8 Top Motivational Speakers Who Have Ton Of Positive Energy (2021 edition)

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Written by Tim Grable

October 3, 2018

As an event organizer, you should be very mindful of what your guests are expecting from your events.

You may not be a mind reader, but you can certainly raise the bar high and meet their expectations. To do this, you’ll need to work with professionals who can truly deliver.

Sometimes, the best way to describe a keynote speaker who has much positive energy is to say that his or her personality lights up the room. It’s as if everyone wants to be around them and listen to what they have to say.

Sounds ideal, right? This represents the profile of the type of motivational speakers you’d want to hire for your events.

If you’re wondering where to find them, look no more. In this post, we’ll present to you top speakers who will not only bring their knowledge but their positive energy as well.

1. Larry McKenzie

Besides being a successful motivational speaker, Larry McKenzie is also a coach and educator.

He is determined to help all kinds of audiences become winners. Over the years, Larry noticed how winners tend to do things differently. For example, they don’t worry about what others think, they believe in themselves, and are self-motivated.

Based on the experience that he gathered as a coach and educator, he created a speaking program called “Think like a winner. Act like a champion.” The program focuses on teaching attendees the strategies on how to become a winner by changing their mindset.

Larry is extremely passionate about inspiring people to make life changes so that they can reach success, both on a personal and professional level.

He’s uplifting, and he provides just the right amount of positive energy so your guests can feel inspired to make a change in their lives.

3 Top Motivational Speakers Who Have Ton Of Positive Energy

2. Daniel D. Matthews

Clients are so pleased with Daniel’s speaking programs and positive energy that the majority of them end up booking him more than once.

Daniel is one of the motivational speakers who use storytelling, humor, and interaction to teach companies how to improve their operations, human resources, or organizational development.

Over the years, he gathered plenty of experience in the employee engagement area and now he teaches other companies how to differentiate themselves by leveraging their teams’ skills.

Daniel has fantastic presentation skills that he combines with his positive energy and so audiences become instantly hooked.

3. Kevin Snyder

Kevin combines motivation and stand-up comedy to deliver unbelievably engaging keynote presentations that leave audiences energized.

Over the years, more than 500.000 people have been inspired by Kevin’s keynote speeches.

Depending on your events’ objectives, he will be happy to customize his presentation so that the content he provides is relatable to the participants.

A common idea found in Kevin’s keynotes revolves around the fact that our mindset can change our lives. That being said, his presentations are packed with inspirational takeaways, all thanks to his positive energy that he spreads all around.

Kevin’s goal for each event is not only to inspire participants to think differently but to also provide actionable takeaways that they can use to achieve success.

word, live your dream

4. Willie Jolley

Are you inspired to win? This is the question you must ask yourself while hearing Willie Jolley talk for the first time…or the second or third. Anytime really! Named “One of the Top 5 Speakers in the World”, Jolley is not one you will want to miss out on. But that’s not all he’s accomplished, he’s also been awarded the Ron Brown Distinguished Leadership Award as well as been appointed as the Business Leader of the Year from The African American Chamber of Commerce. From Walmart to Verizon and Comcast to Marriott, Willie Jolley has seen it all. With his constant energy and enthusiasm, there’s no doubt that he is one of the best motivational speakers out there.

5. Marilyn Sherman

Where do you want to be in life? Would you rather be in the front row, front, and center, or in the balcony, watching as life passes you by? These are the burning questions Marilyn Sherman asks with vim and vigor, exciting everyone who listens. For this reason, it is no surprise that she has become the “Top-Ranked Female Business Keynote Speaker” in the past 25 years of her speaking career.

She’s positive and energetic, but productive and direct. When she gets on that stage she has one purpose…to engage her audience in a fun, upbeat, and exciting performance. And you thought this was just another motivational speaker…

6. Jeff Civillico

Incredible.” “Fun.” “A new level of clean fun.” This is Jeff Civillico. His energy never ceases to bubble over to the audience and his comedy manages to make everyone laugh, even the toughest critic.

When you’re faced with an obstacle at home or at work, what do you do? How do you react? Do you allow that challenge to drain your energy, to kill your vibe? Or do you keep your forward momentum, and PIVOT through that challenge to emerge stronger?

In “The Power of the Pivot,” Jeff uses his own personal story of how he pivoted his way from performing shows in his kitchen as a child to performing shows in Las Vegas as a Headliner with Caesars Entertainment with multiple TV projects, a national nonprofit, endorsement deals, etc.

He’s a comedian and an entertainer, sure, but he’s also a motivational speaker. He is, as we call it, “an entertainer with a message.” Jeff Civillico has the ability to open other’s eyes to the world, inspire, and entertain them. That’s no easy task. So if you want to be happy and inspired and entertained, Jeff is the one for you!

7. Chip Eichelberger

Lead. Motivate. Inspire, and start your streak. No, not your Snapchat streak, your personal growth streak. Chip Eichelberger is as energetic and animated as they come. With presentations that include drawing links to technology, conversations, and everyday life all in order to show you, that’s right, Y-O-U, your path to success.

8. Vincent Phipps

Vincent Phipps is an award-winning motivational speaker and corporate trainer whose energetic attitude will breathe new life into your event. He is one of the best keynote speakers in the industry, being ranked among the 1% best presenters in the fields of communication, motivation, and leadership.

Vincent Phipps

Vincent’s is an expert in conflict resolution, and he believes any dispute or argument can be solved through proper communication.

As an outspoken individual, Vincent goes to great lengths with his speeches, giving audiences a plethora of useful tips which will help them in their career and personal lives.

He is also an entertaining performer, managing to deliver his speeches in a very engaging way.

With Vincent’s help, your guests will undoubtedly go through a powerful and emotive experience. Also, at the end of his keynotes, you can be assured they will leave the audience hall more motivated than ever!

Booking the Best Motivational Speakers

If you want your event to turn out perfect, then you need to consider keynote speakers who have positive energy which they can forward to others as well.

Are you ready to take your life into your own hands? Are you ready to lead? Are you ready to be the best you can be? Then don’t hesitate or wait! Act now! Live in the moment and the moment will live with you. And never fear change.

This way, you’ll ensure that your guests will catch that good energy and have an amazing time.

If you’re interested in booking one of these exceptional speakers, then don’t hesitate to get in touch at (615) 283-0039.

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