10 Top Entertaining Speakers Who Will Energize Your Audience

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Written by Tim Grable

August 8, 2018

When hiring a speaker for an event, it’s essential not only to make sure they fit your event’s theme but if they can also keep your guests engaged for as long as they perform on stage.  If you are organizing a corporate event, then quality entertainment should be your top priority, and a surefire way to guarantee that your audience will have a great time is to hire top comedians.

In the corporate world, the right message can make your profits rise exponentially. Before you see an increase in revenue, you need the help of a professional who can help you deliver this message the proper way.

Too often, event planners forget about the fact a speaker needs to energize the audience and connect with them, so they choose a performer who does neither of those things.

Top Entertaining speakers are vital to organizing a successful event which will leave your guests feeling extremely pleased.  What they promise is top-shelf humor from beginning to end. So you can expect that their performances will be nothing short of amazing.

Humor is an essential part of public speaking. At the same time, it can be quite a challenging aspect to manage.  The use of humor in keynoting is much more complicated than this as it cannot be reduced to using a precise formula or checklist. Instead, it’s all about improvising so the joke will blend naturally with the message they’re trying to convey.

Wondering which top entertaining speakers fit this description?

1. Jon Dorenbos

Jon Dorenbos is a multi-talented entertainer – he’s a magician, motivational and keynote speaker and on top of all that, a former NFL player.

He retired from the NFL after he underwent successful open heart surgery.

Thanks to his magic skills, he appeared on The Ellen Show and The Today Show. Jon’s television appearances don’t stop here – he has also been featured on America’s Got Talent in 2016, and he managed to win the third place.

Simon Cowell, one of the members of the jury on AGT, said he’s “an absolute wizard and his ability to engage an audience is unparalleled.”

Jon is authentic, charismatic, enthusiastic and inspiring, all of which are traits which make him one of the top entertaining speakers out there. He uses his life story of overcoming adversity to inspire other people to persevere no matter what struggles they have to face.

You can watch below one of his performances from The Ellen Show.

2. Todd Sinelli

Todd Sinelli is a motivational speaker, magician, and mentalist. He’s not your average speaker – he’s filled with imagination, he’s innovative, creative and curious.

Event planners who hire him for their events won’t regret this decision because his presentations will be remembered for a lifetime.

Todd has two amazing programs he performs.

The first one is called ‘Awaken Astonishment,” and it’s a powerful motivational keynote which teaches people how to strive towards becoming extraordinary, on a personal and professional level.

His second program is called “The power of being in,” which is an interactive presentation perfect for inspiring your audience. He discusses the main principles of life, which, according to him, revolve around innovation, involvement, insight, influence, and integrity.

Here’s a quick promo of this last program.

3. Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is one of the most desired comedians for corporate events. His comedy is clean, so the entertainment he provides is appropriate for audiences of all ages.

His humor focuses on marriage and living with teenagers, which is a topic most people can relate to. And if some people can’t relate, Jeff makes sure to make his material as funny as possible so everyone will ache with laughter.

Guests are usually so thrilled by his performance they want to see him again because his humor is addictive.

Curious to see how Jeff is like on stage? Then watch the video below for a small preview.

4. Chris Bashinelli

Chris Bashinelli has been a social entrepreneur, TV host and explorer for more than a decade. Over the years, he has traveled to over 40 countries, which helped him build bridges across cultures and gain unprecedented insight into the universal human experience.

In his programs, Chris encourages attendees to rethink the way they view the world and to start with themselves. As long as people build a strong foundation, then they will be empowered to achieve their dreams.

Not only that, but Chris will also challenge your audience to think differently about their lives and relationships. He will remind people how important it is, to be honest, step outside our comfort zone and be fearless.

On top of all of this, he will present these lessons with humor and humility.

5. Dan Thurmon

Dan Thurmon learned the fundamentals of performance excellence from an early age. At only eleven years old, he put together a one-man-show in which he incorporated comedy, juggling, and acrobatics.

From that day forward, Dan knew he wanted to entertain audiences while educating them at the same time.

He managed to achieve this dream because today he is a world-class performer and motivational expert who delivers serious content, along with an entertaining experience.

Dan’s speeches go beyond motivation – they are also focused on teaching concepts and skills which help organizations and individuals implement action plans and move through transitions.

He firmly believes that, even though we will never be able to achieve that perfect balance in life, we should always strive to initiate positive changes which can lead to our growth. It is easy to see why Dan is on our list of entertaining speakers

6. Marc Griffiths

Marc Griffiths is a multi-talented performer. He’s a motivational speaker, incredibly funny ventriloquist, author and expert on happiness, success and living with purpose.

For over 25 years, Marc has been speaking to multiple types of audiences on subjects such as happiness, professional development, self-esteem or identity.

Through his programs, he has the power of shifting people’s beliefs systems, and he successfully manages to guide them towards becoming more productive.

If you want to help your attendees find out how they can invest in their happiness and achieve greater things, then Marc is the perfect choice as a speaker. Packed with humor and inspiration, his talks are also built around your needs.

7. Jerry Bridge

In a world which is increasingly reliant on technology, the human factor is pushed sideways, and this can have many unpleasant implications for employees.

This is Jerry Bridge’s goal – to help his listeners overcome the burdens of the modern workplace. He is the speaker dedicated to inspire his audience and to help them cultivate a sense of pride in what they do.

Jerry Bridge

So most of all, his passion can be felt throughout the entire show. During his speeches, he will help people recover their appetite for success.

If you’re wondering how an hour with Jerry on stage feels like – his presentations on stage are eclectic and full of energy.

Well, in that case, you better be prepared for a very intense 60 minutes, filled with segments which are both empowering and entertaining.

8. David Glickman

David Glickman

David is a master at bringing comic relief to any events he gets invited to.

With 31 years in the public speaking industry, David has learned knowledge is best conveyed in a laidback atmosphere, using any instrument to make it also memorable.

For instance, he is using his singing skills. However, underneath all the fun and laughs, David’s keynote speeches are thoroughly researched and attentively customized for each company he works with.

9. Garrison Wynn

You can never go wrong with an award-winning speaker and comedian. That’s Garrison Wynn; he’s a professional unlike no other. His merits come from the fact that he puts a lot of time and effort into shaping his performances.

Garrison is the type to do much research on a topic before performing. Once he gets acquainted with the subject matter, it becomes second nature to him. That is how he manages to deliver such an expertly crafted and customized content each time.

It’s the type of lighthearted comedy for everyone in the workplace to enjoy!

Watch him in the following video:

10. Greg Schwem

Greg is a comedian by definition; more than just a humorist who works in the corporate world.

Greg’s dedication to his craft can be appreciated. He is the type to do a lot of thorough research on his client. After all, the audience appreciates a comedian who is knowledgeable in their area of interest.

It’s somewhat of a habit to poke fun at the modern corporate environment. Because, the way he puts it, people don’t laugh about it enough.

His words “there can never be too much information” can be taken as a personal mantra. So this can be seen in the way he seems so knowledgeable of every subject he tackles.

Better yet, want to have a dose of quality entertainment? Then have a look for yourself at what Greg can do!

Top Entertaining Speakers Don’t Shy Away from Serious Content

3 Top Entertaining Speakers Who Will Energize Your Audience

Choosing the speakers for your event is just as important as deciding on the venue, the date or the catering.

The use of humor in speeches can help people retain and process the information they hear much more easily.

That’s why the combination of funny speakers with educational content is a winner. Their performances are guaranteed to leave a lasting mark on your audience.

Energy is contagious, so you want to make sure you book top entertaining speakers who will be able to transmit their positive vibes to your audience, as well.

Contact us at (615) 283-0039 to book one of these three fantastic speakers.

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