The Art of Standing out: How to Lead Your Team to Greatness

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Written by Tim Grable

July 30, 2018


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Whether we’re talking about ideas, individuals, a way of doing things, it’s safe to say people will always notice those who stand out as being different.

Following in others’ footsteps means you never get to lead, so it pays to be different. It’s true for every aspect of life, but it’s particularly important for businesses because those which lead are the ones that persist.

How do you lead your team to greatness and success by inspiring them to not just fall in line? Read on to find out.

The Art of Standing out: How to Lead Your Team to Greatness

Use Change as an Opportunity to Stand out

In the business world, change is not an option. It’s a requirement for survival, and it can also be an excellent growth catalyst.

The ability to pivot, adjust and follow a different path than the norm when the circumstances demand is a must.

To lead your team to success, it’s important to manage change in a way which strengthens your team and improves productivity. That involves applying a set of best practices which builds trust and helps teams stay focused on achieving the goals ahead.

This is an idea top corporate speaker Bill Hogg, also known as the “Performance Excelerator,” explores into detail in his presentations, as well.

bill hogg

As a consultant, mentor, writer, speaker and workshop leader, he draws on his vast experience to provide practical strategies which have the power to change behaviors throughout your organization.

This way, you can rely on the support of a team which embraces new ways of doing things to create use sustainable change that stimulates growth.

Leverage Your Secret “Weapons”

Every team, every business has something which is genuinely original. It’s your job as a leader to unveil that unique value and then communicate it to your customers.

Figure out what are those resources which make your team special and unique, and bring them forward because those are the things which will help you stand out and achieve next level performance.

The importance of leveraging unique assets is something Evan Carroll – a top keynote speaker and author --  strongly emphasizes in his talks, as well.

Briefly put, his talks are meant to inspire companies in data-rich industries to leverage digital assets such as technology and data to spark customer loyalty, advocacy, and profitability.

The content he provides is not only informative and 100% relevant to the audience for which it’s intended, but also entertaining.

You can get a sense of Evan’s presentation style, stage presence and how he can help you lead your team to greatness by watching the video below.

Creating the Win-Win-Win in Business - Evan Carroll Keynote Speaker

It’s Time to Lead Your Team to Success

The art of standing out is something that can be learned – which means it can be taught.

The two speakers we’ve included in this article have made a career out of helping organizations such as yours improve their performance.

Their insightful methods and studied tactics can contribute to the progress of your team – and your success as its leader.

If you want to draw on their expertise, the best way to do it is to book them for an upcoming event.

Of course, you can always browse for more options if you’d like. There are close to 900 amazing artists, speakers, and entertainers featured in our portfolio to choose from for your next event.

For any questions, you may have, reach us at this number: 615 283 0039. 

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