Last-Minute Company Event Ideas Which Will Help You Avoid a Panic Attack


Written by Tim Grable

October 15, 2017

What would be the hardest-to-find company event ideas? Those you have to pull last-minute, we would say.

Regardless whether you are an experienced event planner or a human resource representative, the pressure of last-minute office parties or events is never easy to tackle.

With a last-minute event, you need to provide something you’d typically need a few months to prepare for. The venue, quality catering, music, entertainment – you need all these now, and you need them to work as planned.

Aside from seeking help from an entertainment booking agency, the first thing you need to have in check is an idea, so let’s not waste any more time and see the list of concepts we think have the potential of turning a rushed event into a well-rounded situation.

1. Piñata Craze

A last-minute party to help your workmates unwind in a fun way? Sign everyone in. Because everyone loves a good time playing a piñata game.

Last-Minute Company Event Ideas Which Will Help You Avoid a Panic Attack

The best part about this idea is it allows you to stuff the piñata with whatever you find fit. Confetti to start the party fun, sweets, personalized branded items, messages, appreciation gifts for every employee – there are lots of ways you could go about this. Not to mention, it can be put together in as much as one or two days.

This is especially fitted to a company anniversary – a good moment to offer signs of appreciation for the team.

2. Dress to Impress…the Camera

Usually, photo booths are a standalone item within an event.

However, what if you made them the center of your company event?

You can ask people to contribute to decoration so that the background would be representative of your company.

Not only that, but you can also set a theme for the whole event or have a chalkboard background each guest will be able to write whatever on.

This idea works great with last-minute events since it requires few resources you can fetch in a short time.

3. Entertainment No One Will See Coming

The oldest recipe in the entertainment industry is the surprise element. So having an entertainer, nobody sees coming will never fail you. This move will carry a kind of ‘shock value’ which will always be useful in getting participants in the mood.

However, what kind of acts fall into this category? Here are a few ideas:

  • Ventriloquists
  • Live visual art performances
  • Magic stand-up comedy
  • Mentalists

That said, it is best if you contact an entertainment booking agency to see what gigs are available within your area. They will be able to tell you precisely what performers will be able to come up with a last-minute act.

4. Fine Dining Taste-Off

If no other company event ideas do not seem to be lucrative solutions to your needs, here’s something you can get away with: a fine dining tasting. 

wine, dinner, table, cheese

Even though you are running out of time, you will surely find a catering company specialized on fine dining. Hire them and spread the word; people love new culinary challenges, so they will be looking forward to taking part in the event.

These Are Company Event Ideas to Be Bookmarked for Later

The 5 ideas we detailed above will always get you out of trouble if you are in a hurry. So make sure you store them somewhere safe to have a backup plan for future emergency situations.

At Grable Group, we will always strive to pick out the best entertainment available, so we would say you should also bookmark our page or subscribe to the newsletter to get tons of other materials aimed at event planning.

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