5 Keynote Speakers and Artists You Need to Know More About

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Written by Tim Grable

June 12, 2018


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Today, more than ever, people need to connect with one another authentically. We are logged continuously into our social media accounts. However, our innate need for socialization requires direct interaction.

Live events provide one of the best occasions to interact. However, to make it happen, you need an entertainer who can build up engagement and get people excited. That being said, here are 5 keynote speakers who will inspire your audience and help them stir conversation.

5 Keynote Speakers and Artists You Need to Know More About

1. If Charisma Is a Must-Have Quality – Ron Pearson

Why is Ron a speaker you need to know more about? The answer has to do with his genuine charm and captivating personality that instantly gets people’s attention. 

His style of humor is bound to get guests rolling in the aisles, and those who have seen his shows describe it as funny and catchy. So maybe it comes as no surprise that he is regularly invited to take part in shows with top comedians like Tony Danza, Paul Reiser, or Bob Newhart.

Corporate events are some of his most common engagements, and TV appearances are nothing new to him. In case you want to book Ron for your next event, feel free to contact us for more details.

2. If You Believe Words Can Heal – Kechi Okwuchi

One of the reasons we’ve decided to include Kechi on this list of keynote speakers is that she is an extraordinary young woman who has inspired hundreds. We admire her for her courage to show the world that life goes on no matter what.

Kechi Okwuchi is a motivational speaker whose compelling speech won’t leave you indifferent. You see, Kechi has survived a terrible plane accident that left her with severe burns all over her body. She was only one of the two survivors of the crash, so she knows firsthand how fragile and precious life is.

Now she shares her story and her incredible voice to inspire others always to keep pushing forward.

3. If You Seek Pragmatic Keynote Speakers – Steve Anderson

There’s nothing wrong with having a business outlook outside business hours. If you want to focus on building knowledge at your event rather than booking a comedian, there is Steve Anderson. Don’t get me wrong, however. Steve is a funny guy too.

However, his main intention is not to so much to entertain as to educate. He delivers outstanding speeches about business growth. His areas of expertise include: 

  • digital marketing,
  • consulting,
  • information services
  • and insurance.

Steve stands out through his pragmatic view. He’s an expert at translating complicated concepts into practical terms.

Steve is a highly-appreciated figure in our portfolio of keynote speakers. He talks about technology and its business applications like no other, and his charisma and genuine enthusiasm will keep your audience hooked. 

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4. If You’re Looking for Inspiration – Jane Jenkins Herlong

Using humor, Jane inspires people with the truth. However, for her, just being funny is not enough. She wants to provide guests with some solid principles for living and aims to give the audience something to think about – even after the event has come to an end.

Jane has extensive experience in public speaking and covers different topics that range from life balance to personal development or education. Another thing we should mention is that she’s a professional singer and songwriter, a skill that she includes in her programs as well.

5. If  You Want to End the Evening on a Funny Note –Thor Ramsey

Without a doubt, Thor is one of the most talented keynote speakers we’ve been working with. We have featured him in many of our posts, but we can’t help talking about his show. Thor is known nationwide, but don’t think fame has affected him in any negative way; he is still the charming, kind man everyone loves talking to.

Thor’s style of comedy is smart and frequently opinionated.  This is how he can mesmerize any audience – no matter its size. By the end of his show, your guests’ tummies will hurt from all that laughter. Thor is hilarious and that “feel good” experience is something attendees won’t be able to forget anytime soon.

Instead of a Conclusion

We end this post by making a noteworthy mention. The five speakers we’ve included in this article are just some of our talented keynote speakers in our portfolio. There are plenty of other entertainers you can book for your next event, and you can find the best ones for your occasion by browsing through our offering.

Also, remember we’re here to help in case you have any additional questions. 

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