Looking for entertainment to add excitement your online awards ceremony?


Energize your award recipients from the get-go with a dynamic virtual awards ceremony.  Hire virtual entertainment customized for your event by professional entertainers with years of industry experience.  Whether you choose to feature a pre-recorded performance or book them for a live performance, this type of entertainment will start your online awards program with excitement and fun.

Do You Need Entertainment for your Virtual Awards Event?

Planning The Best Virtual Awards Ceremony?

Amy McWhirter

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Amy McWhirter is a professional event emcee renowned for her warmly inviting, soulful energy that inspires audiences to connect and act.

She helps audiences get to the heart of every session at live on-stage, in-studio, hybrid, and virtual events with her laser in-the-moment focus, graceful improvisation, and contagious effervescence. Amy emphasizes critical points from speakers and themes, creating continuity, cohesion, and driving deeper audience engagement.

Drawing from years of experience as MC, TV, and on-camera host, moderator, and corporate presenter in technology, healthcare, manufacturing, defense, finance, and more, Amy makes complex material conversational, improvising with humor and grace.  Improv comedy experience adds to her ability to flow with the changing variables of live events. She's a super quick study with a Bachelor of Science with Honors pre-med from the University of Michigan.

Her clientele spans large corporations like Honeywell, Salesforce, BMC, Whirlpool Corporation, Anaplan, Argenx, Leidos, Infosys, Elekta Medical, galas by Fierce Marketing and Executive Platforms, associations like Credit Union Executives Society and IKAA, and household names including Maytag, Cadillac, Owens Corning, Samsung, Cardinal Health.

Cory Almeida

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Cory "Live" Almeida is one of the Best Live Emcees and Virtual Event Hosts and the host of the Emmy nominated, "Pictureka!" A family game show which airs on "The Hub", was flown to Hong Kong to host the pilot "Bizarre Comfort Foods" for the Discovery Channel. And is fresh off the set of hosting uAngel’s "Television Today." He has worked on some of the most prestigious shows and been a part of some of the most A-List events including the "Glee Season Premiere Event" and the "FOX Fall Premiere Party" where he reported live from the red carpet for fox.com. Cory is the current Warmup Host & DJ for "Dancing with the Stars," "The Voice," "So You Think You Can Dance," "America’s Got Talent" and the Grand Daddy of em all…" American Idol!" He has Emceed events for DirecTV, Disney Red Carpet Premieres, AT&T, and Apple Computers Inc., just to name a few. He was the featured cover story of Pro Sound and Stage magazine. Cory Almeida is versatile, charming, and a consummate professional. So the next time you turn on your TV, look for the guy on the mic, in front of the crowd, or behind the turntables, chances are it’ll be…Cory Almeida!

Ben Seidman

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Magician Ben Seidman has been featured on Netflix, Travel Channel, and the CW Network - but today, he’s performing in your living room. Seidman’s virtual show CAMERA TRICKS is an engaging and interactive magical experience, packed with mind-blowing sleight of hand and hilarious audience exchanges. Every magical moment will make your jaw drop, but there's a catch... one single moment in the show uses a camera trick.

Can your group spot which illusion is the fake? Or does Seidman’s magic actually rival camera trickery?! This fun hook is a fantastic way to engage your audience and CAMERA TRICKS comes full circle with two different twist endings! The result is a delightful and awe-inspiring program that will remind your group that there is still magic in the world.

Colin Cloud

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He’ll deduce everything about you, influence you to make specific choices, and have you in fits of laughter along the way. Colin Cloud has captivated the attention and minds of audiences all around the world with his modern and immersive style of mind-reading. Tapping into his experience as a finalist on America’s Got Talent, where he would engage audience members through their screens at home during every appearance, Colin has developed impossible demonstrations that showcase your viewers as the stars of the show. Colin was also just awarded #1 Online Virtual Magic/Mentalism Show for 2020

Colin made our first virtual conference for our sales leaders feel almost like a live event. He was just what our group needed after four hours of virtual meetings. Doing this virtually required a little more preparation on our side as it’s a new medium for all of us, and he’s a true professional. He was unflappable through the inevitable learning steps and gave us complete confidence that it would work well and it did.

— Sherri Lindenberg | VP, Crump Insurance

The Evasons

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How to make your virtual corporate awards show an event to celebrate!

Mentalist Duo The Evasons capture everyone's attention and deliver a level of engagement and connection beyond your imagination.

The Evasons are one of very few married couples in history who have mastered the rare and specialized artistry of two-person telepathy known as “Second Sight.” With featured appearances on NBC, CBS, CW Network, Discovery Channel, and Netflix, it’s no wonder why The Evason are the most in-demand act of their kind, anywhere in the world. One of the most awarded performers in their field, The Evasons were the only mentalists ever to receive the "SARMOTI Award" presented by legendary magicians, Siegfried & Roy, to their favorite act in Las Vegas.

Derek Hughes

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Standup Magician™, Derek Hughes, is an award-winning magician and expert improviser with a gift for finding humor within any group’s dynamic. Hughes’ loveable sarcasm and warm charisma have paved the way to appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us!, and NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where he was the only comedy magician ever voted a top ten finalist. In his virtual show packed with astonishing moments that viewers experience firsthand through their screens, Derek is the refreshing through-line, keeping everyone energized and smiling during your next online event. In times of uneasiness, laughter is an unbeatable stress reliever, and if laugher is the best medicine, then Derek Hughes is just what the doctor ordered.

Digital Deception

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Digital Deception combines magic with the technology we use every day in their Interactive Virtual Magic Show. The duo was digital even before we all started social distancing, but now their stage show is virtual as well! Magicians Doug McKenzie & Ryan Oakes have built an arsenal of interactive magic effects that can be presented on any virtual platform. Participants do not merely watch magic, they all experience magic — right on their screens, on their phones and in their own hands. With original magic and mind-reading effects that involve text messaging, phone calls, emails, and digital imagery, viewers actually become a part of the magic. 100% interactive.

Tom Pesce

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Get ready to experience one of the most powerful live interactive shows, right on your own screen.Tom Pesce will have your clients, employees, and organization members ready to flip a table in disbelief by the end of the first routine. Seriously!

The Virtual Show is a custom designed production that’s made specifically for your group and includes professional lighting, sound, multiple HD camera angles, 100% audience involvement, full customization options, and mind-splitting magic that looks like it must be done using camera tricks, but isn’t! 

Tom involves multiple spectators throughout the show, and he even teaches how to perform an illusion that everyone will be performing, themselves, in a matter of minutes!

The Virtual Show can be hosted via secure Zoom, WebEx, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live video platforms, just to name a few. Invite your guests, click, and prepare to be left virtually speechless.

Jason Bishop

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Jason Bishop brings his acclaimed and raved reviewed magic to a new platform with the same jaw-dropping results.

Bishop toured the globe both with his technologically innovative large-scale illusions, as well as his stunning intimate magic involving audience members. Each of Bishop’s shows features award-winning sleight of hand and a lightning-fast comedic wit. He’s been called “The thinking man’s Magician” and The New York Times said, “There’s real elegance and even wit in the precision of his gestures, the agility of each finger”.

With two consecutive sold-out runs on Broadway, numerous national and international television appearances, and performances spanning 30 countries on 6 continents, Bishop is a proven audience-pleaser with the rare ability to cut through the usual hype and entertain audiences with one remarkable piece of magic after another. In his online performances, Bishop entertains with select close-up illusions and interactive sleight-of-hand from his sold-out runs in New York City, stunning and amazing even the most discerning clients right through their screens.

Mac King

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Get ready for a mind-blowing and hilarious live entertainment experience like you’ve never seen, as Las Vegas’ #1 comedy magician streams interactive and exciting illusions. Your host for this one-of-kind magic experience is Mac King, the Las Vegas legend who, with his quick wit and captivating magic, has wowed audiences for more than 20 years. Penn & Teller have called him “the greatest comedy magician alive today.”

Now, for the first time ever, King invites you into his real-life home for a sidesplitting, interactive LIVE streaming experience that takes place in just about every room of his house… even the bathroom! Leave what you think you know about magic at the door as Mac King’s House-O-Magic brings incredible family fun, that will keep you buzzing for days.

Joe Castillo

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How can your company spice up the same old annual awards show that has turned into a virtual awards event?  You have to encourage your top performers while being forced to move online with a virtual event.

Appreciation is an essential part of every virtual event. It would be best if you recognized those who excelled. Everyone should applaud those who participated uniquely. Employees function better when they are known for their achievements. This year make your online awards show unique. America’s Got Talent Finalist Joe Castillo will transform your event with live SandStory portraits of your winners.

Sand Artist Joe Castillo magically creates the image and name and presto. Boring virtual events becomes fascinating!!!

Free Daps

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Free Daps brings the world’s best freestyle rappers and improvisers together for an unforgettable virtual awards ceremony. Their fully interactive show has been featured at Disney World, Universal Studios, ESPN, NBA, Darden, Sprint, and Hertz. They use comments and suggestions to improvise songs, rap battles, and slam poetry on the spot. The virtual award winners inspire every song, so tune in and watch a hip-hop comedy concert that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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ECLIPSE is an acrobatic and dance-based performance group that blends stunning motion graphics, impeccable music, and intricate movements of the human body together in one unique entertainment experience. From a large screen that comes to life with beautiful silhouette imagery of words and shapes created from their bodies to interact with media in front of the screen, the audience will be transported into their world where technology and live performers come together in one unique art form. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as we bring they bring the magic of shadows and media to life before your eyes.

Jeff Civillico

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Jeff Civillico provides the credibility, experience, and polish of an established Las Vegas Headliner customized to fit your virtual awards celebration. Jeff has developed his own unique brand of entertainment he calls “Comedy in Action” – a blend of physical comedy, action-packed stunts, and world-class juggling / balancing with friendly audience interaction and insane amount of energy! His highly interactive routines provide the perfect backdrop for his presence and spontaneity, allowing him to really “work the room” and connect with his audience. Every show is clean, so there’s never a worry of offending anyone in the audience or making any volunteers feel embarrassed.


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iLuminate is an entertainment technology company that combines state-of-the-art technology with electrifying entertainers who perform in the dark to create the ultimate performing arts experience.

iLuminate enables performers, choreographers, engineers, technicians, stylists, and artistic directors to produce explosive performances with customized wireless lighting programs. The results are extraordinary lighting effects choreographed with phenomenal dance moves that take viewers on an exhilarating ride.  iLuminate’s patent-pending technology has been used in numerous performances by Grammy-winning superstars such as Christina Aguilera, The Black Eyed Peas, and David Guetta, among others. It has also been featured on hit television shows including America’s Got Talent (in which the dance troupe took third place last summer), Dancing with the Stars and X Factor, as well as such awards shows as American Music Awards, MTV’s Video Music Awards, BET Awards, The Nickelodeon Awards, Billboard and Latin Billboard Awards, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Freckled Sky

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Freckled Sky presents visually stunning out-of-the-box multimedia performances that are capable of being tailored to your specific event themes, brand identity, and vision.   More than a dozen distinct performances are now available for live and virtual events. 

For virtual productions, Freckled Sky has established a partnership with LMG, giving us preferential access to the Colossal Cube, which is the biggest XR studio in North America, and packed with the most advanced virtual production and broadcast technologies. 

Engage your audience's attention with mind-blowing keynotes, CEO presentations, moderated conversations, performance reports, and town halls, guided by a team of multimedia creators and technology experts! 

Do You Need Entertainment for your Virtual Awards Event?

How to Use Entertainment for a Virtual Awards Ceremony


Kick-off your online awards program with live entertainment that incorporates your award themes.


Hire high-energy entertainment to prerecorded your virtual awards in advance at a studio with a green screen.


Prerecord a portion of your virtual entertainment and add a live Q/A or introduction to your online awards program.

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