The Best Creative Product Launch Ideas and Top Mistakes To Avoid

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Written by Tim Grable

May 26, 2018

A product launch is a milestone event for businesses of all types and sizes. However, have you ever wondered why some brands are consistently successful while others don’t manage to generate excitement?

Well, it often boils down to the concept of the event, how creative it is and how well it plays into the brand of an organization.  

To do that the right way, a party is required. Also, to reach its full potential, it needs the best and freshest creative launch party ideas.

These will make for a thrilling event, based on fun and inspiring concepts to put a product in the best light.

You are in the right place to start on the right foot when it comes to planning a party to launch a product which leave their mark and win clients over.

That being said, here are seven creative product launch ideas which will help your physical event stand out from the rest.

4 Creative Product Launch Ideas Which Will Help You Stand Out

1. Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is all about presenting your product – and the inspiration behind it – uniquely and interactively.

It enables you to entertain and inform guests at the same time and is sure to fascinate people more than any PowerPoint presentation ever could.

So how do you do this? Well, you book someone like Heidi Schwartz, one of the world’s most renowned live painters. She creates a unique entertainment concept.  

However, don’t just take our word for it; check out the performance captured in the video below. Heidi Schwartz Multi Canvas Canvas for Sephora’s SEPHORiA VIP party as part of their House of Beauty at The Majestic in Downtown, Los Angeles, CA.

2. Taking Guests on a Game Adventure

Learning through play is not only effective but also much fun. So there is no reason not to leverage this to put together a creative product launch event which attendees will remember.

You see, games are an excellent way to make sure people learn about your product without having to watch a lengthy, no-fun tutorial about its capabilities.

For instance, you could:

  • Create challenges for guests and link them to your product
  • Offer branded prizes that attendees will be enthusiastic about
  • Run a contest or a scavenger hunt related to the launch at the venue.

By making games a part of your event, you also encourage attendees to communicate and exchange ideas. As a result, the whole event will be more interactive and more dynamic.

3. Influencer Partnership with a Twist

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Partnering up with a critical influencer speaker relevant to your niche is a great way to generate hype on social media, attract a wider audience and ultimately, add more value to your event.

For that twist which will make your event stand out, consider someone who can make things more interesting by adding a spoonful of humor and wit into their presentations.

When managed right, comedy mixed in with expert input is the perfect solution for an engaging, highly-informative product debut.

4. A Magic-Infused Launch of a New Product

We couldn’t compile a list of creative product launch ideas and not include magic. That’s because this type of entertainment comes with notable benefits:

  • It builds excitement and increases audience participation
  • It’s an ice-breaker activity which gets people talking
  • It provides plenty of opportunities to customize the act to match your brand and goals.

What’s more, from close up magicians to mentalists, you have plenty of options to choose from if you decide to put magic on the menu at your event.

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5. Treasure Hunt Theme

This is both one of the most engaging launch party ideas and the perfect opportunity for you to get your guests familiar with your business or product features.

You can wrap everything up in mystery, while also planting some Easter eggs related to your products. A skilled comedian or illusionist could work out a way of weaving these clues with the entertainment section of the party.

This way, your guests will both have fun and actively discover what your product has to offer.

Tip: make sure you find a multi-purpose venue which allows you to hold both a party and additional activities (you can organize them in separate rooms when you have a smaller attendance).

6. Slow-mo Event Reel

Generally speaking, people love to take part in a collective effort – especially if it is also fun.

You can challenge them to show their best moves which will be showcased in an after-movie.

However, there has to be a catch: ask your party guests to demonstrate a move showing their attitude towards the product you are launching. Then record it in slow-motion, put everyone’s moves together in an epic reel and send it to them as a follow-up.

Depending on the size of the audience, you can take the most convenient approach to filming: either you choose a few participants and focus on them, or you involve the whole room (if there are not so many guests).

This is an excellent way to get in-depth feedback from your first users, as well. Plus, they can share the whole clip and contribute to your overall product promotion strategy.

7. Art in the Making

You have put a lot of effort into developing your product or business and, to some degree, it is your piece of art. However, will your first users see it this way? You can sure help them to, with the aid of smart and artsy launch party ideas.

One of them is bringing in a live art performer who can perfectly showcase a product reveal. They will create suspense, build up expectations and fulfill these expectations in an enchanting and aesthetically-pleasing way which will keep your guests’ attention arrested.

To give you a better idea, let’s look at a very special performer who can help you with that, Joe Castillo:

Launch Party Ideas Must Be Focused on Your Product

In other words, you have to be as strategic as it gets when picking the entertainment at the launch party.

No matter what you opt for, the key is to talk to the performer(s) and explain:

  • What features of your product you want them to showcase.
  • Technical details which could make a difference.
  • Your company culture.
  • The message you would like to convey.

For the whole process to go as smoothly as possible, you may need to collaborate with an entertainment booking agency like The Grable Group.

Not only will we be able to mediate the communication between you and the artist(s), but we could also suggest the most fitting act for your launch party. 

Creative Product Launch Ideas: Find More Inspiration

One of the most important things to keep in mind when developing the concept of your launch event is that it should support your brand identity and reinforce your key messages. 

Every business is different; no product debut is like the other, so it’s good to have alternatives when picking entertainment for your physical event. Discover more ideas by browsing through our portfolio of top corporate artists and entertainers.

3 Mistakes You Must Avoid

Under the right conditions, nothing can beat an excellent product launch party. You get to present what the company has to offer in a more informal and relaxed way. Not to mention that everyone gets to have fun.

There are some launch party ideas, however, that do more harm than good. If you want the launch party to succeed both as a corporate event and a social gathering, avoid these mistakes:

1. Complicating Things for Your Guests

It can be hard to coordinate a large group of people at the same time and place. Add other factors like people coming from out of state or the weather and planning becomes even harder.

If you complicate the event further by changing dates or venues, you’re hurting the party. Every guest needs to know well in advance everything there is to know about the event.

Make it easy for people to attend. The less extra steps, the better. Otherwise, fewer guest will come and those who do will be irritated.

Product Launch Party - Ideas and Mistakes You Must Avoid

2. Choosing an Irrelevant or Weird Theme

Theme parties have been around for ages and loads of people enjoy them. A good theme can do wonders for your event, but a bad one can completely deflate it.

To make sure that a theme works well, you have to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are the attendees interested in the theme or do they at least know it?
  • Is it relevant or related to your company?
  • Is it relevant or related to the new product?
  • Are there enough resources to commit to the theme?
  • Will it make the best party better?

Ideally, the theme you choose should warrant a positive answer from all of those questions. If not, you may want to reconsider. You should apply this kind of test for all your product launch party ideas.

Another common mistake is picking a theme but not really doing anything with it. Hanging a Jolly Roger on a wall at the venue does not make it a pirate-themed party. It’s just weird for guests.

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It’s better to go all out. You’ll make the party and the product memorable this way. If you’re not going to take the theme seriously, just don’t have one.

3. Choosing the Wrong Kind of Entertainment

There’s no such thing as a party without entertainment. Come up with a few launch party ideas to get the ball rolling. The high point of the day, however, should be a professional entertainer.

Some companies make the mistake of booking the first artist they find and calling it a day. That can undo a lot of good product launch party ideas. You need to choose wisely. Look for someone who can highlight the advantages and features of your product.

We recommend a corporate comedian. No one is better prepared to entertain guest as well as manage to put your company in the spotlight.

John Crist is the type of person who can turn your event into a resounding success. No stranger to corporate events, John wins people over by being likable but brutally honest. After listening to his act, you can’t deny his talent and wits.

Whichever entertainer you choose, show them the product beforehand. This way, they will have time to incorporate its description into the act and make a bigger impact. They may find some genius launch party ideas for you.

How to Tell Which Creative Product Launch Ideas Are Bad

We’ve outlined three common mistakes, but there are a lot of other, smaller, blunders out there. If you want to make sure the party is perfect, you have to consider every idea carefully.

In essence, if the idea doesn’t make the guest happier or the product more prominent, it’s not useful. Those are your two primary goals and everything should revolve around them. Keep them in mind during the planning phase and you’ll do fine.

If you’re worried that you won’t get the right entertainer, don’t worry. We can help you.

Get in touch with us and we will see which artist out of our roster fits your needs.

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