents their speech and then leaves no impact on your audience. You want inspiring speakers who can establish a genuine connection with your guests and entertainingly deliver relevant content if possible.

The best inspirational speakers can captivate audiences with their stories. Moreover, they can make the guests see the world differently by using the power of words.

Booking an inspirational speaker is key to engaging the audience, uplifting them and also keeping them energized throughout the entire event.

In this article, we want to showcase six different inspiring speakers who will surely make a difference no matter what type of event you are organizing.

Today, we want to talk about these particular speakers you can hire for an event which will be dearly remembered.

Let’s find out more details about them.

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1. Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson loves talking about business and technology because this is his area of expertise. More precisely, he loves sharing with audiences ways in which businesses can use technology to maximize profits.

He knows that talking about technology can sometimes be overwhelming for some people, but because of his contagious excitement, it is hard not to feel as enthusiastic as Steve is.

3 Inspiring Speakers Who Can Make a Difference for Any Event

Connecting with audiences is a breeze for him. He knows exactly how to translate geeky terms into terms which can be used by the audience. Steve can make technology fun for everyone.

Also, technology will have a big impact on our future, and so he will approach this topic, as well. Steve will explain how the world is changing and adapting thanks to technology.

At the end of his speech, he will share a conclusion with the audience which will contain both the good and the bad about technology. Steve’s purpose is for his audience to have something to think about when they go home.

2. Derrick Michael Tennant

Derrick Tennant is one of those inspiring speakers who sends a very powerful message: all of us need to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Derrick was a promising athlete until he suffered an injury which left him in a coma. After a brain surgery and years of therapy, he got on his feet again, even though he cannot use his left side of the body fully.

Despite all of these physical challenges he had to overcome, Derrick managed to build a career as a speaker. Now, he loves helping other people who go through tough times because he knows what that is like.

Derrick’s message is not only powerful, but he also uses comedy to keep his audience entertained.

3. Matt Manzari

Matt Manzari‘s life story is powerful, yet heartbreaking. 

He nearly dies two times. Once, during a wakeskating accident which resulted in cracking his skull in 16 places, 13 screws and 3 plates were put in his face, his jaw was broken, he crushed his hand and broke his tailbone.

The doctors could not believe he survived the head trauma. He miraculously fully recovered in eight months.

One year later, he started working in ministry, and during one day, he was trimming trees at the local church. A power line touched the metal bucket he was standing in, and so he suffered 4th and 5th-degree burns.

The doctors did not think he was going to make it, but he did.

Matt inspired audiences by emphasizing the fact we cannot always control the circumstances, but we can control our attitude and our faith.

He wants to share his story with the world because Matt believes positivity and caring can help all of us in times of suffering.

4. Richard Hight

On average, Richard Hight is doing an event every three days. For approximately 30 years, he has been combining fine arts, music and the spoken word to ignite and inspire audiences.
Audiences claim he’s a master at creating unforgettable experiences. Revealing strategies for innovation, helping people repurpose and embrace new possibilities, leveraging their uniqueness to create distinction and increase competitive edge at work and in life – these are the highlights which will define Richard’s performance on stage.
One of the aspects which made him one of the most acclaimed inspiring speakers is the fact that he empowers audiences through his personal stories.

Now, it’s Richard’s turn to inspire and encourage others to make a difference. So if you want to add value to your event, then you need to consider hiring him.

5. Karen Jacobsen

Karen Jacobsen knew what she wanted to do with her life ever since she was seven years old. Her dream was to become a professional singer, but she has achieved much more than this.
Her voice can also be heard in over 400 million GPS units and smartphones worldwide giving directions.
Karen’s main experience revolves around conducting keynote-type concerts for companies which want to both entertain and inspire in a world-class manner. A keynote-type concert is where a speech is combined with original live music.
During her presentation, she will take your audience on a journey which will start in the small Australian town where she grew up. She will then take your guests further and share how she managed to turn into the successful women she is today.
Karen will not forget to include the stops, barriers, and detours she had to encounter on the way. She’s not only one of the best inspiring speakers, but her stories are relatable as well, which helps Karen establish a real connection with the audience.

6. Wayne Lee

Wayne Lee managed to build a successful career as an international keynote speaker thanks to his unrelenting passion for empowering people.
The fascination for magic and visualization lead Wayne to pursue this area, and now he uses hypnosis in his shows and presentations.

Hypnosis helps him explore the unlimited potential of the human mind. According to him, our mind is capable of taking us anywhere.
Wayne believes people can set their GPS (Great Programmable Subconscious) for success; then we can achieve anything we want. The only barrier which stands in our way is our subconscious, but luckily, he helps people harness the power of our brain and program it for success.

Plan a Unique Event with These Inspiring Speakers

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These six speakers have a very different approach when it comes to their presentation, but they have one thing in common: they know exactly how to connect with their audience and how to inspire them through their presentations.

Make Your Event Different with Inspiring Speakers

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As you can see, every speaker we presented in this article had his own unique story, a story which made them realize they want to inspire other people and share what they have learned.

If you want to make an impact at your event and wow them by having an amazing speaker, then consider one of these six choices.

For any additional questions, don’t forget to contact us at (615) 283-0039 and we’ll be happy to help you out.


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