Hiring a Corporate Speaker Is a Step in the Right Direction for Your Event

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Written by Tim Grable

November 21, 2018

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Many would ask, what is the point to hire a corporate speaker for an event?

A great speaker will drive action in the audience, it will motivate people and will offer them a new outlook.

If you are organizing a corporate event for your employees, then corporate speakers can be instrumental in boosting their confidence and to inspire them to be proud of the work they are doing.

Here are just some of the crucial reasons why having a speaker for your event is essential.

Changes People’s Perspectives

If you are organizing a corporate event, you would most certainly want the audience to have a memorable experience. A sure-fire way to leave people with a pleasant memory is by winning their hearts.

Hiring a Corporate Speaker Is a Step in the Right Direction for Your Event

People remember powerful experiences. That’s not to say attending an event is always life-changing, but you can bet that if they’re introduced to new and inspiring ideas, they won’t forget them anytime soon.

That is why a corporate speaker is essential for this kind of situations. It’s the person who can make a life-affirming moment happen.

Promotes Teamwork

Take a teambuilding event as an example. It’s crucial to “rally the troops” from time to time. Such an event is essential for employee connectedness. Besides that, it offers you the chance to boost their morale.

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Bringing employees together can strengthen their relationships, and it helps to build engagement and cohesion. It is very beneficial for the company when employees are aligned toward a common goal.

An event like this is an ideal occasion to hire a speaker.  Corporate Speakers can motivate them to pursue greatness in what they’re doing and most of all; it helps them share a common mission.

A Corporate Speaker Drives Performance

A corporate speaker is a master on knowing the ins-and-outs of the corporate world. He will know how to motivate and compel employees to take action and to strive to perform better at what they’re doing.

One of the most dreaded words in the corporate world is stagnation. Many employees give into it due to many reasons, which can range from – lack of motivation, the establishment of a daily routine or the inability to see a purpose in the work they’re doing.

A speaker has firsthand experience with the idea of falling into a routine, which is why he knows best on how to deal with it.

His speeches are tailored to address the many grievances that employees have. He will give real-life examples of how falling into a routine is a loss of incredible potential.

A message of solidarity coming from someone outside the company is going be better received by everyone. Ultimately, the speaker knows how to motivate the employees to regain that lost potential and put it back into action.

Take Your Event in the Right Direction

Hiring a speaker is more than ideal for an event. Now, if you want to offer your team a refreshing experience, all which remains is to get that amazing speaker who will shake things up!

So, if you want to hire speakers who hold up to the highest standards, then be sure to browse our catalog.

3 Success Stories from Corporate Speakers That Will Inspire Anyone

One essential asset that corporate speakers have is that they’re very relatable.

Sometimes, their stories resemble those detailed in heroic novels, in which a disadvantaged character rises to conquer his shortcomings. So this type of narrative can resonate with many people.

The following speakers have quite an inspiring life story to tell, so make sure to get to know them.

Matthew Pollard

A combination of youthful energy and a modern mindset is bound to guarantee success. These are the factors that sum up Matthew Pollard perfectly.

He is a young speaker with the talent and charisma that other corporate speakers need years to achieve. It all stems from how passionate he is about marketing – in his view; a well-thought-out marketing strategy can bring prosperity to any organization.

His record is nothing to laugh at. He has worked with many organizations throughout his career. From Fortune 500 companies to small business associations, he has dipped his toes in all facets of the corporate world.

However, all his prowess didn’t come easy. It happened at the price of a lot of hard work and dedication. Also, Matt has quite an inspirational story to tell as well.

In spite of the many who doubted him and the hurdles thrown in his direction, he was still honest about his passion. It was this dedication and personal belief that maintained him on the right path.

And now, during his presentations, he uses his story to reinforce people’s self-confidence.

If you want to see how Matt performs, then click to see this introductory video:

Pegine Echevarria

With a convincing, “in your face” type of attitude, Pegine Echevarria brings life into every event that she speaks at. She is among those corporate speakers that take things to a whole new level.

Her speeches aren’t just narrated slides and presentations. She makes sure that she speaks to everyone’s heart. Moreover, her goal is to challenge the listeners and boost their self-confidence.

Her former clients include companies from the Fortune 500 list, news organizations, and even the US military. So, she had quite the audience, from all walks of life.

3 Success Stories from Corporate Speakers That Will Inspire Anyone

It’s all about diversity. Having been exposed to many ideas and different trains of thought, Pegine has come to understand that the most important thing is to “Be Powerful, Be You!”.

She shares this belief with her listeners, urging them to set their inner-self free.

This ties in perfectly with her life story. As a teenager, she was a gang member, attracting all sorts of trouble. However, she came to realize that was not the life she wanted for herself and distanced herself from the gang.

Eventually, she would end up becoming the inspiring figure that she is today.

Get to know more about Pegine by watching the following demo video:

Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows is the type of speaker that gets his message across and attaches much sentimental value to it.

First off, it’s important to know his life story, because it stands at the very core of all his work.

As a teenage boy, Scott was a very talented sportsman. He played college football, being coached by the legendary Bobby Bowden, and was also successful in martial arts, having earned a black belt.

However, during the ’80s, he was the victim of a gruesome accident that left Scott paralyzed and severed his aspirations of becoming a sports figure.

After this tragic event, Scott refused to give up and persevered to succeed in life. Nowadays, he proudly shares his life story to inspire others never to give up.

Get to learn more about Scott in the following video:

More Corporate Speakers Coming Your Way

The speakers featured in this article will turn your event into a memorable experience. Don’t miss the chance to work with them!

However, if you’re interested in finding other speakers, feel free to check out our portfolio.

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