Common Types Of Corporate Events Your Business Can Host in 2020

The Many Types Of Corporate Events Your Business Can Host

Written by Tim Grable

March 20, 2017

Planning company parties can sometimes be a burden. Especially the annual Christmas party that almost every business does, mostly out of obligation and expectation. Hosting common types of corporate events isn’t just about what’s expected. You have to breathe life and excitement into them instead of approaching them from a “must do” state of mind. They’re well worth the time and money when they’re properly executed and have several benefits.

When you plan various types of corporate events, focus on these benefits:

  • The first one is to demonstrate appreciation for your clientèle and get to know them on a more intimate level. This way, you can better identify their needs and wants in order to develop products and services that match them.
  • Secondly, it’s a strategic way to recharge your employees’ energy and show appreciation for their hard work. The personal experience creates a bond that could greatly improve teamwork and group projects in the near future.
  • Last, but certainly not least, it’s a way to obtain some positive press about your business. Even if it doesn’t make the front page of the local paper, by posting pictures during the event on social media sites, you gain valuable exposure and attract attention.Common Types Of Corporate Events Your Business Can Host

Common Types of Corporate Events

Here are some extraordinary suggestions for your next company party. Remember the benefits and why you’re hosting one as you’re planning it so that you create all the elements necessary to attain the aforementioned benefits.

Virtual Events – The hottest trend in corporate events are online events!  These are no longer limited to Webinars & Tutorials, Talk Shows & Podcasts.  2020 ushered in Virtual Conferences, Live Music Sets & Performances, Virtual Meetings and Virtual Social Events.  Most of these events have a virtual host.

Hybrid events – These are events that are part in-person, part virtual.  They can be town halls, sales kick-offs, companywide events, trainings, department meetings, and other types of events.

Formal Dinners – These types of corporate events can be held for any reason such as employee birthdays, weddings, baby showers, finishing a project, hitting a milestone in sales, expanding the company etc.

Holiday Gatherings – Holidays are the perfect reason to throw a great party and invite customers, employees, and the media.

Company Awards – Holding annual award ceremonies is a great way to reinforce teamwork and morale because it demonstrates your appreciation for the team that you have.

Seminars & Training Sessions – Don’t just reserve these for employees. Consider hosting public training sessions to educate your clients and attract new ones.

Company Anniversary – Although one of the most common types of corporate events, it further establish your authority and brand.

Product Launches – What better way to create momentum for your new products than by hosting a party? Show off the benefits of your products and generate excitement.

Customer Loyalty Parties & VIP Events – This demonstrates the value you have for customers. It’s also a great way to move lagging inventory by offering special promotions during the event. Alternatively, you can throw one of these types of events before a product launch and give your “special” customers a sneak peek at the new product.

Board & Shareholder Meetings – Yes, even monotonous board meetings can generate sales if you approach them with enthusiasm. Share the company’s progress, its strengths and present future endeavors with excitement. Excitement is contagious!

Happy Hours – Happy hours produce happy employees. Happy employees are more productive!  They can either be in person or a virtual Happy Hour.

Retreats – The beauty of retreats is that you can combine work with pleasure and still write it off as a business expense.

Golf Tournaments – You can combine the proceeds from this event and donate to charity, thus coaxing media coverage. Golf tournaments sometimes increase or renew customer loyalty, attract new customers and even give your hard-working employees a respite.

Charity Events – These functions are a great way to get admiration and trust for your company brand, attract media attention and have the honor of giving back to a worthy cause.  A fun new way to raise money for NonProfits are Virtual Fundraising Events.

Networking Events – You can establish new contacts for sales, partnerships, and vendors.

Press Conferences – Don’t ever underestimate the power of the media and what it can do for your bottom line.

Trade Shows – These events help you position your expertise and tend to generate a lot of new leads.

The Most Important Detail

Now that you have a list of common types of corporate events, all that’s left is the entertainment. This is the MOST important detail. You want entertainment suited to your audience that will create an everlasting memory of your partyThe Grable Group has everything you’re looking for. Contact us today and we’ll set up the perfect means of entertainment for your party.

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