Why Is Thor Ramsey One of the Most Recognized Names in Christian Comedy

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Written by Tim Grable

September 8, 2017


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Finding the perfect venue for entertainment for an event is a time-consuming hassle. The entertainer that one chooses needs to deliver the highest quality performance for maximum entertainment value. Audiences enjoy the most entertaining shows involving artists who interact with the audience members. When it comes to this type of performance involving audience participation, comedian Thor Ramsey is top of the list.

Thor has managed to build a strong reputation as one of the most loved and most successful Christian comedians on the entertainment scene right now.

How did he manage to stand out among others and differentiate himself as one of the best in the Christian Comedy? You will find the answer right here in this article, so keep on reading.

Extensive Experience as a Christian Comedian

Thor started his career three decades ago! Since he was in high school, Ramsey had this idea in his mind that he might one day be a comedian.

He always loved to encourage people through the gift of laughter, and even back then, he was pretty good at it.

It was a high school friend who encouraged him to follow his dreams and pursue a career as an entertainer.

Since then, Ramsey has performed in numerous comedy clubs and churches across the country. He has also attended other types of events like:

  • Festivals such as the Spirit West Coast in Monterey, California and the J-Fest, Chattanooga, TN.
  • Conferences: National Pastor’s Conference – San Diego, CA, Celebrate Your Marriage – Fort Wayne, IN; Mackinaw Island, MI
  • Special Events and Tours like the Mason/Ramsey Comedy Expedition—with  Taylor Mason

It took a lot of hard work and perseverance, yet slowly, but consistently, Ramsey built up a name for himself as a one of the best in Christian Comedy.Why Is Thor Ramsey One of the Most Recognized Names in Christian Comedy

Flexible, Easily Adaptable Act Which Everybody Will Love

Ramsey’s humor and unique style of comedy have the potential to reach a significant demographic.

So, no matter if your guests are parents with young children, 20-something year-olds or people well into their senior years, they will all have a great time watching Thor perform.

That is because he knows how to interact with the crowd to keep them in stitches throughout his act – which is one of the reasons he is managed to stay in the spotlight for no less than thirty years.

Naturally Funny Christian Comedy

Getting a good laugh in is the thing which matters most when watching a comedian – regardless of the style of comedy which best represents said entertainer.

Moreover, Thor Ramsey has this part covered. He is hysterically funny without resorting to foul language or possibly offending jokes.

So whether he is poking fun at married life, homeschooling or just everyday activities which everybody can relate to, he always leaves his audience laughing out loud with his:

  • Witty humor
  • Clever jokes
  • Natural charisma.

Finding the best entertainer for a special event can certainly be a struggle at times. There are many entertaining performers out there with a lot of different talents, and while many of them are excellent choices, what is right for one event may not always be right for another. When you are planning a special event—maybe a celebration or a getaway of some sort—you naturally want to make sure that you find the absolute best possible entertainment you can for your occasion. However, if you are looking for someone funny who can easily keep audiences entertained, then you should consider booking Thor.

Funny Thor Ramsey Christian Comedy Videos

Thor Ramsey - In Vitro Fertilization

Bringing the audience into his act, Ramsey works his comedic genius with the help of the crowd participants. His calm demeanor and energetic stage presence enhance his hilarious, sarcastic attitude and tone. He turns audience interaction into a sidesplitting string of funny scenarios and jokes. With this type of freestyle comedy, there is sure to be fresh new material at each of his shows. His kind of humor is perfect for some occasions or venues.

Thor Ramsey Revolution Comedy

Thor Ramsey is married with children, both of which he incorporates into his act. His ability to take daily occurrences and translate them into relatable and comedic situations will have all adults laughing at their children. He allows the audience a peek into his personal life and the struggles he has with being a parent. Whether or not the viewer has children, his stories are relatable, and his point of view is funny, honest, and to the point.

Thor Ramsey: Overreacting Wife

He not only shares his trials as a father, but Thor shares his views on having a successful marriage as well. With his sarcastic wit, he expels his feelings about his overreacting wife. Ramsey delivers his observations with the utmost sarcasm and genuine humor in these funny Thor Ramsey comedy videos.  This clip shows part of Thor’s routine in which he good-naturedly pokes fun at married life and at what it is like to take a drive with his wife. His casual delivery about awkward situations contrasts with his passionate, energetic use of voices and impressions, combining for a varied routine but a thoroughly entertaining act.

Mother's Day Comedy from Comedian Thor Ramsey

Thor uses his humor to point out things that perhaps we all see but do not pay attention to. One of his observations centers around Mother’s Day. His comic insights on holidays and love will have the audience rolling in the aisles.

In this Mother’s Day comedy clip, Thor comments on Mother’s Day cards and how over-the-top some can be. “Happy Mother’s Day TO THE MOST WONDERFUL MOTHER IN THE WORLD!” Why aren’t the cards just a bit more honest?

Thor proves that you can have a crowd rolling on the floor laughing, using Mother’s Day comedy, without using any crude jokes and curse words. He’s able to make fun of himself while making you feel good about yourself. His stand-up comedy is the perfect family material. Too many comics nowadays fall back on an offensive brand of humor. They use boorish concepts and sexual innuendos to become popular. Audiences should feel comfortable bringing children to a comedy show without having to worry about covering their ears the entire time. Thor is fun for the whole family. He shows how easy it is to keep humor light-hearted and fun. He even pokes a little fun at Christianity without being offensive at all, and his fans laugh right along with him.

The Mighty Thor Ramsey – Mighty Funny Christian Comedian, That Is

We all share certain life experiences and similarities. Not all of which are good, not all are bad, and some are just strange. Thor uses his audience and his life experiences to deliver his sarcastically funny observations of the things that happen to him. These popular comedy videos are the comedic way to look at the common hurdles facing everyone.

If you want to get a better sense of his act and style of comedy, take a look at his performance in the video below where he shares his hilarious take on visiting a Victoria’s Secret store.

Thor Ramsey on Victoria's Secret

Thor uses his sarcastic perspective and wit to poke fun at pieces of ordinary life, such as greeting cards and the social customs behind wedding invitations. Thor’s wild gestures and exaggerated expressions add to the humor of his punchline and bring about quite a few laughs from his audience.

Thor Ramsey - Reality of Life and Love

In this clip, Thor satirizes everyday situations, such as marriage and our society’s concepts of romance, using amusing examples and scenarios. Thor’s accurate descriptions of life’s awkward moments contrast ironically with our flowery, perfect pictures of what ideal marriage should be, creating hilarious mental images and resulting in many laughs.

Comedian Thor Ramsey on Valentines Day

Thor talks about Valentine’s Day in this clip, evoking lots of laughter by using an energetic delivery combined with everyday experiences that resonate with many of his viewers. His comical punchlines, skillful timing, and creative sense of humor shows through in this performance to the amusement of his entire audience.

Clean Comedy Thor Ramsey -Closing Time

Thor talks about his experiences with eating out and the comical reactions that tend to ensue from going into a store right as it is about to close. His sounds and impressions add humor to the already funny material. Audiences will find his funny stories relatable.

Thor Ramsey: Have a Twinkie for Jesus

Comedian Thor Ramsey explains why Christians should live life a bit and step out on faith to enjoy a creme-filled yellow snack cake that was one of the central plot devices in the Woody Haralson cult comedy movie “Zombieland.”

“Have a Twinkie for Jesus!” Ramsey exhorts in this short clip from one of his on-stage performances. This 30-second clip uses belly-laughter humor to wrap a short message of salvation. Ramsey pokes gentle fun at Christians in this bit while telling them not to be quite so uptight at the same time.

Ramsey has authored two books and takes his laughter-packed inspirational show around the country regularly. His DVD “Thou Shalt Laugh” is listed as a best seller.

Want Thor Ramsey at Your Next Event?

Entertainers are generally in high demand, so if you think he might be the right performer for your upcoming event, it is best not to wait any longer.

The easiest way to ensure he will be able to attend your special occasion is by getting in touch with us right away.

One way to reach us is by giving us a call at 1-615-283-0039 as soon as possibleAlternatively, you can fill out your information and give us more details about your event using this short form online.

Either way, we will be happy to hear from you.

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