Youth Speakers

Chap Clark

Chap Clark

Chap Clark, Ph.D., Founder of ParenTeen and HURT Seminars, is Vice Provost and professor of youth, family, and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary, a Red Letter Communicator and contributing writer for Sojourners, and Senior Editor of Youthworker Journal.

Jeniffer Dake

Jeniffer Dake

Jeniffer Dake proudly speaks about choosing to remain a virgin and the blessings of remaining pure. Lifestyle evangelism is her most passionate speaking topic.

Chad Eastham

Chad Eastham-Red Shirt

Author and Revolve Tour speaker Chad Eastham speaks to hundreds of thousands of teens each year. He also serves as a column writer and a teen culture expert through Healthy Visions, a research agency for teens. Chad has written award-winning health curriculum, educational DVD’s, as well as three books just for teens.

Ben Glenn

Ben Glenn

Ben Glenn was diagnosed with Dyslexia and other Learning Disabilities while in grade school. As an adult he also learned that he has ADHD and suddenly everything about his life made perfect sense.

Ben Hardman

been hardman

Ben Hardman has been a speaker for the college, conferences and student events around the country. He was named one of the top twenty youth ministers in the country by the church report.

Mark Matlock

Mark Matlock 2009 a

Mark Matlock has been working with youth pastors, students, and parents for two decades. Through WisdomWorks, Matlock speaks to hundreds of thousands of students around the world each year and presents biblical truths in ways that motivate people to change.

Mark Oestreicher

Mark Oestreicher Author, speaker, consultant and coach

For 11 years, Marko was the president of Youth Specialties in San Diego, an organization that trains and equips church youth workers.
Marko has had a broad experience working in churches in across the country, in roles ranging from Junior High Pastor to Executive Pastor.

Jason Raitz

Jason Raitz was a youth pastor for 14 years including a tenure of leading the junior high small group ministry at Willow Creek Church. He now spends his traveling to schools and churches to instill hope and to encourage people to really live.

Duffy Robbins

Duffy Robbins

Duffy Robbins, Chairman of the Department of Youth Ministry at Eastern College, St. Davids, Pennsylvania, is a twenty-two year veteran of youth ministry, having gained extensive experience as a youth minister in both para-church and local parish positions.


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