Amazing! Joe Castillo and the Beautiful Business of Change

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Written by Tim Grable

August 31, 2017

Joe Castillo: How to Successfully Navigate the Business of Change

Change is a constant.

Most CEOs understand this but can be unsure how to navigate it. The business of change is often met with numerous challenges:

  • Staying ahead of the competition
  • Re-branding
  • Product launches
  • Restructuring
  • Mergers and acquisitions.

Every business stands at the crossroads of change. Change is essential. It creates growth. It’s what keeps businesses relevant and helps business owners and managers meet the demands of a fluid market. Change can be a beautiful thing.  Joe Castillo speaks Change.

For 20 years, Joe guided his own advertising, marketing business into the digital age, survived market swings and transitioned into a global economy. 40 years of motivating and teaching people about change have given him the communications skills to challenge, motivate and inspire the change from within. 47 states, 26 foreign countries and 5 continents have hosted this keynote speaker, artist and storyteller. Joe can help create the culture of change.

The Beautiful Business of Change

Joe Castillo isn’t just talk.

His artistic background has also helped this creative leader give birth to a new, unique artform which has become a world wide sensation. ‘SandStory’, is a new way of communicating, it captures the eye, engages the ear and touches the heart. Convincing anyone for the need to change, can be a huge task. Doing it with stories, art and music can win people over and make change fun. Change should be a beautiful thing. Invite this master storyteller to help you and your team, embrace change and empower your company for the future.


joe castillo, sand, hands, close up, table

Joe understands the business of change.

Success, like sand, can slip through our fingers. When we least expect it, the rules change. Technology is updated. Global markets shift. Every company must adapt or risk being pushed out of the market. That applies to every business.

In the current global market, clients have become addicted to continuous improvement. But change just for the sake of change does not always bring success. Moving in the right direction, making the correct choice, creating the right atmosphere, building a global culture – they are all part of the right kind of change.

Joe has read, studied, interviewed and experienced change in all the right places. His knowledge and background give him the leverage to guide businesses through change.

Joe Brings Changestage, joe castillo, keynote, speaker, live

Over 500 businesses around the world have invited Joe to speak, and inspire their people, enliven their meetings, give direction and enthusiasm for the change that lies ahead. Disney, Mercedes-Benz, Eli-Lilly, Pfizer, Intercontinental Hotels, Exxon-Mobile, Dubai Bank, Burger King, Proctor & Gamble are just a few of his clients.

Joe can design the perfect combination of message, music, art and story to capture your audience’s interest and guide your company to success in the beautiful business of change.

Joe Castillo knows change!

Having someone like him by your side when you make the big announcement to your company will make a world of difference. People will understand why this step is necessary, and they will learn why they need to offer their support.

Why the Process of Transformation Doesn’t Only Matter in Artistic Performances, but in Business Management as Well

Art has always been about the process of transformation since the main idea behind it is about taking something small, like a simple idea, and transforming it into something that is both meaningful and useful.

Art is also about telling stories, but not many artists follow through when it comes to using art as a medium for their storytelling.

It is a huge shame since many of those artists could use this skill to inspire people around the world to undergo the process of transformation that would help them change their lives for the better.

The good news is that where others have decided to let an opportunity pass them by, some have chosen to step up and accept the risk.

Joe Castillo is someone who did that. An accomplished artist and an excellent keynote speaker, he took the opportunity because he wants to help everyone realize their full potential, and to keep them from letting a huge, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass them by.

It is a personal and bold statement, but, at the same time, Joe understands that this is the very risk that keeps many people from undergoing the process of transformation and making a change in their lives that matters.

The Process of Transformation – Something Every Single Person Should Risk

According to Joe, one mistake many people make is believing that change is not something they need in particular, but that it is a process that would benefit others. However, they seem to overlook the fact that change is something that starts with them.

Whether you are an average family man, a college student, or a prominent business owner, you need to understand that making a change and taking a risk is exactly what helps you get where you need to go in life.

After all, life keeps moving forward. The present does not pause for anyone, and there is no rewind button to fix your mistakes. All you can do is ensure you do not miss out on the process of transformation that could change your life.

As our experience has shown us time and time again, out of all the types of people in the world, business owners are the ones who are the most reluctant when it comes to change.

Why the Process of Transformation Doesn't Only Matter in Artistic Performances, but in Business Management as Well
On the one hand, it is understandable, since putting their business in jeopardy is not something they want to do.

On the other hand, they will have the short-term comfort of knowing they did not make a risky decision that could cost them their business, but when it comes to long-term results, they will come to regret their initial hesitation.

Moreover, this is something Joe knows firsthand. He is not just saying it since he is got 20 years of experience in the advertising world, where he ran his agency. So he knows how important risk-taking is for the lifespan of business, no matter what industry it operates in.

As a matter of fact, his central credo regarding the process of transformation is based on the starting point of Innovation. Without it, there’s no hope for long-term improvement.

Of course, where there’s innovation, there’s going to be a risk and the fear of failure. However, Joe knows that risk and failure are just stepping stones towards success, and that is what he wants to instill in all people, especially business owners.

Yes, you might hit hard times when you make a change, but that is when you get to learn about Recovery. Moreover, that is one of the main things that any successful business owner has encountered throughout their lives.

Joe adamantly believes that it mainly teaches you how to handle failure. Moreover, when there’s no more failure to deal with, all that is left is the success.

This is something that is noticeable in his speeches and sand art as well. He did not start handling these kinds of performances ever since he was little. No, he took a risk and made a serious change, one that helped him Renew his image.

Renewing the image is exactly what any business owner should do when he or she notices that their progress is coming to a halt.

However, while his method of using sand to tell stories made him known around the world, he still didn’t feel like he achieved one hundred percent what he wanted. Sure, he was getting calls from large-scale companies (Apple Computers and Sony Online Entertainment), but he kept feeling like people needed more. His sand art made them feel powerful emotions, sure, but it did not quite touch upon the Motivational energies they needed to succeed.

This was when he decided to combine both his artistic talent and his skills as a persuasive, motivational speaker. It allowed him to make sure that everyone can hear his message and enjoy his art as well.

It is a combination that works very well. Both sand art and keynote speaking address people on an emotional level, with the latter being more focused on motivating the audience, while the former places emphasis on making them feel something they’ve never felt before.

In the end, when you think about it, the sand itself can tell many stories which people can easily comprehend. In Castillo’s words: “Sand running through an hourglass means your time is running out. Sand running through your fingers implies that the opportunity is slipping away.”

If there’s one thing, Joe wants his audience to take away from what he has to say it is this: Change matters, no matter how small it is. After all, something as small as sand changed Joe’s life for the better. Just imagine what a slight change in your life, or in the way you run your company, can do for you and the people around you.

It all comes down to what Joe keeps telling his audience: “Put in the work. Take a deep breath. Embrace the risk. Moreover, then … Jump”.

This is the kind of can-do attitude Joe has been able to inspire in employees and business owners alike for some time now

By using his sand art as a medium through which to express his message, he is effectively ensuring everyone will always remember what they have learned since this will be the kind of experience that will follow them through life.

If you are interested in what he would be able to do for your company as well, you would be making your employees, your partners, and yourself, a huge service by booking him for one of your events, meetings or conferences. You can talk with us to see when his schedule is clear so that you can book him ahead of time.

If you are ready to take on the business of change, contact us. Joe Castillo will help you and your team take that life-changing step and ensure you are met with success.

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