7 Top Speakers You Can Book to Drive Performance

Justin Osmond

Written by Tim Grable

May 6, 2018

Everyone needs a morale boost from time to time. So a public speaking event is the best place to give people that push they need in their lives.

However, if you want your event to stand out from the many others out there, you need to make it exciting. We believe the keynote speakers are the ones who make or break the event, and that is why you should focus on working with the best out there.

Ideally, you should start a quest for the finest (and most fitting) speaker as soon as you set the date and location of your event.

Top Speakers You Can Book to Drive Performance

Here’s why:

  • You have better chances of booking one of the top speakers if you contact them (by yourself or via an agency) a few months in advance.
  • You can build the rest of the event and the promotional materials around the speakers, so your event is cohesive and drives enough interest.
  • You have a better overview of your expenses (because you have already spent the budget for the main elements of a successful meeting – venue, speakers and main suppliers).

So to help you start your planning and booking process the best way possible, we have assembled a list of outstanding keynote speakers whose talks focus on achieving peak performance.  

1. Scott Greenberg

When effortless teamwork is something a sales team nails, sales boosts are likely to follow. The explanation is simple: solid teamwork means each is driven and is striving to improve their performance.

Scott Greenberg’s high-energy talks are focused on cultivating precisely this: the peak performance mindset.

As the owner of two franchises, Scott can provide valuable insights on how to drive forward a company towards high-stakes goals. 

“Lively” and “poignant” are two attributes former clients of Scott’s (among which we can count Nike or The U.S. Air Force) indicate as representative of his presentations.

They could also explain why Scott Greenberg is such a respected name among fellow top speakers – keynote talks for franchises and large organizations are not the easiest topic to approach, but when you make the information lively and poignant, participants will be much more involved and less likely to feel the time passing. Here’s a sneak peek:

2. Thom Singer

Our list of keynote speakers includes another stellar professional who masters the art of educating teams about business growth.

Thom Singer is specialized in delivering talks which:

  • inspire
  • challenge
  • educate
  • offer actionable takeaways on unlocking potential.

His main keynote is even entitled “The Performance Catalyst” and is aimed at helping companies identify the pain points of their workflow. Here, Thom speaks about the paradox of potential, and you will see how his words will shed more light on how people perceive potential:

3. Deborah Gardner

One of the most valued skills people in today’s workforce can have is the ability to identify what triggers their growth and how they can cultivate this trigger.

However, this is harder than it sounds and no wonder companies need to invite top speakers who can put this into perspective.

One of these speakers is Deborah Gardner, who, as a former professional swimmer, comes from a place where she needed to find resources of resilience and motivation to achieve peak athletic performance and results.

She then translated this attitude into her career as a TV broadcaster and then salesperson. Listening to Deborah speak about goal-reaching is likely to become a foundation for better personnel management.

4. Darlene Corbett

In today’s world of the constant hustle and bustle, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the obstacles life throws at us. Darlene Corbett has the solution for all of us, and her advice is to “get unstuck.”

Known as the Get Unstuck Expert, Darlene helps audiences from all walks of life to find the energy to surpass all hurdles from their personal and professional lives. As a speaker, she tackles topics such as wellness, positive thinking, and how to keep ahead up even in moments of strife.

Darlene Corbett, Top Speakers You Can Book to Drive Performance

Whether hosting a talk in front of high ranking corporate leaders or a university in front of students, Darlene manages to bring out the best in everyone.

These Top Speakers Will Bring Enthusiasm and Experience to Your Event

5. Kit Welchlin

Kit Welchlin is a public speaker who dedicates his time helping employees deal with stressful working environments. With the aid of his valuable input, people not only manage to overcome tough challenges, but they also come out on top.

Kit’s life experience and charismatic nature have been instrumental in shaping his personality, and he uses his story as a great example to motivate people to push forward.

He grew up on a farm in Minnesota, and life didn’t offer much in terms of career opportunities. However, from a young age, he proved himself to be a very persuasive figure and had the talent to make others listen.

With his diligent demeanor and unrelenting attitude, Kit decided to dive into the business world and by the age of 21 had his own manufacturing company.

Kit Welchlin, top speaker

Nowadays, he’s enjoying immense success as a keynote speaker, having delivered over 3000 heartfelt speeches throughout an almost 3-decade long career.

On stage, Kit’s energetic nature will mesmerize your audience. His presentations are very rich in content and will offer your guests new and exciting information.

6. Justin Osmond

Justin Osmond is an award-winning motivational speaker, and he has a story you don’t get to hear every day – he is a deaf musician.

His presentations are filled to the brim with emotionally charged moments that deliver a very uplifting and positive message.

The crux of Justin’s presentation lies at the bottom of his life’s story – how he, in spite of his disability, managed to master many instruments and become a fully-fledged musician.

It’s essential to know Justin is the son of Merrill Osmond, who is the lead singer and bassist for the world-renowned pop-group known as the Osmonds.

Justin Osmond , top speaker

Being born deaf into a family of musicians is burdensome; however, Justin was not discouraged, and through sheer will-power, he managed to overcome this significant hurdle.

Ultimately, through his effort, Justin managed to live up to his family’s name and went on to learn to play the viola, violin, piano, and drums.

It is through this personal experience that Justin learned the power of mental toughness. Also, with this newfound knowledge, he became a motivational speaker to help others surpass the insurmountable and even went beyond it.

7. Kevin E. O’Connor

Kevin E. O’Connor is an expert in conflict resolution and one of the top speakers on the subject of the importance of teamwork. He is the one who can help your guests develop a sense of belonging and camaraderie at the workplace.

In the corporate world, the fact that people are expected to lead is becoming more and more prevalent. Also, in Kevin’s view, professionals aren’t adequately trained to fill in this demand. That is why he set himself the goal to train people to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Kevin E. O'Connor

His presentations are unique and filled with very compelling content, from which your guests will undoubtedly learn much valuable information. Not only that, but Kevin’s enthusiasm will surely help your guests nurture an optimistic outlook towards the future.

Flawless Events Require Top Speakers. Have You Found Them yet?

We hope this article has given you all the reasons why you should consider hiring the top keynote speakers we have previously mentioned.

If you’re determined to get them for your upcoming event, then be sure to give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you with all the booking procedures!

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