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What makes a great corporate comedian? Well, being funny helps, of course! However, beyond that, corporate comedians need a particular set of skills to provide the entertainment their clients want.

Four Things That Make Corporate Comedians Great

Corporate Clean material. What works in a comedy club, where people expect to be shocked, won’t work in a corporate environment. Corporate Comedians are guests of their employer, and that comes with responsibilities. Even when they are letting their hair down and relaxing, corporate audiences expect a certain level of professionalism.

A rude or tasteless comedian can even cost the company business if valuable customers or vendors are attending the event. A comedian who cannot be funny without the proverbial Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television may not be asked back — but a Corporate comedian who can clean up, so to speak, in corporate work!

Willingness to learn. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all set. The best corporate comedians put in the work to learn about their client’s business and the people involved and tailor their material to match. Moreover, a corporate comedy client is likely to have their requirements, so a great corporate comedian needs flexibility, a willingness to listen, and if all else fails, the ability to improvise.

Sure it might be hard to write jokes about PVC plumbing or life insurance. However, making it personal for the corporate audience makes the performance so much more compelling and memorable than a bunch of jokes you could hear anywhere.

The ability to keep the entertainment coming at a steady pace. One of the drawbacks of a corporate environment for a comedian is that if you lose the audience’s interest, they can tune you out to chat with each other or, worse, start checking their phones. Once that happens, the comedian might as well be performing to an empty room. Moreover, the employer who shells out for a corporate comedian and gets only disinterested employees is unlikely to be pleased.

So a corporate comedian has to be ready to grab the audience’s attention right away and hold on to it every minute of the set — without burning out. This doesn’t mean having to be loud or overwhelming. The comedian just can’t give the audience’s attention a chance to wander. The preparation, discipline, and flexibility to quickly switch tracks if a joke isn’t working is vital here.

The ability to inspire. Corporate comedy isn’t just about providing a few laughs at the office party. Done well, it helps workers find the funny side of what they do every day and reminds them of what’s important about their jobs. Moreover, that, in turn, can reduce stress and make them happier at their work. Moreover, there’s nothing like sharing laughter to reduce tension and bring an office together!

Book the Best Corporate Comedians

Of course, these four skills are just the start for a successful corporate comedian. However, the comedian who masters them will be well on the way to success in an exciting field. Moreover, the employer who looks for these skills before hiring a Corporate comedian is much more likely to find a performer who will liven up that office party, trade show, or presentation!

Hire top Corporate Comedians for your Event

Corporate comedians must be able to do one thing and do it well: they have to be funny while delivering a responsible show. That should have no impact on the funny factor. Jokes are jokes, and funny does not have to include vulgar language, situations, or gestures. Comedy is a great entertainment option for corporate events.

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