6 Of The Best Speaking Professionals That You Can Have At Your Event

Andy Masters

Written by Tim Grable

November 25, 2019

During corporate events, guests are always excited to hear new ideas that might have a powerful impact on their lives.

And if excitement is what you want to bring to your event, then we suggest going the route of hiring a talented and well-prepared speaker.  A well-made presentation can pack more content than hundreds of other educational materials.

It all depends on the keynote speaker you decide to have on stage. A speaker’s experience can be very insightful and can offer volumes of useful new data for your audience.  You should always be on the lookout to hire only the best professional speakers in the industry.

To truly deliver an impactful experience for your attendees, you will need the best the industry has to offer.   In the following paragraphs, we will present you to 6 of the best speaking professionals in the industry and why they’re at the top. So be sure to give an attentive read!

The Best Keynote Speakers That You Can Hire For Your Event

1. Andy Masters

Enhance your guests’ experience by introducing them to a speaker who will exceed all their expectations.

Andy Masters has numerous years of experience working with leaders from all kinds of industries. All this knowledge he has gained throughout the years is condensed in an outstanding presentation that is jam-packed with content.

He is very charismatic and has a natural talent for speaking to large audiences. His compelling speech will capture the attendees’ attention, and they will be all ears to hear his advice about wellness, self-development, and motivation.

Andy is a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation only the best speaking professionals in the industry have achieved. And his enticing performances are a shining example that he is well-deserving of this award.

3 Of The Best Speaking Professionals That You Can Have At Your Event

2. Rick Goodman

Dr. Rick Goodman is a speaker to help teams and leaders to improve themselves and increase productivity across the board.

His presentations are tailored to teach his audience how to change their approach of doing business to get increased results, more engaged employees, and higher earnings.

Dr. Rick Goodman is one of the most sought after and best speaking professionals working today, having delivered over 1000 presentations in all 50 states and internationally.


Besides being an established speaker, he is a well-versed writer, author of an Amazon best-seller “The Solutions Oriented Leader – Your Comprehensive Guide to Achieve World-Class Results.”

3. Stephen Shapiro

Stephen Shapiro is a boon for every organization which has ever been at an impasse. His advice has helped many companies to be innovative and to maintain relevancy on the market.

He is the type of speaker who strongly believes collaboration and a strong professional relationship is the backbone for a healthy and prosperous organization.

Stephen Shapiro

He advocates for improved creativity, advising leaders to go against established conventions and to delve freely into uncharted territories. In his view, anyone willing to take a risk is always rewarded.

An hour with Stephen on stage will have your guests learn how to come up with solutions to difficult problems, increase competitiveness, improved teamwork, and reduced failure rates.

4. Hilary Blair

Hilary Blair is a corporate speaker who strives to bring a human touch to the corporate world. She teaches Executive Presence, which is a concept she devised to boost efficiency through teamwork and trust.

Hilary has spent her entire career on improving the techniques used by leaders to direct their businesses. And with her experience, she can help leaders cultivate new character traits such as persuasion, the ability to listen, sincerity, and a sense of awareness.

Hilary Blair, 3 Of The Best Speaking Professionals That You Can Hire For Your Event

Her goal is to make the workplace more focused on the human element, where employees feel a sense of pride of accomplishment in the work they put on.

She believes that an only profit-driven mentality can be damaging for a company in the long-term. Instead, she calls for a consolidation of the relationships between the customer and the company.

5. Josef Martens

Josef Martens is one of the most sought after speaking professionals. STEM and IT companies love having him on stage, and the reason behind this is simple, he is a speaker who gets down to business.

Companies care about facts and proven results, and Josef’s knowledge of the industry is invaluable for any business which wants to see the numbers rise.

Josef Martens

Josef has a Ph.D. in physics at the University of Cambridge, several patents, and was the proud owner of a company he sold for US$ 285 million. All of these factors prove he is the kind of guy who knows what he’s doing.

With such a track record, Josef’s experience is invaluable for the tech industry, and through his presentations, he effectively trains people to become the better leaders of tomorrow.

6. Todd Cohen

Todd Cohen is one of the industry’s top influencers and a sales guru. His presentations are filled with very informative segments, as well as highly entertaining moments.

His work is guided by one fundamental principle which comes in the form of a slogan – “Everyone’s in Sales.” With this type of mindset, he aims to teach individuals and companies how to increase their revenue by adopting a sales-driven approach to doing business.

Todd’s schedule is always jam-packed; he is one of the most sought after professional speakers, his keynotes being of very high interest to many clients from all across the world.

Todd Cohen

Set the Stage for the Best Speaking Professionals

Great corporate speakers are hard to find, but we hoped we have helped ease your search.  The speakers featured in this article can be an excellent addition to your corporate event.

If you like what you’ve read about them and would want to have them speak at one of your upcoming events, then why not book their services?

If you would like to have them host a keynote for your next event, then don’t hesitate to call us at 615 283 0039, and we can help you with all the necessary arrangements.

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