Company Event Ideas Your Guests Will Never See Coming: The Three Waiters

Written by Tim Grable

November 7, 2017

Being in charge of organizing corporate events can be quite demanding, especially considering you have to come up with fresh company event ideas all the time.

There’s no doubt that whoever is in charge of entertaining your audience needs to leave a positive yet remarkable imprint on them.

Have you found that person for your next event?

If not, we are here to give you a helping hand.

In this article, we are going to talk about a surprise act that is like no other.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Singing Waiters!

Yes, it is a peculiar name for an entertainment act, but we can assure you that it is one of the best ones you will ever see.

However, before we discover what their acts are all about, here are some interesting facts about The Three Waiters:

  • They are the most successful singing waiters act in the world for corporate events (but not exclusively).
  • They had over 11,000 shows in no more and no less than 85 countries.
  • They started out in 1998 in Sydney, Australia.
  • They perform a one-of-a-kind act.

How The Three Waiters's Act Can Wow Your Corporate Event

When was the last time your company event ideas really surprised your attendees?

Most event planners would rather stick to tried and tested arrangements:

  • Food and drink
  • A band or singer
  • Handing out freebies

And it’s understandable. If something works, don’t fix it, right? Unfortunately, there are only so many times you can use that tactic before it gets old.

People always want to experience new things. They just don’t know it yet.

But how do you do it in a way that doesn’t spoil the surprise? The answer is easy: you keep your guests in the dark about the whole thing.

Promise entertainment at your event, but never tell the attendees what it is. Then get the Three Waiters to blow their minds.

The impact of a headliner at a fraction of the price.

Imagine you’re at a nicely set up corporate gala. The food is just right, the drinks are cold, the venue is not crowded, and the air is not stuffy like everywhere else.

But where’s the entertainment? Out of all the company event ideas to forget, entertainment should not be one of them.

Suddenly, the waiter who brought you your wine a few minutes ago is on stage. He’s tapping on the glass with a little spoon to attract attention. What is he up to?

Out of nowhere, he starts singing opera. And two more waiters are joining in!? That wasn’t all left up to the group to improvise.

Unlike other ‘singing waiters’ shows, The Three Waiters is not slapstick or improvised.

The act is a planned hoax with a carefully written script perfected over thousands of performances.

How Is The Singing Waiters’ Act Different than Others?

The facts we briefly mentioned earlier do say a lot about the success of these performers.

Now, we are going to walk you through the concept of the show and what you can expect if you hire them for your corporate event.

First of all, The Three Waiters is not a deceiving name. They will pose as real waiters at your event. The guests will not even have a clue about what’s about to happen.

In the beginning, they will act as normal waiters. They will help the audience find their seats, serve drinks, being helpful and slowly becoming more and more visible.

They will manage to draw attention to them but in the most subtle way, by making a brief announcement, for example.

Here’s a sneak peek in the video below.

Then, the guests will be surprised when, out of the blue, the waiters start to sing. Not to mention they are incredible opera voice.

By the end of the show, The Three Waiters will make a reveal of the full act.

Just think about it: no one would expect from the waiters to be actual performers and be able to pull off such an incredible act.

The show ends with the guests waving napkins in the air and cheering.

Why is this act so successful? 

The concept is created so that it adds various elements to the show, such as humor, spontaneity, interaction with the audience.

Also, the actual performers play a critical role as well. They are carefully selected after an audition which tests more than their vocal capabilities.

For a performer to be part of The Three Waiters, they need to be dynamic, know a little bit of acting, be funny and pay attention to timing.

Why You Need The Three Waiters At Your Corporate Event

This unique act is scalable based on the size of your event. It is also suitable for any audience.

Speaking of audiences, are you also looking for someone that can read your guests?

Because of their extensive experience, The Three Waiters will know how to adapt to your audience’s reaction.

Deviate from Ordinary Company Event Ideas

As someone planning an event, you probably want your company event ideas to be memorable.

Get a multi-award winning act to surprise your guests.

The Three Waiters have astonished audiences in over 85 countries across 11,000 events.

The budget is also an important factor to consider. Not to mention the whole gig should be prepared on time for the big night.

If you get The Three Waiters, you can rest assured that’s all being taken care of. Your guests will be talking about your party for months to come.

With that out of your mind, you can take care of all the other aspects that need your attention.

For example, do you know who your attendees are? Not every age category enjoys the same things when it comes to entertainment.

The good news is that The Three Waiters are suitable for any demographic. That’s another thing you don’t have to worry about.

The Three Waiters – Because You Need a Home-run Right Now!

It’s time to stop organizing the same tired “drinks and music” party.

The Three Waiters can guarantee a grand time for anyone involved. Their humor and classically trained voices will enchant your audience.

Contact us today for the chance to have this brilliant group at your next event. Wow, your guests with surprise entertainment.

If you would like some more helpful tips on how to organize the best company party, check out the other blog articles on the subject.

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