Hire the Best Virtual Wellness Activities for Work

Virtual Health and Wellness for Remote Employees

Do you want to add engage your remote employees with online health events?

Virtual health and wellness are great ways to improve your remote employees’ health and wellbeing while building your team.  Find out the benefits of offering virtual fitness training sessions for your employees 


How to Use Virtual Wellness Activities

Virtual Happy Hour

Add something healthy to your next virtual social gathering with a virtual wellness activity

Meeting Opener

Kick-off your online program by promoting a wellness culture.

Team Building

Use fun to break down walls of communication, teach valuable skills, and teamwork. Add online wellness and you’ve got a fun healthy event! 


Add moments of fun and energy with live music in between speaker sessions. 

Looking For The Best Virtual Health and Wellness Activities?

Ebonee Le’Triece

About Ebonee: Ebonee is a professional dancer, choreographer, director and instructor. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio and got her start as a competitive gymnast and figure skater, and then a recording artist and singer/songwriter – before she transitioned into dance in high school.  The combination of her athletic and artistic backgrounds gave Ebonee a strong foundation in technique and musical inclination, which she has used to build an impressive and versatile 10-year+ career in dance and performance art.  

About Ebonee’s Virtual Class: Ebonee teaches Hip-Hop Groove, Cardio Hip-Hop, Fit-Hop / Hip-Hop, & Tone for adults.  Additionally, Ebonee teaches Kids’ Hip Hop.

Brittni Johnson

About Brittni: Brittni has been a professional dancer/acrobat for the past 13 years. Most recently, she has worked as a performer in several shows at the Disneyland Resort. Some highlights in her career so far have been dancing with Zendaya in the Rose Parade, dancing on General Hospital on ABC, and having the opportunities to travel both nationally and internationally performing at various shows and festivals. Brittni is a Certified Pilates Instructor and is enjoys spreading her love and knowledge in the realm of health and fitness.

About Brittni’s Virtual Class: Her classes provide modifications and progressions for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. Make it a whole family affair and have the kids join in on the fun to get their exercise in during these days at home as well!

Raul Machorro

About Raul: Raul Machorro is a professional dancer/choreographer and fitness instructor in L.A. He is a master teacher for Equinox and has choreographed for Coca-Cola, Los Angeles Opera, The Latin Grammy’s, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Taio Cruz, Santa Barbara Opera and many more. His dance credits include commercials for VRBO, Toyota, Subway, Albertsons and recently wrapped Holey Moley 2 on ABC. He has been with Eclipse for 10 years and loves sharing his passion for fitness and dance with everyone he meets!

Yoga with Shaina

About Shaina: Shaina is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor, who trained at Laughing Lotus in San Francisco, CA. She specializes in yoga for musicians and taught classes for many years at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Her mission is to provide potent & personalized yoga for her clients, taking into consideration exactly where they are each day in body, mind, spirit, and in life.  Her virtual wellness activities for work are fun and energizing.

Virtual Meditation Exercises

Take a much-needed break during that morning or afternoon break with our Virtual Meditation Exercises. Let our skilled instructors guide you through a relaxing and soothing meditation to center and ground you for the remainder of your day.

Are You Interested in HavingVirtual Wellness Activities at Your Event?

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