Why You Should Hire an Emcee for Your Virtual Events

Hire an Emcee Virtual Events

Written by Tim Grable

April 15, 2020

Virtual events have been getting more and more attention lately. And with this widespread adoption, people are concerned about the problem of audience engagement.

It takes a lot more effort to make an online event as gripping as a live one. For such a task, you will need the help of a virtual host, a professional who knows how to manage and work with an online viewer base.

If you have any burning curiosities and want to know more, then rest assured because we’ve got you covered.

In the following article, we will present to you the main reasons why you should hire an emcee for your upcoming virtual meeting.

Hire an Emcee for Your Virtual Events

The Master of Ceremonies Is the Virtual Event’s Caretaker

Right when the event starts, the virtual emcee’s role is to start the broadcast and greet the viewers. After this, the MC will usually give a brief overview of how the event will pan out and will introduce any of the guests who will be present.

Behind the curtains, the host works with the speakers or entertainers to help them kick-off their performance. Usually, this person will check if everything is OK on the guest’s part and will look over any technical details before giving the green light.

And while we’re talking about technicalities for virtual events, the virtual host can also do a pre-event session.

This is done to explain to the viewers in the virtual lobby, the inner workings of the online platform, to avoid misunderstandings or technical difficulties.

The last thing any organizer would want is to lose viewers because of a minor inconvenience.

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Hire an Emcee and They Will Be the Star of the Virtual Show

A virtual event isn’t simply a regular event that takes place in a room with no audience.

An online audience may be more of a challenge to deal with because the event’s experience needs to be more engaging; otherwise, viewers may sit idly or even click away and leave the event lobby.

A good virtual MC makes the event experience more palatable for everyone by adding bits of audience interaction at the right times.

Hire an Emcee Virtual Events

During the event, the emcee can guide and read off audience polls or direct Q&A sessions to diversify the viewer experience. Furthermore, the host knows how to appear believable in front of the audience, even when reading notes off camera.

Also, keep in mind that a large part of the audience’s attention will be in the chatrooms. And when you hire an emcee they can even go in the comment sections to stir things up and create an engaging atmosphere through text messages

A strong host stimulates interest, makes connections and keeps audiences engaged in virtual events

A virtual meeting with a professional and funny host. It’s a surefire way to stimulate interest, activate participation and keep your audiences engaged.
Imagine a large and lively meeting opener. One that can set the stage for enthusiasm.  Imagine dynamic introductions of important executives. Intros that lift interest in the next speaker.  Envision a professionally moderated Q&A. A session designed to maintain an enhanced level of dialogue.
Picture a funny bit or two that can spike energy and freshen the mind … keeping it open to the relevant content to come. All together, it’s truly a stimulus package of another sort. One that offers lots of value added.
If this sounds good, consider Scott Bloom. A professional emcee, comedic keynote speaker and awards host, with over 20 years of experience, Scott has what it takes to invigorate your audience and to keep them connected to your message.

Are You Interested to Hire an Emcee?

There are many other things we can add about the impact a virtual MC can have on your virtual events, but we believe they’re best seen in action.

If you want to make the move and want to hire an online emcee for your upcoming event, then we can help you. At The Grable Group, we have an extensive roster of professionals and talent who can make your virtual event a memorable experience.

If you are interested to know more, then call us at (615) 283-0039, and we will help you with the arrangements!

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