3 Powerful Speakers Who Can Help You Grow Your Business

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Written by Tim Grable

March 12, 2019

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If you started a business in 2018 or you plan on starting one this year, then the first question which comes to your mind is probably this one:

How do I grow my business?

There are undoubtedly many answers one can give to this question. From building a strong foundation for hiring powerful speakers, creating a strong company culture or prioritizing the customer experience, each of these answers is a valid one.

Business events organized by companies can help employees learn from other business experts when it comes down to growing a business.

3 Powerful Speakers Who Can Help You Grow Your Business

Because of this, we want to focus on this particular topic in today’s article and talk about 3 powerful speakers your business can hire.

1. Richard Bryan

At 28 years old, Richard Bryan became the CEO of his family-owned business, valued at $120 million. His father was forced to retire due to an illness; the business was losing a few million dollars per year, so things were not looking great.

Soon after, Richard decided to hire a business specialist who would help him come up with an effective leadership plan.

This idea worked, and that person played an essential role for Richard as he was able to define his role as a leader and form a team which will help the business become successful once again.

Richard managed to make the business thrive in a competitive industry while reaching outstanding growth and profitability.

Aside from being a business owner, he works as an in-demand keynote speaker and executive coach. His goal is to share the leadership and people management strategies which contributed to his business success.

Richard’s insights are delivered with humor, authenticity, and authority.

2. Dr. Josh Luke

Dr. Josh Luke is one of the most sought-after “edutainer” internationally. This means he’s the type of speaker who’s not only funny and engaging but can also teach your audience something useful.

Josh Luke started in sports marketing, and then, at the age of only 32, he became a hospital CEO.

The experience he accumulated as a hospital CEO and a caretaker for his mother who had Alzheimer’s, has taught him a lot about health care.

Josh uses personal stories in his programs to teach businesses and employees on how to reduce healthcare costs. He will also share well-kept secrets of the industry which can help companies to avoid bankruptcy due to corporate healthcare spending.

3. Scott Mautz

Scott Mautz is one of those powerful go-to speakers you can hire if you want to energize, inspire and motivate your audience.

Not only this, but he’s also an expert at unlocking employee engagement and peak performance. Scott delivers all of this by using passion, insightful content, and humor.

If you want to find out the driving force behind successful organizations, then you need to hear this from Scott. He has some incredible insights when it comes to what motivates today’s workforce, how to foster conditions which create motivated employees and many other topics.

Moreover, Scott can tailor the content according to your organization’s needs.

Hire Powerful Speakers for a Successful 2019

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If you feel like your business needs a little boost this year, then why not organize a business event where you can have one of these amazing speakers?

The content provided by these people is unmatched, so don’t hesitate to contact us at (615) 283-0039 in case you want to book either of them.

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