How To Make Your Corporate Event Click With Your Guests

Larry Weaver

Written by Tim Grable

May 30, 2019

Finding new and exciting ideas to entertain the guests at your corporate event can be a difficult task. If your employees have a wide age range or come from a diverse background, it might help to find something that will raise the most heads.

It is quite a drudge to get a large number of people to be invested in your event, and we understand that.

Trying to please an audience can be difficult and needs to be done in good taste. Depending on how it is handled, it can either make or break your event.

In that case, we believe you should handle the entertainment aspect with care, and we might have an idea on how you could do so.

We’ll go ahead and suggest a few ideas you can put into practice to get people involved in your event and be more receptive to the message you are trying to send.

1. Careful Planning Is the Key to Success

The event planning business is always a rushed one. That is why it helps to prepare your ideas and cover all your bases in advance.

When planning your corporate event, take note of the following:

  • The purpose of the event – Are you organizing an event to reinforce corporate partnerships? Alternatively, are you just giving thanks to your employees for a job well done?
  • Ways to improve company image – While you should keep your workers in mind at all times, that does not mean you cannot improve your business’s standing in the eyes of the public. Take the time to advertise properly and promote the event you are organizing because it will bring good publicity.
  • Social media is the way to go – Your guests will most likely Tweet or post on Facebook during the event. Why not start your event page where attendees can leave their responses? It can be the quickest method of gathering the attention of potential business partners.

2. Everybody Likes to Come on Stage

Often, the corporate entertainment segment during at an event boils down to an artist walking up on stage and performing to an inert crowd. While this has its charm, it misses out on the opportunity to create memorable moments.

If that’s the case, then how do you get people more interested in what’s going on? You make them part of the performance!

How To Make Your Corporate Event Click With Your Guests

There are many things you can do to get the crowd pumping, but we have found that comedy and magic have the most significant effect.

You can organize a magic show, where members of the audience can volunteer to allow the magician to perform tricks on them.

To help you turn this concept into a reality, we suggest hiring The Evasons. They’re a mind-reading duo that performs mind games which bring everyone in the audience hall together!

3. Comedy on the Go!

What often ruins people’s impression of a corporate event is the expectation of formality – which is quite far from the truth.

Corporate parties, meetings, galas, or banquets don’t need to have a somber tone. They can be entertaining, interactive, and still, serve their intended purpose without coming off as corny.

mic, speaker

For situations like these, we can suggest organizing a clean comedy show. Notably, a stand-up comedy event, which sees the most audience involvement.

If you are on a budget, a simple comedy act might be enough to elevate your employees’ spirits. However, how do you find a comedian who fits everyone’s taste? By getting one that’s tried and tested, of course!

Tim Clue is the perfect comedian for such an event. He is a master of stand-up comedy and even more gifted when it comes to making jokes on the spot. So he often goes on to ask the audience for input.

Stand-up acts such as those of Tom Cotter or Jim Gaffigan are based on improvisation and interacting with the public. What better way to please your audience than by having the comedian get to know them?

Besides being the easiest way to entertain a crowd, you can also get your entertainer to promote your corporate message.

4. Live Bands and MCs

It’s impossible to search for ways to spur audience involvement and not think of music. It is the quintessential part of any entertainment event.

It can affect people’s moods and perceptions, which you can use to set up the mood for your special event.

music, words

And what better way to get people engaged than through the power of live music?

Here, you can look into hiring bands and musicians who can play the music your audience wants to hear.

5. A Unique Corporate Event Experience

In the end, the whole business of event planning is about creating a unique experience that will leave a lasting impact on your crew.

What if some of your employees choose to leave your company to pursue other ends? Any manager would prefer it if their former workers have only good things to say about their business culture.

Paint them a picture of a magnificent time. We mean that in the literal sense. Live painters such as Heidi Schwartz can bring artistic meaning to an important event. Because of the versatility of such an act, it can be used for almost any type of event without feeling out of place.

heidi schwartz live painting

6. Have Fun in the Process

Being all serious about an event is easy.  But make sure you are also planning something fun for you as well.  After all, you are still part of the company. If you are not projecting energy and excitement for the event, what makes you think your attendees will have an excellent time?

How To Turn Your Corporate Event Into An Entertaining Experience

Every corporate meeting planner should look for ways to improve their previous efforts. This prevents your events from becoming stale and allows them to grow, by generating interest and attracting new audiences.

A sure-fire way to make your events more coveted by people is to make them more entertaining. This way, people will look forward to your event for the entertainment factor.

So if you manage to spice up the experience a bit, then you’ll surely win the audience’s hearts and gain great respect for your brand.

If this sounds too hard to achieve or if you are not sold on the idea, then we’d like to change your mind. In this case, be sure to keep on reading, and you surely will learn a thing or two from this article.

What a Corporate Event Truly Needs

If you want your event to turn out flawless, then you’re going to need someone to bring some liveliness to it. Also, if you’re going to provide the most authentic experience for your guests, you will need the help of professionals to provide the entertainment.

Professional entertainers have what it takes to put on an incredible show, and they know what’s necessary to elevate your event and turn it into a wonderful experience.

From the many options you might have, we have narrowed them down to a list of 3 corporate entertainers you need to check out.

1. Larry Weaver

Send a positive message which elicits creativity and motivation with the help of Larry Weaver. He is a corporate speaker who addresses issues every employee can encounter at the workplace.

With his help, your guests will surely learn a lot about how to be more creative and how creativity can help them achieve better results and stay motivated.

Besides being a motivational speaker, Larry is also a great comedian. He can present your guests with some of the funniest stories they’ll ever get to hear.

Larry Weaver, Corporate Event

2. Robb Overholt

Robb Overholt is a well-established corporate speaker who is part musician, part comedian.

He offers a unique combination of comedy and music, which will make your guests enjoy every minute of his performance.

Robb’s shows are not only filled with incredible music and a fun atmosphere, but your guests can also acquire much knowledge from him.

His experience in corporate matters is unmatched, and whether he’s presenting in front of a small private group or a large hall, everyone will enjoy his show.

Robb Overholt

3. Dheeraj Madhuranjan

Dheeraj is the expert every corporate event organizer should put on the line-up. He’s a master at telling stories filled with substantial information your guests can assimilate and apply them to their day-to-day activities.

Besides having a knack for storytelling, he is also an incredible comedian. His sense of humor is sharp and straight to the point – your guests will be laughing throughout his whole set.

Dheeraj Madhuranjan

Raise the Bar at Your Corporate Event

If you want your event’s entertainment to be handled with care and with high production value, you better leave it to the professionals.

They know how to engage with a crowd and what exactly to deliver to get the best response out of it.  The entertainers featured in this article are the perfect solution for all your entertainment needs.

In that case, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to book the performers featured in this article.  If you’d like to book them for an upcoming corporate event, you can get in touch with The Grable Group online or call us right away at 615-283-0039.

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