Why Innovation Is Key to Business Progress – and What to Do About It

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Written by Tim Grable

July 28, 2018

In the corporate world, there’s no such thing as staying put. Stagnation is the equivalent of regress. In other words, if you’re unable to move forward and stand out in a crowd of competitors, you’re going backward.

Business progress is essential to long-term success and innovation is a significant component of that equation, as innovation can lead to a result which competitors are unable to rival.

Find out more about the significance of innovation and what can you do to ensure your business will benefit from it the following lines.

Why Innovation Is Key to Business Progress - and What to Do About It

Why Is Innovation the Lifeblood of Business Progress

Things move quickly in the corporate world – and the pace will only get quicker. In order for a business to stay competitive and survive, it needs to proceed with the times and even anticipate what will happen next.

Developing fresh ideas, coming up with original strategies to solve ever-changing challenges, refining processes, services, and products to maintain a current brand, these all require constant innovation.

There are many nuances of what innovation entails, but at its core, to innovate means to improve. So that is why innovation is key to business progress and why it should be at the heart of your organization.

Innovation is always accompanied by change and opens up the door towards new opportunities which can be leveraged for business growth. Regardless of the industry in which your business activates in, there is always a different, better way of doing things. Innovation is how you find it.

How to Inspire Innovation Within Your Business

Innovation doesn’t just happen. You have to create an environment where innovation can occur. So how can you go about this? Well, here are a few proven strategies you can implement right away:

  • Encourage brainstorming and experimentation within your organization. Testing new ideas is at the center of innovation, so it’s essential to create a company culture where everyone feels both confident and encouraged to share their ideas, collaborate and participate in innovating.
  • Take a cue from the business experts in this field. Experienced innovation leaders are the best equipped to provide you with valuable insights and advice on how to stimulate and harness the power of innovation. Practical tools and methodologies included.
  • Never stop learning. Attending workshops, conferences and other relevant events, as well as staying informed about what is going on in your industry supports continuous learning and business progress.
  • Pass it forward. For instance, consider planning conference sessions where you invite innovation speakers to give eye-opening presentations. It’s an excellent way to educate employees about the importance of creating positive change and share business-transforming insights.

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Rely on These Innovation Speakers for Help

To finish off this article, we have two excellent suggestions for speakers who will add value to any conference or other corporate events which have innovation as a central theme.

  • John Register CSP, TEDx Inspirational Speaker. As a change management expert, John Register inspires teams to recognize new opportunities and devise a new normal to deliver exponential results. On stage, his incredible life story, enthusiasm, and gift for storytelling come together to help guests acknowledge everything is possible.
  • Josh Linkner NY Times bestselling author and venture capitalist. His insightful presentations are meant to drive creativity, harness innovation, and power reinvention within your organization. He also does an amazing job building up the confidence of guests so they can stand firm when facing objections and stay in an innovative mindset.

For more corporate speakers who specialize in innovation and change, feel free to browse through our portfolio.

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