Looking for Top-Rated Keynote Speakers? Here’s How to Find Them

Top-Rated Keynote Speakers

Written by Tim Grable

October 31, 2022

The role of a keynote speaker is more significant than “just delivering a speech.” They are in charge of setting the tone and tenor of the whole event. Their ideas will not only have an immediate impact but will also reverberate throughout the entire duration of the event and even carry on into people’s lives.

This article will present you with some of the industry’s top-rated keynote speakers and give you ample information on booking them for your upcoming events.

1. Elizabeth McCormick

Elizabeth McCormick is one of the world’s most in-demand keynote speakers. Healthcare company ChoicePoint named her among the top 30 motivational speakers. Without a doubt, Elizabeth is a highly praised professional and is seen as one of the leading figures in the industry.

Before her career as a motivational speaker, Elizabeth took part in the U.S. Army as a Black Hawk fighter pilot. This unique experience forms the basis of all her talks. And it’s a real-life example of resilience that Elizabeth wants to share with the world.

As a speaker, she aims to energize audiences and provide them with a framework for overcoming adversity. Guests will get the chance to listen to her stories and get an insight into how fighter pilots are prepared for some of the most challenging situations.

Prepare your audience for a military-grade experience that will inspire, motivate and energize them!

2. Kaihan Krippendorff

Disruptions can be detrimental to any business. Some industry sectors at large have experienced losses in the billions because they couldn’t keep up with the ever-changing market conditions. Keynote speaker Kaihan Krippendorff is your go-to expert to help you stay competitive and avoid disruptions.

As one of the top-rated keynote speakers, he promises to deliver excellence for your organization.

He specializes in business growth and innovation, having worked as a private consultant for Forbes 500 companies. Through his work, he has helped them successfully navigate the pitfalls of the modern era.

As proof of this, Kaihan’s previous commitments have been very successful – his strategies brought companies over $2.5B in revenue.

3. Sarah McVanel

Sarah McVanel is one of the top-rated keynote speakers specializing in corporate workplace culture. She is a staunch supporter of equity and balance in the workplace.

These days, with The Great Resignation phenomenon in full swing, her work is more invaluable than ever. She believes that the workplace can be not only a way to make ends meet but also a place that can bring fulfillment to the employees.

This can be achieved through cooperation between employees and leaders.

Sarah can teach leaders how to implement programs within the company to help mitigate burnout and cultivate a culture of recognition. On the other side, she can work directly with individuals and teams to help boost satisfaction, unity, and a sense of belonging.

The Place To Find Top-Rated Keynote Speakers!

We hope that the speakers we’ve showcased have sparked your interest.

If you’re interested in booking their services, you can click the links provided in this article. Accessing them will take you to a page dedicated to each speaker, where you can find out more about them, watch videos of their presentations or read reviews from previous clients.

You can also call us at 615-283-0039 to inquire more about the speakers, such as availability and prices. It will be our pleasure to work with you!

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