Do you want to plan a virtual dance party or add live music to your online event?


virtual dance party is a great way to add live music to your online program using a virtual music act or virtual DJ. When you book a Celebrity DJ like D-Nice, Diplo, Nick Waterhouse, Ryan Heffington, Tory Lanez, Mark Kanemura or Questlove your virtual event turns into an exclusive dance party.


Are You Interested in Booking a Virtual Dance Party?

Looking For The Best Virtual DJ’s?

DJ 2nd Nature

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2ndNature’s unique ability to craft inventive, dynamic multimedia mashups that are as entertaining as they are relevant has led to several collaborations with some of the world’s biggest brands. DJ 2nd Nature creates production-only videos that are centered around the theme of your virtual meeting or digital event. Brett researches carefully selected keywords to drive the story for your client -creating compelling and high-energy videos. He combines modern pop and dance music, film and television clips, and sales-focused messaging to create dynamic openings and interstitial presenter play-ons, all live on stage. From open to closing and at every transitional moment in between, he anchors the flow while bringing an undeniable spark that turns a meeting into a thrilling, sense-filling media experience. 2ndNature has more than 25 years of experience as a DJ, VJ, and audio+ visual producer, and has been featured on the cover of DJ Times, featured in DJ Mag for world’s best VJs, and was an International demonstrator and product developer for Pioneer Pro DJ. He has a film and Sound Degree and worked for Turner Broadcast for 10 years.

Virtual DJ Dance Party

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TV Show Warm-up Host CoryLive and Radio Personality Tera Bonilla bring you their Virtual Dance Party! Straight from their home to yours. Lift your client’s and employee’s spirits with music, shout-outs, song requests, and fun. Tera and Cory have performed in the corporate industry for 20 years and have created a new platform to share their contagious energy!

The Dueling DJ’s

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The Dueling DJ’s is an interactive, energetic and engaging live performance where the crowd becomes the main attraction! By utilizing social media, The Dueling DJ’s puts the power of picking the next track into the hands of the party-goers. This incredible experience is the brainchild of DJ CoryLive from American Idol, The Voice and Dancing with the Stars. Our DJ’s have shared the stage with the likes of Pitbull, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Katy Perry, Usher, Cee-Lo Green, Lenny Kravitz, Luke Bryan, One Republic and have performed at the Super Bowl, The Emmy Awards and Oscars’ Governors’ Balls along with traveling the globe entertaining crowds on almost every continent!

Bring the Virtual Dueling DJ’s right into your client’s or employees’ homes. Have a super fun interactive night with our incredibly talented DJ’s. It will be easy to access and you can send company or family shout outs and song requests right on the live chat! We can create a fun party right in the living room. Family-friendly music with some of LA’s Top DJ’s hyping it up!

DJ Drums

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DJ Drums is one of the most sought-after acts in the Special Event Industry. This virtual music alternative is a high energy performance duo that blurs the line between a traditional DJ and a live band.  This live entertainment duo has entertained audiences from Dubai to Austin to Los Angeles to New York.  They’ve been featured on Disney Cruise lines, and in some of the nicest restaurants in the county.  Where DJ Drums separates themselves from other live entertainment is their ability to customize and cater to clients’ needs.  This DJ drummer combo can play a cocktail hour, with live piano and vocals just as easily as they can energize a virtual dance party.  

DJ Cory Live

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Cory “Live” Almeida is the host of the Emmy nominated, “Pictureka!” A family game show which airs on “The Hub”, was flown to Hong Kong to host the pilot “Bizarre Comfort Foods” for the Discovery Channel. And is fresh off the set of hosting uAngel’s “Television Today.” He has worked on some of the most prestigious shows and been a part of some of the most A-List events including the “Glee Season Premiere Event” and the “FOX Fall Premiere Party” where he reported live from the red carpet for Cory is the current Warmup Host & DJ for “Dancing with the Stars,” “The Voice,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” “America’s Got Talent” and the Grand Daddy of em all…”American Idol!” He has Emceed events for DirecTV, Disney Red Carpet Premieres, AT&T and Apple Computers Inc., just to name a few. He was the featured cover story of Pro Sound and Stage magazine. Cory Almeida is versatile, charming and a consummate professional. So the next time you turn on your TV, look for the guy on the mic, in front of the crowd, or behind the turntables, chances are it’ll be…Cory Almeida!

Are You Interested in Booking a DJ for Your Virtual Event?

How to Use a Virtual Dance Party

Virtual Cocktail Hour

Add something memorable to your next virtual social gathering with a virtual concert. Perfect as a cap-off to a full-day online event, or a special event for clients or colleagues to build relationships.

Meeting Opener

Kick-off your video conference call with live music that energizes and inspires your virtual audience.

Event Highlight

Showcase Headline musicians as one of the high-points of your event and get people excited to attend.


Add moments of fun and energy with live music in between speaker sessions. 

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