3 Things All Successful Business Speakers Have in Common

Andrew Busch

Written by Tim Grable

July 28, 2019

When you’re organizing a corporate event, it’s important to be very mindful of whom you will hire to hold the presentations. That’s because your event will be significantly influenced by how skillful the speakers are.

To help make the decision process much easier for you, we have showcased 3 qualities all successful business speakers have in common.

Has a Winning Attitude – Karin Hurt

Good keynote speakers always put their money where their mouth is. They don’t do speeches for show; they aim to bring tangible results.

These kind of speakers are the ones who don’t know the definition of the word impossible. Armed with knowledge and perseverance, they offer the best type of support to the audience.

Karin Hurt is the professional speaker we’re talking about. She is an author and keynote speaker who trains leaders to improve themselves and to manage their tasks more efficiently.

However, she doesn’t just help her clients push for more significant numbers; she makes sure the growth is stable and long-lasting.

3 Things All Successful Business Speakers Have in Common

Through her work, she has helped her clients to grow their businesses exponentially, while still maintaining the company’s identity and culture.

Her presentations are also ideal for overworked managers or employees who think the volume of work is overwhelming.

Knows Valuable Information – John David

Successful business speakers have a way with words. They know how to deliver their speeches clearly and concisely, to resonate with the audience.

However, the presentation is only half of the performance. A good speaker also needs to be innovative and to share information; not many others get to know.

John David is a corporate speaker, and he helps businesses adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the digital world.

He speaks about the importance of the online presence and reputation of a business – and this should concern all entrepreneurs who are looking to establish themselves as a positive and reliable public figure.

John David

In the age of the Internet, anyone is at risk of having their online information stolen. So if such a thing were to happen, it might spell disaster for any company.

With John’s help, however, this can be prevented. His speeches are filled with beneficial information on how businesses can protect themselves from fake news, how to deal gracefully with negative reviews and crisis management during emergencies.

Is an Inspirational Figure – Andrew Busch

People look up to speakers for encouragement. A good speaker inspires people and helps them remain on track with their goals, even if the odds seem stacked against them.

Andrew Busch is the perfect candidate for such a job. He is one of the most successful business speakers in the industry because when it comes to inspiring people to aim for higher goals, he is unmatched.

Andrew Busch

Andrew has over 35 years of experience in politics, economy, business, and finance. He knows all the nooks and crannies of the corporate world and has even worked as a government official.

Half an hour with Andy on stage will refresh all your knowledge in business. Moreover, if you ever wanted to know some of the most well-kept secrets of the corporate world, then it’s best to hear them from an insider.

What Makes a Successful Business Speaker? See for Yourself!

There’s no point in talking about successful speakers when you can see them in action. Also, if you’re genuinely eager to have such speakers on-stage, then why not book them for an upcoming event?

All you have to do is to give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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