The Best Launch Party Ideas for a Stress-Free Event

launch party ideas

Written by Tim Grable

June 20, 2017

Spreading the word about a new product can put a business owner to the test. In most cases, they need to host a launch party, so that the product is brought forward to its intended audience.

So, they start digging for the best launch party ideas.

The good news is, this type of event can be worked out employing different approaches since it is part entertainment and part business. We have gathered a few pieces of inspiration in the lines below, in the hope your party will reach its top potential.

The Best Launch Party Ideas – Start with Location

With a launch event, you want to create an ambiance which brims with enthusiasm, positive energy, but also professionalism.

So, after you establish the theme and choose the launch party ideas, it is paramount you book a venue to match them.

If you are launching a tech product, for instance, the best kind of venues are the minimalistic ones. You will aim for smart spaces which don’t need much in the decorum department. You want your brand to come across as a serious player on the market.

However, you can also play the original card – opting for a unique location. The element of surprise can do you many favors if you know how to work it. Just make sure you do not overdo it (if you launch a law app, you will not have the party at the beach).

The Best Launch Party Ideas for a Stress-Free Event

Smart Content

A frequently encountered faux pas, especially among startups, is the temptation to go for never-before-seen content in their promotional materials.

You need the event information on the invitations to be displayed as straightforwardly as possible.

If you need to enhance it, you can employ efficient design.

Another idea is to craft enticing offers – free exclusive features are the perfect incentive to future collaborations.

Go the Interactive Route

Allow attendees to get a taste of what your product is all about.

Provide them with live demos – this is a win-win setup. If they get an exclusive look at the product features, you get early feedback.

This move will also convey a sense of exclusivity which will gratify your attendees. 

After all, you want to turn them into long-term business partners. So, you have to make sure you offer them enough reasons to stick around.

Of course, once you settle for this approach, you need the proper means, so that it turns out flawlessly. Entertainment is the recommended vehicle for enabling an interactive ambiance.

In most cases, you would think of a business speaker or for a music act.

At Grable Group, you will be able to hire plenty of such performers. However, we can also offer bold choices such as Adam Trent, also known as the future of Magic.

In many cases, businesses which found the proper launch party ideas managed to draw the hype the product needed to jumpstart sales and brand awareness.

That said, make sure you do not rely on the concept only.

The Best Launch Party Ideas You Can Use for Maximum Engagement

In the product development process, one of the most exciting parts is the moment you make the product available to business partners and potential customers. You want your work to come to fruition and to accomplish its full business potential.

To achieve this goal, a handy practice is starting to search for Creative Product Launch Ideas which can showcase your products’ features the best.

Of course, these ideas cannot just be any ideas. You have to bring just the right balance between brand building and product showcasing, while also incorporating the whole thing into your overall marketing strategy.

The ideas we have gathered in this article are the kind of inspiration which could generate word of mouth about your awesome new product. Have a look and hopefully get inspired for a smart launch event.

VR Is the New Smart Entertainment

Virtual Reality (VR) seems to be the talk of the town now.

The secret is in its immersive quality – and people love to immerse in states of mind, different from what they are used to.

 Launch Party Ideas You Can Use for Maximum Engagement

Depending on your product and your brand, you could arrange for a customized VR session which delivers a full simulation of the product’s usability. You can even use VR for live transmissions or with mobile devices.

People like to be associated with cool stuff. Make them feel like they are having a cool ride (in the VR realm) and attendees will be more likely to turn into brand ambassadors. They will instinctively feel the need to share their one-of-a-kind experience and associate it with your product and your brand.

Enhance with Light Effects

Often, the best launch party ideas may focus on art, rather than on speakers because art can enchant and arrest the attention quicker.

With the technology we now have available, this is the case more and more. Technology sparks creativity and one of the means event planners can incorporate is by using the light effects.

Whatever performance which implies movement can be elevated just by adding the extra dimension and volume conveyed by lights.

Dance, live painting, aerial acrobatics, gymnastics, live music – you name it. Variety acts are a resourceful area to be explored when paired with light effects. At Grable Group, there’re plenty of such performers ready to contribute to your launch party success.

Google Tilt Brush

We are staying in the tech-powered entertainment realm, and we are advancing this suggestion: one of the most innovative launch party ideas is using Google’s Tilt Brush.

How it works is that the artist manipulates a virtual brush which generates 3D light and color effects, leaving the traces the artist draws. Something like this:

Revealing your product logo, properties or values with this tool can prove instrumental in it making the impact you are aiming for.

Plus, you can let guests have a go and try it out. They will quite likely to share this opportunity you are giving them.

Look Around – Launch Party Ideas Can Be Anywhere

As you may have noticed, the entertainment ideas we suggested are closely linked to emerging software and tools available on the market. You only have to keep an eye on new tech or trends, and you are settled.

On the whole, performers also strive to incorporate these tools within their acts.

Grable Group can help you design top-notch events of any kind. In fact, we recommend you browse our list of entertainers, and you will sure come up with the best launch party ideas.

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