Meet Connie Cavanaugh, One of The Best Women Speakers

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Written by Tim Grable

January 26, 2018

The female speaker we are going to talk about in this article is one of the best out there.

If you are planning an event just for women, then you want to make sure that the speaker will relate to the audience and that they can cover a topic that will fit the event’s theme.

Let’s find out what makes Connie Cavanaugh one of the best women speakers and what types of events you can book her for.

Who Is Connie Cavanaugh?

Connie is a Christian woman’s speaker and writer from Alberta, Canada. The books she wrote are called Following God One Yes at a Time and From Faking it to Finding Grace.

She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

Connie was born in a religious family, was the fifth child, and has eight siblings. When she was 13, one of her older sisters died unexpectedly at age 19, which made her emotionally unstable and unhappy.

She says that while looking for answers to explain why this happened, she would medicate her senses to get relief from the pain she was feeling.

 Meet Connie Cavanaugh, One of The Best Women Speakers

Despite the fact that she was raised in a religious home, she did not really practice Christianity during her teenage years.

At the age of 18, she attended a Christian revival meeting, and it is where Connie Cavanaugh found her faith. She was baptized in 1974, and four years later, she married Pastor Gerry Taillon.

Then, she started working in the ministry with her husband and became an essential source of support, friendship, and advice for her local Christian community.

Twenty years after her baptism, Connie experienced a faith crisis which lasted for a decade. This crisis inspired her to write the book called From Faking it to Finding Grace.

Since then, she realized that many people are going through the same things, and so she started being more open about her faith. Aside from writing for multiple publications, Connie is also a motivational speaker who also enjoys talking to Christian audiences.

The Christian communities love her talks because she has a warm, humorous, and graceful way of discussing serious topics.

Here are some of the leading topics that Connie can cover in her talks.

Connie’s Main Speaking Topics

  • Christmas (your way). A hilarious, yet effective bridge-builder at outreach events that will fit your theme.
  • Following God One Yes at a Time. Connie will share the easiest way to walk with God.
  • Hope for the Rest of Us. In this talk, she exposes the hidden reality of spiritual dryness in Christianity.
  • Winning over Worry. She will teach your audience that worrying does not mean caring and that it leads to anxiety. Moreover, she will show them how to break this bad habit of concern.

Aside from these talks, Connie Cavanaugh also does three workshops about public speaking, how to become a writer, and how to organize your home.

You can see a small portion from one of her speaking events in the video below.

Connie is indeed an inspiration to anyone in the Christian community, and to women as well. So in case you are looking for an experienced woman speaker for your upcoming event, consider making Connie Cavanaugh the headliner.

Contact us here if you want to request a booking date for her, or if you need more details.

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