Top 4 Skilled Keynote Speakers with Experience in Leadership

Liz Weber

Written by Tim Grable

April 18, 2018

Skilled keynote speakers might as well be the shiniest jewel in the crown of corporate event success. If you grab one, you can consider yourself the owner of a very sought-after treasure.

Especially if said leadership speakers possess an extra golden quality – significant experience in leadership.

So, without further ado, we gladly invite you to meet 4 professionals who do not speak just from books and theory, but also from hard-earned experience.

1. Michelle PascoeMichelle Pascoe, Top 4 Skilled Keynote Speakers with Experience in Leadership

The skilled keynote speakers usually become household names after years of work in the business environment.

It is the case for Michelle Pascoe as well. Through her speeches, she manages to do he has what a true leader does: that is, inspiring others to uncover and harness their potential, after gathering valuable insight from running one of the most successful training companies in Australia (Optimum Operating Procedures and Services).

More than her international Certified Professional Speaker, Michelle’s prowess in leadership keynote speaking is proven by the number of inspired guests coming from all kinds of industries: manufacturing, gaming, real estate or even governmental departments.

Michelle’s talks are effective due to the amount of quality, unique content she puts in. However, these content-rich presentations are never overbearing for attendees because Michelle Pascoe is a master at wrapping them in an upbeat, authentic vibe which is the perfect counterbalance helping everyone assimilate new values and attitudes.

2. Lance Allred 

What skilled keynote speakers also excel at is leading by example. 

Lance Allred will talk to your guests about how to nourish perseverance and grit to grow leadership skills. However, he will talk about this whole process from the perspective of:

  1. Someone who has had they will.
  2. Founder of his own company, L Squared Productions.

Lance Allred 

Despite his hearing loss condition, Lance still managed to pursue a career in professional basketball successfully.

Defying the odds is a leadership value Lance manages to present so eloquently, that he’s been invited by the FBI to give a talk on leadership development.

3. Liz Weber

The fact that Liz Weber is one of the most skilled keynote speakers out there can be checked in a matter of seconds because she owns both a CPS (Certified Speaking Professional) and a CMC (Certified Management Consultant).

Her leadership acumen is certified by her 26 years as CEO of Weber Business Services and, on top of that, by her teaching sessions at the Georgetown University’s Senior Executive Leadership Program.

Also, if this massive experience in leadership were not enough, Liz Weber is also the author of 3 acclaimed leadership books.

Liz Weber

Under her guidance, leaders will understand the pain points keeping their teams behind, and they’ll also assess performance more accurately to change the way they are guiding their company toward reaching higher goals.

4. Richard J. Bryan

One aspect all companies want and need to cultivate is constant growth. However, this is a particularly challenging situation when there is no leadership succession plan to ensure business processes work flawlessly regardless of significant changes in the company board.

Richard J. Bryan had to face this challenge when he took a huge family business with no leadership succession plan. So, over the following years, he had to step in and re-establish the company’s former thriving status from the CEO position.

Richard J. Bryan

Having successfully undergone those times, Richard is now giving back to others, by speaking about actionable aspects of ensuring continuous leadership models.

Hire the Skilled Keynote Speakers Your Guests Crave for

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