Who are the 13 best clean comedians that perform stand up comedy in 2020?

Clean Comedians Preacher Lawson

Written by Tim Grable

August 29, 2017

For centuries, humor has been a unifying bond that has the strength to break down the barriers of gender, race, ethnicity, language, religion, creed, or sexual orientation. Regardless of the traits, we were born with or the manner in which we choose to live our lives, we will always share one thing: the love of laughter. While humor can be expressed in multiple forms, the art of clean stand up comedy has had a dramatic increase in popularity in more recent years.

There are many clean comedians out there who are incredibly funny without using any curse words.  These comics often end up being well-respected by the community, as they don’t have to step on anyone’s toes with their humor.

The best clean stand up comedians often shed light on controversial or day to day issues with their personality or flair. However, more often than not, standup comedians use vulgar language or explore very mature themes. To give some context, imagine two parents wanting to watch a comedy special with their young children. Perhaps it would not be the best option if they chose to watch the dark, comedic stylings of Louis CK, Lewis Black, or George Carlin. Instead, they might want a clean comedian who can evoke hearty laughter without being inappropriate. If you are looking for the best clean comedians, then look no further!

If you’re looking for high-quality entertainment for your next event, then you have come to the right place. In the following article, we have featured 13 clean comics who can appeal to everyone.

The Best Clean Stand up Comedians for 2020

1) Jeff Allen

If you have never heard of Jeff Allen, you may know him as the famous comedian who coined the term “Happy wife, happy life.” He resonates with audiences with his excellent observation style of clean stand up comedy, discussing growing up in the ’50s and ’60s, being married, raising kids, and the topical issues that face America. He is indeed considered one of today’s best clean stand up comics. He has appeared on Comedy Central, Showtime, Dry Bar Comedy, and VH1.   A critic has claimed that Jeff Allen is one of the funniest, most inspirational, clean comedians working today! If you are not convinced that he is the comedian for you, check out his side-splitting bit about exercise and marriage from his Dry Bar Comedy Special.

2) Marty Simpson

Marty Simpson is the “One Man Party!”  A former South Carolina kicker that rose to comedic fame both in person and virtually, Marty brings his quick-wit and improv to any event.  At home in both private and corporate events, Marty offers his hilarious sense of humor that reminds people not to take themselves so seriously that they cannot find joy in the moment.  Reminiscent of your favorite next door neighbor, Marty wants you to remember the great time you had more than the things he said.  Your audience will experience that laugh out loud feeling to your favorite backyard barbeque. Marty is also one of the top virtual comedians in the world.

3) Jim Gaffigan

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, chances are you’ve heard of the brilliant, self-deprecating Jim Gaffigan.  Gaffigan loves to poke fun at laziness, eating, and the love-hate aspects that go along with being married and raising children. After reviewing one of his shows, a critic said, “Most comedians these days seem to be in competition to see who can curse the most. Jim Gaffigan was hysterical without being crass and without watering down his humor. I’d recommend his shows to anyone who wants an evening of laughter.” Listen to his hilarious attack on the phenomenon that is Kale and see why he is one of the best clean stand up comedians in the world todayHe is also comfortable with a “Sit Down” comedy format for virtual programs: this is similar to a late-night comedy show.

4) Brian Regan

You have not truly experienced clean stand up comedy until you’ve experienced the honest, physical, and artistic genius that is Brian Regan. Regan’s humor is still fantastic, but not fully realized until you see a live performance. His rapier delivery and physicality will help you understand the absurdity of everyday experiences. “Brian Regan can turn the most mundane situations – like going to the eye doctor to get fitted for glasses, or trying to decide how many fig newtons to eat in one sitting – into the side-splitting stand-up material.” Watch as hilarity ensues when he explores what people never think about when using their ironing-board.

5) Jerry Seinfield

Jerry Seinfeld is a man that needs no introductions. Almost everyone in the country knows him from his famous TV show. These days Seinfeld travels around bringing clean funny humor to all who will listen. His web series, “Comedians in Car Getting Coffee,” is raved about by fans. He began doing stand-up in 1982, and he still sells out crowds when he performs. He is a breath of fresh air to those who are lucky enough to see one of his performances. Seinfeld says his hero is Jay Leno, George Carlin, and many others. He tries to pattern his style to the likes of Leno. He also shares the same love for cars that Leno does. In fact, his new web series features him in a classic car with friends, talking and having coffee.  It is no surprise that Seinfeld is at the top of every list of clean comedians.

6) Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins is a multi-talented comedian who explores the disturbing, yet hilarious parts of human nature through spoken word and song. It could be said that his song is parodying, and his original cooky works could stand entirely on their own. However, he lets his talents combine for a wonderfully silly routine that involves the joys and perils that go hand in hand with marriage, raising children, and the church. If you need validation for his skills on the stage, just check out his escapade about how he intends to make his funeral fun and exciting for all.  His comedy DVD’s are perfect for the whole family.  Tim Hawkins tours have discovered some of the best clean stand up comedians including John Crist, Jonni W., and Dustin Nickerson.

7) Michael Jr.


Michael Jr. has a natural talent for making the trivial pursuits of a day to day life seem hilarious in their way. Whether it is childhood, marriage, church, or politics, he has a brilliant way to flip it on its head and make it laughable.  He has appeared on The Tonight ShowThe Late, Late Show, Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel Live Comedy Central, The Tom Joyner Show, The Bob and Tom Show TV One, Bryon Allen’s Comic Unleashed, BET’s ComicView, SiTV, CNN, DayBreak USA and ComedyTV.  Check out this funny clip of him trying to explain the concept of breastfeeding to his son.  You can find his latest DVDs on Amazon.

8) Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson, most famous for her time as an Oakland Raiders cheerleader and as a cast member for the long-running sketch-comedy series MadTV, is a popular comedian known for her edgy yet clean material.  She became an internet sensation with her viral video, “Nail Salon” which led to many stand up, television and film opportunities.  She discusses everything from her time as a cheerleader to her involvement in the church. Despite her more masculine demeanor, she has a hysterical retort to all those people who assume she is a lesbian.

9) Ellen DeGeneres

Besides Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most notated comedians on this list. She is different and not afraid to stand out in the crowd. Ellen learned early on that her comedy was a way to laugh through the pain. She has had numerous shows, including a hit talk show that has currently been on the air since 2003. She loves to dance, banter back and forth about useless topics, and engage with her audience. She is a star with a big heart who is not afraid to give to others and loves it, even more, when they laugh. She has risen through great adversity to take her role as one of the top female comedians in the country.

10) Preacher Lawson

Preacher Lawson is a stand-up comedian from Orlando, Florida. He pursued comedy from a very young age, but never committed to it until later in life, where he found out one could make a living out of it.

Clean Comedians Preacher Lawson

He began by doing club shows and, through his unique style, ascended to the point where he was already winning festivals and comedy competitions. He is most well-known for his incredible performance on Britian’s Got Talent: The Champions, AGT Champions and America’s Got Talent, where he was one of the 10 finalists of season 12.

As a comedian, he is one of the most likable figures you’ll ever want on stage. He brings his brand of comedy, energetic, and accessible to everyone.

11) Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy is a comedian who has been in the game for almost 4 decades. He started doing comedy in his early 20’s when he was urged by his coworkers to participate in a comedy competition – which he won.

From then on, Jeff continued doing comedy, and throughout the years, his material brought him much success with his albums selling millions and receiving multiple accolades.

His comedy style has been a significant influence on many clean comedians. His jokes are mostly observational, drawing anecdotes from everyday life and catering to the common man.

12) Dave Coulier

Many probably know Dave Coulier for playing the character “Joey” from Full House, the hit ABC television show. However, Dave’s a stand-up comedian at heart, and when he’s not filming, he’s on stage performing in front of the audience.

Dave Coulier

In fact, before his television career, Dave was entirely dedicated to comedy. He was doing comedy clubs and touring across the U.S. Later on; he would perform as a guest on many talk shows and television specials.

His comedy is very relatable, and the fact he doesn’t use any profanity in his shows only enhances his appeal.

13) Robert G. Lee

Robert G Lee is well known in the entertainment industry for his comedic chops as Hollywood’s top warm-up comic. He is earned this title through his featured appearances in over a thousand episodes of TV Shows like The Drew Carey Show, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and Just Shoot Me, Becker. His job is to keep audiences on their toes with hilarious routines and improvisations in between scenes and costume changes. In 2020 he pivoted into the virtual comedy world by headling the Facebook Comedy Series “The Corona Diaries.” If you are not convinced of his quick wit, you must check out his routine about the overly personal questions asked when giving blood.

clean comedians

The Best Place to Find Clean Comedians

The best part about clean comedy performers is that everyone can enjoy it, and with the right comedian on stage, it’s bound to make a very successful combination.

 If you are planning a live event that needs clean stand up comedy that can appeal to the whole all ages or if you need hire a comedian for your online event, then you’ve met your match with Jeff Allen, Jim Gaffigan, Brian Regan, Marty Simpson, Tim Hawkins, Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Jr., Anjelah Johnson, or Robert G. Lee. Based on the descriptions and the clips. Hopefully, you can find the one of the best clean stand up comedians that fit your audience.

If you are organizing an upcoming event, be sure to hire a clean comedian to provide entertainment – as this type of comedy has a universal appeal, and it’s bound to amuse your audience.

If what you have read has captured your interest, then be sure to reach out to us at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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