What Amazing Sand Artist is the right Keynote Speaker for you?

joe castillo

Written by Tim Grable

March 24, 2017

Joe Castillo Transforms Lives as a Keynote SpeakerWhen there is a need to provide a keynote speaker for an event where an important message needs to be conveyed, look no further than Joe Castillo. As a  guest speaker, Castillo tells his tales in unconventional ways that will captivate audiences and leave everyone mesmerized when he is done. When this motivational speaker is chosen for a gathering, he will enrich the lives of every guest through a combination of art and words that will simply make a mark on the soul.

Keynote Speaker + Entertainment= The Best Motivational Speaker

A Master Storyteller through SandStory, ArtStory, and WordStory
As organizers plan their next event, it is important to bear in mind that Joe Castillo can address the crowd in a variety of ways, incorporating a theme that is pertinent to the meeting or conference. SandStory involves the use of a lighted board, sand, and music. While a soundtrack is playing, Castillo’s hands dance across the board, creating images that quickly transform into something else, narrating a story along the way. The artist may provide a title and a few words to help others to interpret the story or the choice of song and the transition of scenes may be more than enough. As a finalist on the television program, “America’s Got Talent,” Castillo chose the song, “God Bless the USA,” and created patriotic magic with his fingertips. This is only one example of his vast repertoire. As a corporate keynote speaker, Castillo can use his art as a springboard that will launch his speech to address points of interest for any conference.

ArtStory is another mode of communication for Joe Castillo. Using his dry erase markers and an easel, he creates marvels with a steady flow of narration to accompany his drawings. His tales and life lessons can apply to any situation and will make people truly think about the gift that he has given them along the way. When planners truly want to capture the imagination and inspire those to be addressed, Joe Castillo can rise to the occasion.

WordStory is another option when Joe Castillo is invited as a guest speaker. Castillo is a versatile man who is bilingual, reaching audiences through the use of English and Spanish. His uplifting spirit and attitude is imparted to others when he shares carefully selected stories that hold powerful meanings for others. To put it plainly, Castillo is a natural storyteller and can reach listeners in a variety of ways.

Joe Castillo was born in Mexico City. He was immersed in a rich culture and surrounded by art in all of its beauty. From a young age, he chose to tell stories through the use of pictures. He went on to go to art school and later included biblical studies as part of his educational background. Add years in the advertising business, and Castillo became a master at catching the attention of others through his artistic abilities and his philosophical approach to life that has wisdom at its heart. Eventually, WordStory would be born, leading to ArtStory and SandStory later in life.

Regardless of how Joe Castillo reaches out to guests at an event, he will touch their hearts. The greatest challenge for hosts is choosing which story mode they would prefer. It would not be surprising if Joe was invited to perform a medley of his storytelling methods, allowing viewers to have a chance to experience all of his talents. Choose Joe Castillo as a keynote speaker and expect only excellence as he goes above and beyond expectations. His portion of the program is sure to be memorable and will leave viewers wishing for more. They’ll carry his inspiring message with them.

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