3 Reasons Why You Should Book A TEDx Speaker for your Corporate Event

Corporate Event Book A TEDx Speaker Scott Lesnick

Written by Tim Grable

July 15, 2022

Do you have a corporate event this year and are not yet 100% sure what the entertainment should be?

If one of the main goals of your next event is to educate guests, broaden their perspective and empower them to gain a new outlook on certain issues, then you should consider booking a TEDx speaker.

Keep reading to discover three significant reasons why.

Book A TEDx Speaker

1. Inspire Your Guests

Talks in a TEDx event are carefully curated. When a speaker is called to present their ideas on stage, it’s because those ideas are worth sharing with the world, as they can inspire, empower and motivate other people.

TEDx speakers such as Sheri Prentiss are visionary leaders, people who can creatively think about the future and therefore imagine it differently.

A highly sought-after physician, public health expert, and cancer survivor, Sheri Prentiss provides a new outlook on medicine – helping patients and healthcare practitioners innovate how healthcare is delivered and experienced.

Plus, by sharing her story of pain, loss, and change, she now teaches others how to transform their thinking and amplify their strengths so they can thrive despite whatever challenges life throws them.

Check out her TEDx presentation, where she talks about how to LIVE every day:

2. Increase the Perceived Value of Your Corporate Event

TEDx events are notorious, and speakers associated with this globally recognized brand have high credibility and authority.

Therefore, inviting a TEDx speaker to give a presentation is an excellent way to shape guests’ perceived value of your event. The more authoritative the speaker, the more valuable attendees associate with your event.

When promoting your event, mention that the speaker has experience speaking on the TEDx stage. Also, remind guests of this when introducing the speaker on stage.

3. Gain the Latest Industry Insight from Trusted Sources

Most speakers at a TEDx conference are thought-leaders and subject matter experts. Therefore, they can provide tremendous knowledge in their area of expertise.

This will take your event to new heights and enable progression within your organization.

After all, businesses thrive on knowledge.

The main thing to remember here is to ensure the TEDx speaker can provide insight relevant to the themes set out at your event.

For example, if leadership is one of the leading topics, you should consider booking an expert speaker such as:

  • Scott Lesnick. An award-winning speaker, Scott Lesnick, helps organizations maximize performance and manage change through effective leadership. Increasing productivity, generational and cultural inclusion, and administrative excellence; are just a few areas Scott focuses on with his presentations.
  • Don Rheem. An esteemed author and CEO, Don Rheem is an expert on creating a thriving workplace through positive leadership. In his presentations, he helps today’s leaders better understand employee performance dynamics to increase engagement and retention.

Want to Book a TEDx Speaker for Your Next Corporate Event?

Booking a speaker with TEDx experience has unique benefits you can leverage to add more value to your event.

And if this is an idea you’re considering, you’ll be happy to know we can connect you with some of the best keynote speakers with TEDx experience.

Their expertise range from Digital Marketing to sports, business trends, technology, and much more. So, regardless of the theme of your event, you’ll most likely find a keynote speaker in our portfolio who will add more value to it.

Start browsing our portfolio now, and don’t hesitate to contact us at (615) 283-0039 if you have any questions.

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