Types of Corporate Events You Need To Organize At Least Once

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Written by Tim Grable

July 18, 2018

Organizing multiple types of corporate events is an effective way to engage and connect on a deeper level with the employees, partners, prospects, and potential partners.

What’s more, it also helps spread awareness about your company.

It’s important to organize different corporate events on a regular basis so you can bring people together and build a community around your brand.

The best thing about these events is that you can align them with your organization’s goals and thus maximize the chances of reaching them faster.

Here are the most common types of corporate events you need to plan at least once.

1. Conferences

One of the primary purposes of a conference is to provide the target audience with relevant information on a specific topic. This type of events typically includes multiple speakers, and they usually last one or two days.

For this type of event, you will need a keynote speaker to open and to close the conference and also other speakers for the sessions that will be held in between.

Types of Corporate Events You Need To Organize At Least Once

2. Appreciation Events

This type of corporate events is meant to recognize your employees’ achievements and thank them for all their hard work. At the same time, you can plan an appreciation event to build a stronger connection with loyal clients.

This type of events will provide a friendly environment and a relaxing atmosphere, giving all parties involved an opportunity to build rapport.

Depending on who the guests are and the nature of the event, you can organize either a simple dinner or an extravagant private party. For these types of corporate events, it’s important not to forget about providing the right entertainment.

For instance, consider hiring an entertainer if planning a more casual party and a classical music band for an elegant dinner.

3. Company Anniversary

Company milestones and anniversaries represent an amazing opportunity for you to celebrate the progress made by your organization.

The execution of the event and its size will vary, depending on what exactly you are celebrating. In many cases, it tends to be similar to appreciation events, with the most notable differences being the people who are going to be invited and the event’s goals.

For a company anniversary, you usually want to involve the local community and the media as well so that your company gets even more exposure.

4. Team Building Events

The purpose of organizing team buildings events on a regular basis is to strengthen the social ties within your organization. They also help the employees get to know each other better because they get to socialize in a non-work related environment and get involved in different activities.

The secret to organizing a successful team building event is to choose activities that the attendees will genuinely be interested in.

5. Holiday Parties

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Not that many people will say “no” to a holiday party, so this type of event shouldn’t miss from your list.

Your goal should be to set the holiday mood for all the employees while making sure you will provide entertaining activities. It’s essential that everyone has an amazing time and the entertainment will help the attendees relax and have as much fun as possible.

3 Types of Corporate Events Which Could Use Variety Acts – and Why

Most corporate events require quality entertainment which also conveys a fresh, original vibe.

So, when you – as a corporate event planner – start cooking up your event plan, you try to define what kind of entertainment would fit the specifics of a certain company. It has to match the company values, the scale of the event and the brand profile.

However, more than that, what you need is grabbing the participants’ attention right off the bat. To save you time, we have got an idea: start off by looking for variety acts.

Moreover, to further help you out, we thought of 3 types of events which could surely benefit from using this sort of hired acts.

What Is Variety Entertainment & Why It Matches Several Types of Corporate Events

Other than stand-up comedy, motivational speeches or interviews, your corporate event can also use variety entertainment.

Among the variety acts, you will most often find:

  • hypnosis
  • juggling
  • illusionism
  • mentalism
  • performing arts

The greatest thing about them is that, in most cases, variety entertainers come up with packaged shows combining several of the entertainment types listed above.

This is where niche entertainment branches are born. So, in case you want to try out something new in the entertainment department, consider variety acts.

No matter the profile of your future event, you will surely find something to wow participants with.

Type #1. Trade Shows

When you organize a large convention like a trade show, you know the entertainment has to be both varied and as striking as it can be.

Not only will it make guest companies experience a good time, but you will also create the right environment so that they attract a larger amount of clients to their trade booths.

Moreover, if there’s a word describing variety entertainment, that would be ‘striking.’ Or ‘flashy’ – that is better.

Variety acts are as flashy and eye-catching as it gets – and you need them for a trade show so that you make sure you get participants instantly dialed in.

Off the top of the head, we would say aerialist acts are a bit underused at trade shows. Here’s an example of what Beyond Wings can do:

Beyond Wings- One Stop Entertainment

Type#2. Product Launches

With a product launch, you need your entertainer(s) to focus on showcasing the features of your product.

The trick is to find a seasoned performer who has the ability to adapt their performance, to culminate into putting your message or product in the spotlight.

A variety entertainer will also manage to fill the empty spots between the main presentations of a product launch. As opposed to classic acts, variety artists can present several types of entertainment. A comedian ventriloquist and magician will be able to come up with several short acts which are all different so that they keep the viewers engaged all the way through.  Eric Jones is a magician able to perform mind-blowing illusions that include your product.

3 Types of Corporate Events Which Could Use Variety Acts - and Why

Type#3. Company Milestone Celebrations

A company milestone anniversaries, you need to throw a grandiose party, so that it matches the achievement being celebrated.

Can a variety act do justice to such an important occasion?

There are a few reasons why it does:

  • it can match the glitz and glam of a grand occasion
  • it can be both funny and glamorous
  • it can please even the most extravagant of participants
  • it can get people talking – and share on social media, for that matter

If you are an event planner who’s in charge with several types of events, you will certainly want to cast an eye upon our whole list of acts

Entertainment Is Needed for These Corporate Events

For conferences, you need to hire professional speakers who fit the theme and goals of your event. As for the other types of corporate events mentioned, booking entertainment that you’ve researched in advance is a must.

The type of entertainment you may be looking for will vary from one event to another, and you also need to take into consideration who is going to attend.

If you need help choosing the best entertainment for a corporate event you’re organizing, feel free to contact us at (615) 283-0039.

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