Keynote Speaker For Your Corporate Event: Our Top 3 Suggestions

Keynote Speaker Corporate Event

Written by Tim Grable

April 10, 2023

The keynote speaker is important to any big conference or corporate event. They assist you in communicating your company’s message and excite your audience to look forward to the remaining portions of your program.

So, if you’re looking to book one, below is a list of 3 professionals that make an excellent addition to any event.

1. Kenyon Salo

  • Kenyon Salo has been called the James Bond of motivational speaking. And just like James Bond, Kenyon is confident, meticulous with his work, and connects deeply with his audience.

Kenyon provides participants with energizing and emotionally stirring ideas that inspire and motivate people to lead more fulfilling lives. His speeches are raw, engaging, and, perhaps, comedic.

Although Kenyon focuses on motivation and inspiration, his speeches can be tailored to cover a variety of subjects, including leadership, teamwork, and corporate resiliency, to mention a few. He can tackle a wide variety of topics with the utmost professionalism.

So, if you aim to motivate your audience to achieve their objectives and overcome obstacles, Kenyon Salo is unquestionably the keynote speaker for your corporate event.

2. Vicki Hitzges

Vicki Hitzges, a former award-winning Dallas TV news anchor, is one of the best keynote speakers you could book for your next event. In 2004, she was recognized as a Certified Speaking Professional by the National Presenters Association, placing her in the top 7% of speakers worldwide.

She also authored two books, the first of which sold out the first day it was on the market. Now in multiple printings, the two bestsellers are used as training resources by businesses worldwide.

As a keynote speaker, Vicki gives talks to associations, businesses, and institutions that are trying to find ways to improve teamwork and productivity in the workplace. During her presentations, she provides attendees with the knowledge and resources they need to create a more positive work environment.

If you’re looking for an engaging speaker to deliver a high-energy presentation on teamwork, motivation, time management, and dealing with stress at your corporate event, Vicki Hitzges is the ideal pick.

3. Amanda Gore

One of the most knowledgeable and experienced keynote speakers you can find is Amanda Gore. She holds a degree in Physiotherapy and a major in Psychology. She is also a master practitioner of neurolinguistics.

With her multifaceted expertise, Amanda engages audiences with a humorous presentation while delivering scientific information based on the most recent research. In her speeches, she tackles topics such as the mind-body connection, emotional intelligence, stress, and communication, to name a few.

With over 25 years of experience in this field, Amanda has worked with both small and large organizations, including Google, Disney, Hilton, and Not For Profits – and she can also be part of your upcoming event.

 Find the Best Keynote Speaker for Corporate Events

If you’re interested in booking the speakers featured in this article, contact us at (615) 283-0039. We, The Grable Group, will gladly assist you in finding the perfect spokesperson for your upcoming event.  Alternatively, if you want to keep looking, we also have an extended portfolio of top-shelf speakers guaranteed to make your event successful.


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