Do you need online entertainment ideas for your virtual ice breaker?

Provide your virtual attendees time to get energized and reset their attention with entertainment for virtual breaks between sessions. Interactive entertainers keep people focused and pumped up for your program. This helps participants stay motivated to return to your online event rather than check their email and phone.  To add extra excitement hire a celebrity like Blake Shelton, Lindsey Sterling, or Darci Lynne.

Do You Need Online Entertainment Ideas for Your Virtual Break?

Looking For The Best Online Entertainment Ideas for Your Virtual Break

Ben Seidman

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Magician Ben Seidman has been featured on Netflix, Travel Channel, and the CW Network - but today, he’s performing in your living room. Seidman’s virtual show CAMERA TRICKS is an engaging and interactive magical experience, packed with mind-blowing sleight of hand and hilarious audience exchanges. Every magical moment will make your jaw drop, but there's a catch... one single moment in the show uses a camera trick.

Can your group spot which illusion is the fake? Or does Seidman’s magic actually rival camera trickery?! This fun hook is a fantastic way to engage your audience and CAMERA TRICKS comes full circle with two different twist endings! The result is a delightful and awe-inspiring program that will remind your group that there is still magic in the world.

Harry Mack

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Multi-talented artist and rapper Harry Mack is best known for his unique, jaw-dropping visual freestyle rapping. He first came to fame when his Venice Beach Freestyle went viral, which propelled him to opportunities alongside the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Ellen DeGeneres, Complex Music, and RedBull Music.

As a content creator, his self-produced YouTube series “Guerrilla Bars” has amassed millions of views. Harry has surprised, impacted, and entertained millions of people, leaving them with something unique that they can’t wait to share with others. 

Harry’s background in jazz drumming is a reflection of his life-long fascination with improvisational music. His unique approach to hip-hop revolves around the spirit of rhythmic improv. Blending the excitement of instrumental jazz improvisation with the impactful messages of hip-hop lyricism, Harry constantly strives to push the boundaries of his own abilities, while reaching for new approaches to rap expression.


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ECLIPSE is an acrobatic and dance-based performance group that blends stunning motion graphics, impeccable music, and intricate movements of the human body together in one unique entertainment experience. From a large screen that comes to life with beautiful silhouette imagery of words and shapes created from their bodies to interact with media in front of the screen, the audience will be transported into their world where technology and live performers come together in one unique art form. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as we bring they bring the magic of shadows and media to life before your eyes.


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rePercussion is an extraordinary comedy drumming experience! Going beyond interactive drumming, they blend sight, sound, and laughter brought to the stage a highly entertaining, mind-blowing, and fully customizable experience for an online conference.

Digital Deception

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Digital Deception combines magic with the technology we use every day in their Interactive Virtual Magic Show. The duo was digital even before we all started social distancing, but now their stage show is virtual as well! Magicians Doug McKenzie & Ryan Oakes have built an arsenal of interactive magic effects that can be presented on any virtual platform. Participants do not merely watch magic, they all experience magic — right on their screens, on their phones and in their own hands. With original magic and mind-reading effects that involve text messaging, phone calls, emails, and digital imagery, viewers actually become a part of the magic. 100% interactive.

Blue Man Group

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Blue Man Group is a dynamic combination of art, music, comedy, and technology. The show’s euphoric celebration of human connection has universal appeal for a broad range of age groups and cultural backgrounds.

L.E.D. (Lights.Energy.Drums)

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From the creators of Rhythm Extreme comes the newest visual performance for the corporate market. L.E.D. (Lights.Energy.Drums) combines high energy drumming, exciting choreography, and the latest in wireless lighting and drums. A feast for the eyes and guaranteed to get your heart pumping, L.E.D. is the perfect way to wake up the audience at your next virtual event, online awards ceremony, or party!

Derek Hughes

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Standup Magician™, Derek Hughes, is an award-winning magician and expert improviser with a gift for finding humor within any group’s dynamic. Hughes’ loveable sarcasm and warm charisma have paved the way to appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us!, and NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where he was the only comedy magician ever voted a top ten finalist. In his virtual show packed with astonishing moments that viewers experience firsthand through their screens, Derek is the refreshing through-line, keeping everyone energized and smiling during your next online event. In times of uneasiness, laughter is an unbeatable stress reliever, and if laugher is the best medicine, then Derek Hughes is just what the doctor ordered.

Free Daps

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Free Daps brings the world’s best freestyle rappers and improvisers together for an unforgettable virtual experience. Their fully interactive show has been featured at Disney World, Universal Studios, ESPN, NBA, Darden, Sprint, and Hertz. They use comments and suggestions to improvise songs, rap battles, and slam poetry on the spot. The audience at home inspires every song, so tune in and watch a hip-hop comedy concert that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Passing Zone

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You need dynamic formats of virtual events and video entertainment that will blow your people away – while keeping them safe, delighted, and excited. That is what The Passing Zone does.

They happen to be one of the most successful, inventive and funny duos working today, with more awards, accolades and experience than most performers achieve in a lifetime: The Tonight ShowAmerica’s Got TalentPenn & Teller: Fool Us, and performances at the White House, and in London for Prince Charles, just to name a few. 

Having traveled the world with our hilarious and dangerous stunts, we are now delighting audiences everywhere while broadcasting performances with state-of-the-art online capabilities, bringing the fun and action directly to your audience. With virtually no effort on your part, your people will enjoy every second from the comfort of their homes or video screens anywhere!

Jeff Civillco

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Jeff Civillco has developed his own unique brand of virtual entertainment he calls "Comedy in Action" - a blend of physical comedy, action-packed stunts, and world-class juggling/balancing with friendly audience interaction and an insane amount of energy! His highly interactive virtual routines provide the perfect backdrop for his presence and spontaneity, allowing him to connect with his audience. Every show is clean, so there's never a worry of offending anyone in the audience or making any volunteers feel embarrassed.

Jeff's experience as both a live on-stage presenter and an on-camera host personality makes him the ultimate "double threat" to host your event. Jeff has hosted every type of corporate event there is -- general sessions, awards banquets, game shows -- for dozens of top companies and associations.

Download Getting started with Jeff Civillico as your Virtual Event Entertainment.

Joe Castillo

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Streamed Live and Pre-Recorded

Sand art images can be created by Joe Castillo in his studio and streamed to your event, whether digital or live. This captivating performance is choreographed to live or recorded music providing a unique experience for companies, Presidents, Kings, World Leaders, TED, CBS, NBC, BBC and a was a finalist on America’s Got Talent.

For corporate entertainment, SandStory is fresh and exciting. Using his hands and grains of sand on a light table, Joe Castillo creates images that tell your company’s story. As a corporate speaker, SandStory’s message will uplift your audience and leave them awestruck and inspired. SandStory is great as the keynote to your event, or as a beautiful transition piece.

Cameron Zvara

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Performing over 250 shows each year, Cameron Zvara has been wowing audiences & making them laugh around the globe. Cameron’s unique blend of mind-blowing magic & sarcastic comedy has graced numerous corporate & private events over the past 15 years. Whether you host 5 or 5000 people, Cameron Zvara will always engage & entertain your group! Cameron’s material is customized to suit all demographics & venue types. Cameron ALWAYS delivers an outrageous and unforgettable performance you won’t soon forget!

Do You Need Online Entertainment Ideas for Your Virtual Break?

How to Use a Virtual Break Entertainment


Add live entertainment for your virtual beak to energize and engage your virtual attendees.  This keeps people focused on your virtual meeting rather than their phone.


Short, customized performances that are created and recorded for your event. This is a perfect way to add fun and energy, to any online program you are having with your employees.


Prerecord a portion of your virtual break entertainment and add a live Q/A or introduction to your online conference.

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