3 Surprising Acts Which Are Both Magical and Meaningful

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Written by Tim Grable

May 24, 2018

In theory, a corporate event is an excellent opportunity to build up your network of contacts and engage with others in the industry. In reality, though, it can seem more like drudgery to some.

The best way to change that is with top-notch entertainment. That is why we compiled three surprising acts to consider whether you’re organizing a conference, an awards show or a private party.

All these provide entertainment which is not only fun but meaningful, as well.  So if that’s something you are looking for your event, keep on reading.

3 Surprising Acts that Are Both Magical and Meaningful

1. Randy Charach

A sought-after entertainer and business expert; Randy uses his vast marketing insight and unique brand of comedy to inspire, educate and entertain his audiences.

On top of that, he’s also a magician, hypnotist, and best-selling author: Randy’s latest book is called “Client-Centric” and focuses on teaching people how to boost their sales potential by providing the best customer experience.

Starting to see the benefits of booking Randy Charach for your next event? Well, then you should also know the following:

  • Customized content. Randy’s presentations are always customized to fit the profile and needs of his audiences. So you’ll be able to rest assured knowing attendees at your event will benefit from just the right mix of valuable content and appropriate humor.
  • Highly-engaging and interactive. Randy’s presentation is bound to be the highlight of the evening thanks to his captivating style, thought-provoking ideas and just the right amount of humor.
  • Inspirational: A self-made millionaire by the age of 24, Randy now shares his success story with others to inspire their business breakthroughs.

Click here to learn more about Randy’s available presentations or watch the video below to get a better sense of his qualities as a speaker.

Randy Charach: Keynote Speaker Demo

2. Tim Gabrielson

Tim Gabrielson has been a keynote speaker, magician, and top entertainer for the past 28 years. His blend of clean humor and highly-skilled magic have made him one of the most in-demand corporate entertainers in the industry.

However, his performances are not only off the charts funny and interactive; there’s also a deeper layer to them.

If you decide to book Tim for your event, attendees will leave feeling utterly entertained and inspired to make small yet meaningful changes to be more productive and live their best lives professionally.

It’s this simple yet profound inspirational component of Tim’s surprising acts which make them memorable. 

See him in action in the video below to get a sample of what the experience of having Tim on stage at your event would be like.

Tim Gabrielson -Entertainment with a Message: A Different Keynote Speaker

3. Craig Karges

We couldn’t wrap up this list of surprising acts without including Craig Karges – the perfect choice if you want your next event to stand out and be truly extraordinary.

Craig is famous in the corporate circuit for his incredible ability to mix in:

  • Amazing magic. During Tim’s performances, tables appear to float, minds are read, metal arch out of nowhere, leaving guests thinking Tim can bend reality.
    • Mystery entertainment to keep guests in suspense throughout his entire act.
    • The power of intuition and the science of psychology to make it seem like everything is possible.
    • Incredibly-motivational messages meant to awaken his audiences to the full potential of their minds by tapping into their natural intuitive abilities. This inspirational component also helps guests acknowledge the fact there’s a whole world of opportunity they can unlock when it comes to achieving success

See how all these elements come together into a single unforgettable act by watching the video below:

Craig Karges, CSP, CPAE -Experience the Extraordinary

Spruce up Your Event with One of These Surprising Acts

If you’ve decided your next event will benefit from featuring high-quality entertainment which is both fun and valuable, it’s time to take the next step.

For any booking inquiries, feel free to contact us by calling this number: (615) 283-0039. We also put a short online form at your disposal, in case you may find it more convenient.

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