Why Business Humor Is No Laughing Matter

Randy Charach

Written by Tim Grable

July 2, 2018

The notion of a gruff and formal business environment might soon become the work of fiction or a relic of the past. It is certain, however, that a new light-hearted approach to business is rapidly gaining momentum.

So this happens for good reasons, whether you’re organizing a show, a conference or a small teambuilding event, business humor is something your black-tie audience will love.

This is why it is a great idea to capitalize on the trend and implement it as part of your program.

The Importance of Business Humor in Your Company’s Life

Considering the idea that humor is vital to maintaining balanced human life, we slowly begin to perceive it more seriously.

Oxytocin is the “trust hormone,” and laughter plays a big part in how it acts out. It secretes in our brains each time we’re invested in pleasant activities, and it helps us extend and strengthen our social relationships.

Why Business Humor Is No Laughing Matter  

Applying the same principle to how we conduct business, it becomes clear the corporate environment cannot do without a bit of laughter.

This is why people often look forward to events or any other type of recreational activities. Moreover, they’ll enjoy one which is handled by professionals who know how to strike the right chords with an audience.

Learning How to Do Funny Business

In an environment which is all about the hard numbers and maintaining a statuesque attitude, it is quite common to forget about the human side. And we end up losing in the long-term.

Avoiding the chance to use business humor is an opportunity missed.

Randy Charach is the kind of guy to crack a joke during a board or sales meeting. And it will work in his favor!

By profession, he is a part keynote speaker, part entertainer. Randy dedicates his all to keep audiences engaged through a witty and humorous performance.

Randy Charach

His work aims at showing us why it might be a good idea to approach business from a humorous angle.

A thing not to be taken lightly indeed and Randy gives an excellent example out of it. You can still maintain professionalism, all while at the same time you inspire and educate people through the use of comedy.

He says this will help us develop a client-first mentality. It’s understandable, through humor we develop a likable persona and a more relaxed attitude, which are invaluable skills for any sales-person, persuader or influencer.

Randy’s point from all this: comedy sells! So you shouldn’t miss the chance to work with him.

After All, Entertainment Is Serious Business

If there is one valuable lesson we should learn from this article is that business humor comes with a suite of benefits. And this is, in fact, something not to be ignored.

Whether organizing a corporate talk or an entertainment show, Randy is the living example of a successful blend of business and comedy. Booking him will prove to be a learning opportunity from which everyone has to gain.

We are The Grable Group, and if Randy convinced you, then you wouldn’t want to miss our other performers. Browse our catalog now!

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