Sofie Dossi Is a Self-Taught Contortionist Who Will Wow Your Guests

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Written by Tim Grable

March 14, 2017

Many people are endowed with the gift of moving their bodies as their mind wills. But not all of them succeed in presenting it in a dynamic manner.

Sofie Dossi is among the latter category. At age 18, she is already on the way of making a name for herself.

Composed, self-assured and always delivering the best, the adroit teenager proves how tenacity and skill can meet to create art in motion.

Get to know her in the following lines.

Sofie Dossi – the Relatable Teenage Girl with Rare Artistry

The name Sofie Dossi became familiar to Americans. The America’s Got Talent viewers got to enjoy her aerialist and contortionist pieces.

Sofie is coming from a broad-minded family, where both parents work from home, and the kids are home-schooled. This environment encouraged her to pursue gymnast and dancer inclinations while leveraging her creativity.

18 years now, the young performer took an interest in contortionism by the age of 12. She got inspired from contortionists on YouTube and from then on, she has continually been honing her talent and strength.

Sofie Dossi Is a Self-Taught Contortionist Who Will Wow Your Guests

So by the time she took the America’s Got Talent stage in its 11th season, Sophie was already mastering tricks that others take years to develop. 

No wonder her act got the golden buzzer propelling her straight into the semifinals. The audience was also charmed by her spectacular tour de force and voted her through to the finale.

For each of her AGT outings, Sofie upped her game.

Her signature trick is arrow shooting with legs bent over the head.

In the semifinals, she performed it blindfolded, in a bedazzled bodysuit. As for the finale, she presented a dynamic masterpiece of lights, sound, and movement. In fact, you can see for yourself here:

Mind-Bending Success for Your Event

Despite her young age, there are plenty of reasons Sofie can make any event shine:

  • a born performer, she greatly enjoys performing in front of people
  • incredible body control, gravity-defiant moves
  • the effortless presence and seamless changing of body positions in the air
  • knows how to project to the audience
  • charismatic
  • risk-taking, visually stunning
  • Possesses the rare gift of combining athleticism with grace.
  • Constant work towards improvement

On her YouTube channel, she features even edgier stunts – contortionism on a skateboard. Her signature trick – shooting an arrow with her feet – is performed on the move. Moreover, no, she does not miss the target!

She already has scheduled performances ahead, and the impact she made scored her an appearance on The Ellen Show.

If contortionism was not enough of a fresh talent, Sofie also trains to be a safeguard during summers.

Interestingly, Sofie associates her bending acts with dance. That is because of the thought process when designing her routines.

Once she finds the right music, the 18-year old lets both body and imagination run free and create on the spot. After this initial phase, she works on perfecting the moves till they are show-ready.

However, what’s even more impressing about Sofie, is the way she understands the importance of having a complete package.

Not only are her moves spectacular, but they are also complimented by eye-catching costumes and beautiful current music.

The music is edited by another talent in the Dossi family – her brother Zak. His passion for music resulted in the customized songs Sofie is performing to.

Sofie is one of those creative spirits that manage to think globally about their projection towards the public. Curious about her dreams for the future? Read her words:

I would love to have my superhero show!

Hopefully, she will, as she could be a great role model for teens all around the world. Sofie is the embodiment of tremendous skill doubled by capable work ethic.

All things considered you do not have to bend your mind to imagine what a bright future lays ahead of her. She can enliven many kinds of events: from corporate to charitable, Sofie’s routines are a treat that inspire.

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