Top TEDx Speakers You Can Hire To Make Your Event More Interesting

Kevin Snyder

Written by Tim Grable

November 22, 2019

TEDx has set a standard of high quality in the world of public speaking. It is a reference point of how a good event should be organized.

However, it’s not the format that makes TED amazing; it’s the speakers who deserve all the credit. They are the real heroes who make this program so compelling to watch.

Because of these reasons, we have featured the top TEDx Speakers You Can Hire to help make your event more interesting for your guests. And if all this sounds interesting to you, then tune in to the following article to learn more.

1. Kevin Snyder

Kevin Snyder is a professional keynote speaker whose aim is to inspire audiences to find purpose in everything they do. He speaks directly to the heart, intending to give people meaning and direction.

As a speaker, he is very dynamic, being able to speak about a plethora of topics, depending on the client’s request. However, his main specialization is to tackle topics of empowerment, motivation, and innovation.

Top TEDx Speakers You Can Hire To Make Your Event More Interesting

He addresses the most personal issues which trouble each and any one of us. His keynote usually begins with a humorous story about how he wanted to meet Bob Barker on “The Price Is Right.”

However, his silly story quickly branches off into a motivational narrative to give people the impetus to have their dreams become a reality.  This is one of the many reasons he is on our list of the top TEDx Speakers you can hire.

2. Sheri Prentiss

Sheri Prentiss is an inspirational speaker and visionary whose words and ideas can change people’s outlook on life.

She is a best-selling author in the field of medicine, and her works are drawn from her experience as a health expert and a breast cancer survivor

Sheri Prentiss

She has a deep understanding of how it feels to be both a physician and a patient. And by being in both positions, she helps to make people more mindful about the practice of medicine.

She has hosted many inspirational talks on stages across the world and is one of the top TEDx Speakers you can hire whose talks you wouldn’t want to miss!

3. Future Crunch

Future Crunch is a duo consisting of Dr. Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter. They both are scientists, technologists, and artists who fervently believe science and tech is the way to go.

They built Future Crunch in 2014, out of a desire to present people with the benefits of emerging technologies and to help them develop a positive outlook about the coming future.

Since its inception, Future Crunch has been to numerous gigs and conventions – appearing on TEDx, Wired for Wonder, and many more.

Their presentations are very engaging and have a very prominent sense of optimism throughout their entire duration. Future Crunch isn’t there to present technology, and they also entertain the audience.

They manage to blend visual arts with music, poetry, and even improv to capture the viewers’ attention and cultivate a sense of relief in their hearts.

Get The Top TEDx Speakers You Can Hire for Your Event

TEDx always seems to attract the best TEDx speakers out there, and people can’t seem to get enough of them.

If you are interested in having these speakers host a keynote at your event, then we can help you.

Contact us at (615) 283-0039, and we can help you get in touch with the performer who fits your preferences.

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