The Beginner’s Guide to Organizing a Charity Event That’s Successful

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Written by Tim Grable

October 12, 2017

When organizing a charity event certain goals that must be achieved. These and the happiness of your guests are your most important objectives.

However, nobody said that a successful charity event is an easy task. Still, with the right knowledge, you might not end up dealing with too much of a hassle.

How? Well, just read on to get useful insights on how to organize such an event for the first time. We will help with the guidelines you need to follow to achieve your goals. You will learn how you can ensure your guests have a good time as well.

Here’s What You Need to Establish

The Beginner's Guide to Organizing a Charity Event That is Successful

Before the event, you will need to establish some of the vital aspects. These will ensure the actual organization of your event.

Well, here’s what you need:

  • A budget
  • A theme
  • S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-defined)
  • A location
  • A target audience
  • Entertainment

Deciding on the aspects mentioned above will make the entire process a lot easier. Additionally, you could get a checklist to help you manage them a lot better. We have actually written about this topic already, and you should read the full article here.

Organizing a Charity Event – Entertainment Choices

Your entertainment of choice is probably as important as finding the right location. It can determine the number of guests that show up. It will brighten their night and make sure they have an enjoyable time.

However, if your entertainment of choice is not the right one, you may end up without any guests at all. For example, if you will hire a stand-up comedian, some of his/her jokes might offend the audience.

That is why it is best to stay safe. If you are looking for:

Promote Your Event as Much as Possible

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Organizing a charity event could be in vain without marketing. It would be a shame for all your efforts to go to waste. Just because you are planning efficiently doesn’t mean guests will show up.

If you are short on money and need to stick to a tight budget, social media networks might be the right choice. Come up with a great message that is engaging, and you will see people lining up for your event.

Additionally, you should look for media partners in your area that would promote your charity event without asking for money.

How to Leverage Social Media When Organizing a Charity Event

Any charity event aims to gather as many people as possible to raise money for the organization.

The cause you are fighting for relies on the abilities you have when it comes to organizing a charity event. Nowadays, traditional event promotion is no longer sufficient.

For best results, you also have to promote it online.

If used right, social media can be an excellent ally and enhance your efforts to promote the next fundraising. 

Read on if you would like to learn more.

How to Leverage Social Media When Organizing a Charity Event

Use Each Social Channel in a Unique Way

Social media incorporates multiple social platforms, and each one of them has its particularities.

The first thing to learn is how each social channel works and their particular rules. While you are organizing a charity event, try to experiment. Post related content on several social platforms.

This exercise will help you understand which platform gets you the most engagement. This way, you can focus more on that particular platform for the rest of your campaign. Moreover, you will know where to promote your next events.

Create a Hashtag for Your Charity Event

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with #.

The hashtag is not hard to create, and it is an excellent way to promote your cause efficiently. Hashtags allow users to relate easier to a particular topic of interest.

If you promote your event via Twitter, an event hashtag will keep everyone informed.

Using a hashtag while organizing a charity event requires particular attention to details like:

  • Size. Try to create a shorter hashtag that is easy to remember and use.
  • Originality. You have to come up with a unique hashtag idea. Again, this will make your event easily recognizable.
  • Relevancy. Don’t use more than one hashtag per event to avoid confusion.

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Involve Donors in Organizing a Charity Event

Your guests will feel more welcome to your event if they somehow contributed to it. They will be willing to invest more in something they helped build.

Organizing a non-profit event using social media is both fun and engaging. There are plenty of ways to get donors involved. You can ask for their opinions and suggestions regarding:

  • The venue
  • The date
  • The entertainment

Facebook questions are an excellent way to increase awareness and get people closer to your cause.

Use the Ask Questions feature to trigger donors’ interest and find out more about their perspective.

They are more likely to attend a charity event if it was customized according to their preferences.

Showcase the Highlights of the Event

Your job is not over once the event comes to an end. Your goal is to keep everyone connected. So post photos and comments about your event. Everyone will be curious to see how it went.

Showcase the best moments. If you have booked an experienced entertainer like Robert Channing for the night, these moments will be in high supply.

Also, don’t forget to mention the outcome of the event. Thank everyone for participating and donating. Tell them how important their contribution is and where will the money go.

Finally, encourage sharing to draw in more donors. Take advantage of your success to leverage your next endeavor.

Get a Contingency Plan, Stay Focused, Relax, And Say “Thank You!”

If you are doing this for the first time, there is a chance things could go wrong. So, having a plan B is a great asset. Plus, it is what professionals do.

Organizing a charity event requires much work and puts you under much stress. However, when the big day comes, only stay focused and relax. You have done a good job planning ahead, so there is no reason to keep worrying.

When all’s said and done, and the event turned out to be a real success, don’t forget to say “Thank you!” Chances are you will be organizing another similar event next year, and you will surely want all your guests to attend again.

How to Create a Strategy when Organizing a Charity Event

As someone who is organizing a charity event, the element of surprise can be one of the most powerful tools you have to create a memorable and engaging experience.

That is unless you are the one being taken by surprise.

An incomplete script of the event, a caterer who did not get paid, a false assessment of available resources. These are all slips which can compromise your efforts to raise funds for your organization.

You cannot afford to make decisions on a whim when putting together a fundraiser.

Instead, it is best to have a detailed strategy in place for your event, which will significantly increase the chances of it being a success.

How to Create a Strategy when Organizing a Charity Event

The question now is: What exactly does a strategic charity event plan entail? Read on, and you will get your answer.

Goals Are Essential when Organizing a Charity Event

An effective fundraiser strategy starts with setting the right goals. They provide focus and motivation and help you stay on track.

Now, your organization is likely to have a set of objectives. However, it is important to further refine them for each event you plan.

SHARP is an acronym you can use to set the best goals:

  • Specific: General goals do not provide enough direction. Your goals should be well-defined and clear.
  • Highly-measurable: You need quantifiable outcomes (such as a sum of money, an increase in the number of donors) to understand what works and what doesn’t.
  • Actionable: This means your goal can be achieved through actions.
  • Realistic: Your goals should be both ambitious and attainable. Take your organization’s financial structure and ability to generate donations into account.
  • Purpose-driven: The goals should support the primary purpose of the strategy.  It can be anything from raising funds to increase awareness about your cause.

Take Your Organization’s Assets into Account

When organizing a charity event, your strategic plan is likely to be influenced by the assets your charity has at its disposal.

  • Human capital. This can include volunteers, board members and existing donors whom you know you can count on. Think of the best ways to activate the available human capital to support your fundraising plan.
  • Reputation. Trust plays a huge role in charities’ ability to raise funds. If your organization has managed to win public trust, you can use that to create new partnerships, get word-of-mouth, increase awareness and promotion.

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Don’t Forget about Entertainment

Entertainment is key to a successful event, so you should consider including it in your strategy as well.

The right speaker or artist can engage donors throughout the event. Also, he/she can convey your organization’s message and cause in a memorable way.

If you would like help picking the ideal entertainment for your next charity event, all you have to do is give us a call at 615-283-0039. We manage a wide array of speakers with plenty of experience in fundraising.

Your Turn

One of the main reasons to create a strategy when organizing a charity event is to find new ways to move your nonprofit forward.

So, you should always keep your eyes open for new windows of opportunity. Now that you have a better understanding of what goes into an event strategy, you are well on your way to planning a successful fundraiser.

For the best entertainers, get in touch with The Grable Group and learn more about the charity entertainment artists we represent.. We are a professional booking agency with years of experience under our belt. Working with us gets you access to a select pool of speakers and talents.

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