Do you want to maximize the impact of your online event?


Do you want to hire the best virtual hosts and virtual event emcee (MC) who has the necessary experience to captivate your virtual attendees in a way that will create real connections and maximize the impact of your event.  The success of your event depends on your virtual emcee’s ability to energize and inspire your guests, while also ensuring that communicated messages are clear and compelling.

Do You Need a Virtual Emcee for Your Event?

Are You Planning a Virtual Meeting and Need A Host?

Marvelless Mark

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Mark Kamp®, aka Marvelless Mark® is the perfect choice to emcee your meeting, corporate event, or Awards Ceremony. Mark has hosted every type of corporate conference, corporate event, general sessions, awards banquets, and game shows

With over fifteen years of emceeing, hosting, and performing experience Mark is prepared to handle any situation that may arise at a live event. You cannot put a price on experience or your piece of mind having a true professional driving the show.

As an international touring emcee, host, and Las Vegas headliner, Mark has introduced, interviewed, or performed with comedians, rock stars, and celebrities such as Rudy Giuliani, General Colin Powell, Captain Chesley Sullenberger, Jay Leno, Martin Short, Terry Bradshaw, B-52s, Faith Hill, Huey Lewis and more.

Marty Simpson

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Marty Simpson distinguishes himself from other emcees and virtual hosts by combining virtual "crowd-work" and impressively quick-on-his-feet ad-libs with tons of his tried and true stage material which creates a one-of-a-kind experience that feels truly customized for your event.

He is comfortable performing for large Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses, nonprofits, and even private family gatherings. No matter the size, your virtual event is guaranteed to be entertaining, customized, and memorable.

Chuck Dukas

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Chuck Dukas has worked throughout the U.S and Canada for clients such as Disney, Stand Up to Cancer, Verizon, Verico, Massage Envy, Napa Auto Parts , CA State Lottery and dozens more. He’s hosted business conferences, award nights and game shows for clients, that seek the perfect combination of personality and experience. With over 15 years as an emcee and a background of working for the top television networks as an audience warmup host, Chuck has been a go to for many clients. Whether its hosting a game show or delivering an opening monologue, Chuck is committed to working with every client to make sure they are 100% completely satisfied.

Joshua Seth

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With 20 years of Hollywood TV production experience, hundreds of corporate events as a headline entertainer, and as the voice of over 100 animated TV shows and movies, Joshua has a unique set of skills. As the host of your virtual or hybrid conference Joshua will ensure that your attendees are entertained, engaged, and informed throughout your event.

What exactly can Joshua do for you as your Virtual / Hybrid Emcee?

  • Start your event out like a morning TV show with jokes, banter, and instant engagement
  • Keep the momentum going in between presenters with interactive magic routines, engaging contests, and fun
  • Professionally introduce your presenters (Joshua's been in broadcasting for 20 years
  • Interview your executives or speakers and moderate Q&As (which takes a lot of the pressure off of them)
  • Increase engagement throughout the event by responding to app-based comments in real-time
  • Tie everything together as a unifying presence across multiple speakers and content segments
  • Jump in and keep the meeting on track whenever there are technical issues, maintaining engagement while mics and connections are reset.

Jeff Civillco

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Jeff Civillico is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Online Event

#1 He has the Experience.

Jeff has hosted 100+ virtual events since March 2020 for companies including Nestle, Entrepreneurs Organization, Success Group International, and The American Heart Association.

#2 He has the Talent and the Energy.

Jeff has 90 minutes of clean comedy material from his award-winning Las Vegas Headline Show that he can draw on to keep your attendees engaged and entertained.  This makes him one of the Best Virtual Hosts.

#3 He comes with his own Studio and Production Crew.

Jeff films/streams all of his Virtual Events from Show Creators Studios in Las Vegas and can accommodate ALL your virtual Livestream and pre-recorded production needs.

Download Getting started with Jeff Civillico as your Virtual Event Entertainment.


Amy McWhirter

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Amy McWhirter is a professional event emcee renowned for her warmly inviting, soulful energy that inspires audiences to connect and act.

She helps audiences get to the heart of every session at live on-stage, in-studio, hybrid, and virtual events with her laser in-the-moment focus, graceful improvisation, and contagious effervescence. Amy emphasizes critical points from speakers and themes, creating continuity, cohesion, and driving deeper audience engagement.

Drawing from years of experience as MC, TV, and on-camera host, moderator, and corporate presenter in technology, healthcare, manufacturing, defense, finance, and more, Amy makes complex material conversational, improvising with humor and grace.  Improv comedy experience adds to her ability to flow with the changing variables of live events. She's a super quick study with a Bachelor of Science with Honors pre-med from the University of Michigan.

Her clientele spans large corporations like Honeywell, Salesforce, BMC, Whirlpool Corporation, Anaplan, Argenx, Leidos, Infosys, Elekta Medical, galas by Fierce Marketing and Executive Platforms, associations like Credit Union Executives Society and IKAA, and household names including Maytag, Cadillac, Owens Corning, Samsung, Cardinal Health.

Pietro Polidori

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  • Pietro Polidori manages to turn the simple presentation of products and brands into an exciting and memorable experience for spectators.
  • He hits the right note right away and knows how to engage people – whether as a trade fair presenter, event presenter, or TV presenter.
  • Pietro Polidori always knows what he is talking about – he accurately studies every topic before a digital or hybrid event, a web TV show, or a Livestream and then convinces as a presenter with remarkable know-how.
  • He always appears confident, well-groomed, and likable.
  • Pietro Polidori’s language skills – he fluently speaks English, German, Italian, French and Spanish, meaning that with him you can directly and individually address different markets and target groups.

Cameron Zvara

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Don’t Stress About Your Upcoming Virtual Event! We Have You Covered!

What’s Included

  • A clear mind as Cameron moves your event along seamlessly

  • An interactive performance your attendees will LOVE

  • Cameron’s advice & recommendations when planning a virtual event

Cameron Zvara is flexible & willing to work with you in order to make your Virtual Event a Success!

Cory Almeida

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Cory "Live" Almeida is one of the Best Live Emcees and Virtual Event Hosts and the host of the Emmy nominated, "Pictureka!" A family game show which airs on "The Hub", was flown to Hong Kong to host the pilot "Bizarre Comfort Foods" for the Discovery Channel. And is fresh off the set of hosting uAngel’s "Television Today." He has worked on some of the most prestigious shows and been a part of some of the most A-List events including the "Glee Season Premiere Event" and the "FOX Fall Premiere Party" where he reported live from the red carpet for Cory is the current Warmup Host & DJ for "Dancing with the Stars," "The Voice," "So You Think You Can Dance," "America’s Got Talent" and the Grand Daddy of em all…" American Idol!" He has Emceed events for DirecTV, Disney Red Carpet Premieres, AT&T, and Apple Computers Inc., just to name a few. He was the featured cover story of Pro Sound and Stage magazine. Cory Almeida is versatile, charming, and a consummate professional. So the next time you turn on your TV, look for the guy on the mic, in front of the crowd, or behind the turntables, chances are it’ll be…Cory Almeida!

Alex Ranahan

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The virtual host is the life-blood of a virtual event. If they don’t have the energy, the specific communication skills, organic personality, or they can’t read the demographic and attune their approach accordingly then you’ve just lost business.

From years of performance, comedy producing expertise, professional workshop creation, and facilitation skill sets, and up-to-date video communication wizardry, Alex Ranahan knows just how much it takes to transcend an audience out of their “here’s-another-Zoom-call” slouch and into total engagement and electrifying excitement! Lift them out of the box to a place that totally rocks!

Greg Schwem

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A good emcee needs to multitask. He must keep the event moving, be adept at improvisation and work efficiently with all participants on stage. Greg Schwem has hosted everything from a one-hour awards ceremony for 200 BAE Systems engineers to a three-day conference for 6,000 McDonald’s restaurant managers, to a virtual webinar for IBM customers. He is equally at ease chatting with a company CEO live on stage, pronouncing (correctly) the names of awards recipients, or conducting humorous on-camera interviews with meeting attendees.

Thom Singer

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Emcee / Master of Ceremonies – Virtual, Hybrid, In-Person Events. Add interviews from your EmCee with your speakers and other experts and engage the audience. Thom Singer has conducted over 1000 professional interviews as a podcast host and EmCee. Ask him about how in-depth interviews make a difference over talking heads over PowerPoint.

Bruce Voge

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Besides being a recurring guest on the On Board Games podcast Bruce is the Moderator, Editor, and Producer of the Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast (a podcast about party games and games you take to parties) and the host of The Just Barely Sports Podcast with the Minor League Geek.  In this work life, Bruce is a DJ, MC, Trivia Host and all-around entertainer. 

Do You Need the Best Virtual Hosts?

How to Use A Virtual Host for an Online Event


Include a Virtual Host in your online meeting with an emcee that incorporates your theme and energizes attendees.


Hire high-energy entertainment to prerecorded your online event in advance at a studio with a green screen.


Prerecord a portion of your virtual entertainment and add a live Q/A or introduction to your virtual program.

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