How to Turn a Corporate Event into an Entertaining Experience

Bill Stainton, comedy, entertainment

Written by Tim Grable

October 25, 2018

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Who said that a corporate event couldn’t be an entertaining experience, right? The key to adding the fun factor to this type of event is to put a little bit more thought and effort into organizing exciting extra activities.

You see, the reality is that team buildings and meetings can end up being rigid and bland. So, to revitalize your team’s expectation of these types of events, a bit of variety is in order.

So what you can do in this case is to add something truly special to the event’s program. Something that your attendants can look forward to.

If this idea rings a bell with you, then be sure to keep on reading this article. We have a few suggestions that will make people more excited about attending your events.

1. Organize a Workshop

When planned right, a workshop can be an excellent way to make a corporate event more exciting. It can make a significant difference depending on how you organize it.

During this workshop, you can focus on group activities, allowing participants to spend time interacting with each other.

How to Turn a Corporate Event into an Entertaining Experience

You can organize a group activity for brainstorming new ideas and goals for the future year or maybe strategies on how to deal with certain business-scenarios.

If you want to take things to the next level, get an expert on board, someone with experience in holding a workshop that is both entertaining and educational.

Chip Eichelberger is the best man you can hire for these services. He is a business expert with many years of experience to back him up. What Chip can do for the attendants is to provide training sessions which will teach them how they can be on top of their game at all times.

2. Include a Concert

You can never go wrong with high-quality music. Also, organizing a concert is precisely the type of activity which will heighten people’s interest in your corporate event.

The concert can be set as a highlight of the evening. You can even set it as a headlining act in the event’s program.


If you’re planning to go ahead with organizing the concert, the first things that you have to get out of the way are the logistics. Getting a stage set or booking a more prominent venue must be handled diligently.

Afterward, once the stage is set, you can look into hiring a performer that is bound to rock the audience.

Spags is an electric violinist who will energize the attendants. She is the perfect choice for adding a dose of entertainment, class, and elegance to your corporate event.

3. Hire a Comedian

An idea that shouldn’t be scoffed at is hiring a comedian and focus purely on providing unhinged entertainment for your audience.

So contrary to what some may believe, a comedy show can also serve as a learning experience. Many comedians tackle topics that have much substance and allow for a meaningful discussion to be had about them.

Bill Stainton, comedy, entertainment

Bill Stainton blends comedy with valuable lessons about business and leadership, making him the perfect choice for your event. By hiring Bill, you can expect a comedy show of gigantic proportions.

Find the Right Performer for Your Corporate Event

Hiring a performer can raise the entertainment level of your event to eleven. So, don’t miss the opportunity to offer the audience an experience that they can look forward to in excitement.

If you are interested in booking the best talent for your event call 615 283 0039 and we will gladly help you!

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